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Week Ahead: What Next After Election Mayhem?



I think it’s safe to say, last week more than lived up to expectations. We may never see a US political decision like it once more. What is noteworthy is the way loosened up brokers have been all through. What’s more, to think, this was just one of various significant danger functions among now and year-end. It will be an intriguing couple of months in the business sectors.


The Federal Reserve obviously kept its powder dry and reported no additionally facilitating except for it raised worries about the financial standpoint and the absence of monetary improvement. Many anticipate that the national bank should declare further facilitating measures in December, when the political decision is settled and with new monetary projections to direct them. They’ll likewise have a superior thought of how terrible the Covid circumstance has by at that point and whether any required upgrade is approaching.

The positions report was solid with 638,000 occupations added and joblessness tumbling to 6.9% in spite of the fact that this would have been 0.3% higher if laborers characterized accurately. One week from now is fundamentally comprised of level two and three information, with the political race headache likely proceeding to overwhelm the features.


It was a calm week for the EU and one week from now will be the same, with various level three financial information and almost no else. The ECB has pushed back any upgrade to December so it’s essentially an instance of pausing and viewing.


Coronavirus aside, this remaining parts the main issue for the UK and EU. Talks have increased and it’s been pretty peaceful in open which is promising. The two sides unmistakably consented to quit battling this out in the open and spotlight on finding a trade off in private. It appears we’re edging more like an arrangement, it’s simply an instance of when. The following week could be critical. A breakdown at this late stage would be an awful disappointment from all concerned and I don’t believe it’s conceivable at this point.


With the nation in lockdown for the following month, the economy will battle. The expansion of the leave of absence conspire until the finish of March will help however with the declaration coming so late in the day, it will be past the point of no return for a few.

All things considered, the BoE amended down the finish of year joblessness estimate this week to 6.25% from 7.5% in August, despite the fact that it additionally updated down development during the current year (- 11% from – 9.5% in August) and next (7.25% from 9%), with 2022 expected to be better (6.25% from 3.5%). It likewise expanded its resource buy program by £150 billion, half more than the market foreseen, and proposed more could come if necessary, conceivably decreasing the possibility of negative rates.


Insect Financial IPO overlooked inside long stretches of abrogation.

PPI Wednesday expected to fall 2.0% YoY, likely because of occasion contortions. No market impact.

Assessment in China markets driven by the development of the US political race circumstance.

Hong Kong

USD/HKD stays at the lower part of its exchanging band with substantial purchasing from the HKMA. With FOMC in play in December, yield convey will keep HKD there notwithstanding loosening up of Ant Financial IPO assets by seaward speculators.

Gross domestic product Friday, wide reach however no immediate market impact..


India CPI, Balance of Trade and Industrial Production on Thursday. CPI will show swelling stays high at over 7.0%. BoT will show sends out falling however imports imploding by 20%. Mechanical Production remains contractionary at – 3%.

As such India is in the grasp of stagflation as it grapples with the Covid-19 pandemic/downturn. INR increased little profit by Dollar shortcoming and will stay a territorial underperformer. Credit quality concerns and banks endure.

New Zealand

The RBNZ meeting on Wednesday represents a genuine danger to the NZ Dollar rally. RBNZ expected to slice from 0.25% to 0.10%. There is a likelihood that RBNZ will go NEGATIVE rates however. RBNZ Governor Orr is a uber-dove and has freely expressed he isn’t hesitant to utilize negative rates.

Extremely negative NZD if RBNZ goes negative, practice alert following Kiwi higher with AUD until RBNZ is finished.


Seize and Westpac Consumer Confidences expected to ease marginally as Covid-19 returning harmony profit blurs.

AUD/USD one of world’s best FX entertainers as the FOMC facilitating, China ware story reasserts itself according to before the US political decision.

China has all the earmarks of being pursuing a quiet exchange battle with Australia. Viably obstructing all critical fares aside from Iron Ore and Gas, however verbally advising merchants to source somewhere else. On the off chance that formally affirmed, solid negative for Australia values and AUD, as Australia has let itself become a one stunt horse. Shockingly overlooked over the previous week, however will stay a significant disadvantage hazard.


Reuters Tanken review, Machinery Orders and PPI will show that Japan’s homegrown viewpoint stays in downturn and that Japan is wrestling with flattening once more. Gross domestic product Friday will show an improvement to – 3.50% YoY yet at the same time a moored in negative area.

Yen has energized stunningly in the course of the most recent 48 hours, with USD/JPY breaking long haul uphold at 104.00, focusing on 102.00 and 101.00. That will intensify deflationary weights and will have the Government/MoF and Boj anxious. Expect an increase in cash remarks as USD/JPY approaches 102.00. No intercession however except if USD/JPY breaks 100.00. In the event that the remainder of Asia FX additionally energizes unequivocally, that probability diminishes.

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Rage as Fela Kuti is not among the inductees into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 2021 class



Godfather of Afrobeat, Fela Anikulapo Kuti who received the posthumous honour to be among those vying to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 2021 some few months back, sadly failed to secure a spot despite being top two on the voting polls.

Fela Kuti gets shunned from the inductees despite being top two.

Today, May 12, the committee announced the inductees by means of a 3-minute video through president and CEO, Gregg Harris. Fela was nominated in the Performers Category, amassing a total of 545,000+ votes, making him the second most voted act after Tina Turner (548,000+ votes) but to the surprise of the masses, Fela was not included in the list of inductees.

Shockingly included are performers like rap icon and mogul – JAY-Z and LL Cool J who failed to secure a top five spot on the poll, infact, they were the least voted acts when voting concluded.

Although, quite frankly there is a disclaimer on the website were the poll was conducted, stating that votes do not guarantee induction but for a Top 2 voted act in Fela Anikulapo Kuti, that should not even be the case and Nigerians have taken to Twitter to express their disappointment at the ‘rigging’, ‘clout chasing’ and inconsiderate conduct regarding how the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame committee unjustly treated the voting polls and Fela Kuti.

On what might have transpired regarding the voting stage and selection of inductees, Fela’s first son, Femi Kuti had this to say:

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Video: Mojisola Oduola -Kabiyesi



At last the long awaited video is out . KABIYESI The unquestionable God.

watch and make sure you subscribe to my YouTube channel. May God bless you as you do so.

This will surely serve as my birthday gift from my love ones.
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Funny tweets, memes and videos from Twitter NG for “Happy 420”



Today’s date, April 20, stylised as 4/20 is a day worldwide commemorated by stoners or smokers of weed to celebrate marijuana. In short, it is treated as a public holiday for weed/marijuana and termed—Happy 420.

Twitter NG i.e users of Twitter in Nigeria, as it is the yearly custom are trending “Happy 420” as the number one topic in the country. While many really used the medium to share their unwavering love for weed, others have taken it upon themselves to make funny tweets, memes, skits and share several videos in relation to weed smoking and “Happy 420” as an entity.

While some tweeps take jab at those who don’t smoke weed but indulge in the “woke” culture by wishing stoners a “Happy 420”, others in their own way intentionally misinterpret certain scriptural verses for comedic purpose in order to aid and bait their smoking habits, still others take it upon themselves to disperse various memes which for sure will bring a smile upon your face. That’s not all, though, for we have some tweeps who did brainstorm to form some of the best puns concerning weed and stoners jokes ever. Well we can say irrespective of the way they passed their message regarding “Happy 420”, they all ended on a high note. Enjoy!

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