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Weak earnings by banks halt Nigerian stocks upside



Twenty-one (21) equities appreciated at price during the week, lower than sixty-nine (69) equities in the previous week.

Nigerian Stocks finished the week aggregately on a bearish note.

The All-Share Index and Market Capitalization deteriorated by 2.57% to close the week at 34,136.82 and N17.838 trillion separately.

An all out turnover of 11.400 billion offers worth N35.892 billion of every 39,265 arrangements was exchanged for the current week by financial specialists on the floor of the Exchange, rather than an aggregate of 4.509 billion offers esteemed at N58.733 billion that traded hands a week ago in 47,140 arrangements.

The Construction/Real Estate industry (estimated by volume) drove the movement outline with 8.529billion offers esteemed at N6.055 billion exchanged 438 arrangements; hence contributing 74.82% and16.87% to the all out value turnover volume and worth individually.

The Financial Services Industry followed with 1.991 billion offers worth N19.933 billion of every 21,725 arrangements. The third spot was the Conglomerates Industry, with a turnover of 423.702 million offers worthN526.698 million out of 1,962 arrangements.

Exchanging the best three values to be specific UAC-Property Development Company Plc, Transnational Corporation of Nigeria Plc. what’s more, Jaiz Bank Plc. (estimated by volume) represented 9.259 billion offers worth N6.639 billion of every 1,958 arrangements, contributing 81.22% and 18.50%to the absolute value turnover volume and worth individually.

(21) values acknowledged at cost during the week, lower than (69) values in the earlier week. (55) values devalued in cost, higher than twelve(12) values in the earlier week, while (85) values stayed unaltered, higher than eighty (80) recorded in the earlier week.

Top 10 gainers W/W

B.O.C. GASES PLC. up 39.88% to close N 6.77

TRIPPLE GEE AND COMPANY PLC. up 19.57% to close N0.55

NEM INSURANCE PLC up 17.27% to close N2.58

AIICO INSURANCE PLC. up 12.22% to close N1.01

IKEJA HOTEL PLC up 10.00% to close N1.10

LINKAGE ASSURANCE PLC up 10.00% to close N0.55

CONOIL PLC up 9.45% to close N20.85


Foundation INSURANCE PLC up 6.90% to close N0.62

CHAMPION BREW. PLC. up 6.00% to close N1.06

Top 10 losers W/W

Crowning ordinance INSURANCE PLC down 21.15% to close N0.41

OANDO PLC down 19.75% to close N3.21

JAPAUL OIL and MARITIME SERVICES PLC down 18.18% to close N0.27


FBN HOLDINGS PLC down 12.12% to close N7.25

Real BANK PLC. down 11.93% to close N1.92


Loyalty BANK PLC down 11.42% to close N2.56

FCMB GROUP PLC. down 11.40% to close N3.03


Nigerian Stocks had its bullish run stopped subjectively on the inclination that Stock dealers and financial specialists strengthened their benefit, considering the huge measure of powerless income recorded by Nigerian Banks.

It was obvious to see four Nigerian banks in the main 10 washouts diagram for the week, as financial specialists worried on such execution on the premise that Nigeria’s financial industry remains the most energetic after Agriculture, Energy in Africa’s biggest economy.

we imagines you would look for the exhortation of a guaranteed stockbroker when picking stocks to purchase, as most Nigerian stocks regularly offer cyclic returns.

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The economy may end up weaker if inflation rate is not controlled – CBN report




The Nigerian economy may wind up more vulnerable on the present moment if the current expansion rate isn’t properly checked.

This was unveiled in the Central Bank of Nigeria’s Inflation Attitudes Survey Report for the second from last quarter of 2020(Q3 2020).

The study was led by the Statistics division of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN).

Features of the study report:

62.1% of the respondents firmly accept that the economy may wind up more fragile than it was toward the start of the year, if the overall high expansion rate isn’t instantly tended to.

A lion’s share of the families had no clue on the heading of loan costs in the previous a year. For instance, the individuals who accept that loan fees had ascended over the most recent a year are 35.3%, 8.3% of the respondents accept that financing costs had fallen, and 43.4% had no clue about what occurred over the most recent a year.

On the assumptions regarding how the financing costs on bank advances and reserve funds would act throughout the following a year, 29.8% are of the feeling that the rates will increase, while 16.7% accept that the rates will fall, and 40.6% had no clue about what might occur.

In choosing which one is better, a greater amount of the respondents actually favor higher loan costs than higher swelling. For instance, 25.6% incline toward financing costs to ascend to hold expansion down, 43.3% believed that they favor loan fees to rise quicker, and 31.1%of the respondent had no idea by any means.

What you should know

The Statistics branch of the Central Bank of Nigeria, on quarterly premise, conducts reviews to verbalize the perspectives on family units on changes in costs of products and ventures, incorporating loan fees over the most recent a year and their desires for changes throughout the following a year

The Q3 2020 Inflation Attitudes Survey was led between September 21 and 30th with an irregular example size of 2,070 Households from 207 Enumeration Areas (EAs) the nation over and had a reaction pace of 98.1%.

The assessments of the respondents are essential in valuing the degree of comprehension of the overall population with respect to the nation’s money related approach system and helpful for powerful financial strategy detailing.

As of late, we had announced that Nigeria’s expansion rate has increased to 14.23% in October 2020 as against 13.71% recorded in September 2020, as per NBS report.

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Recession: Government should give more tax reductions to advance business capital venture – NECA




NECA has called on Government to give more tax cuts as a means to promote business capital investment.

The Nigeria Employers’ Consultative Association (NECA) has approached Government to give more tax reductions to advance business capital speculation as a way to improve monetary development after Nigeria as of late slipped into a downturn.

This was uncovered by NECA’s Director-General, Dr. Timothy Olawale, in an assertion on Saturday.

“The report of NBS demonstrated the nation’s GDP development declined by 3.62 percent in Q3, 2020 after a prior constriction of 6.1 percent in Q2.

“In synopsis, the GDP for Q1 to Q3 of 2020 remained at – 2.48 percent; the oil GDP fell by – 13.89 percent from – 6.63 percent in Q2 2020 and Non-Oil fell by – 2.51 percent from – 6.05 percent in Q2 2020.

“With negative GDP development in two sequential quarters, the economy has perpetually gone into downturn,” Olawale said.

He suggested that the FG reports tax breaks to help interest into the country’s economy and quick track the execution of strategies to expand trade openings.

“Government should give more tax reductions to advance business capital speculation while empowering neighborhood and unfamiliar venture.

“Government should quick track the execution of arrangements to expand further its fare possibilities, generally the colossal supply of common and agro assets, to lessen tension on the unfamiliar stores.

“We call for more hearty and far reaching expansionary financial and money related arrangement bundles to speedily reflate the economy out of the current emergency,” he said.

What you should know

we detailed that Nigeria’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in genuine terms declined by – 3.62% (year-on-year) in Q3 2020, consequently denoting an all out downturn and second continuous compression from – 6.10% recorded in the past quarter (Q2 2020).

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UK ready to partner with Nigeria to generate long term benefits – UK Trade Envoy




Hon. Helen Grant, UK Member of Parliament and Trade Envoy to Nigeria, expressed that the UK government could band together with Nigeria in creating genuine and long haul benefits for the two nations.

She revealed this at the two-day Nigerian Diaspora Investment Summit (NDIS) coordinated by the Nigerian in Diaspora Commission (NiDCOM) on Saturday with the subject: “Post-COVID-19 Economic Resurgence: Targeting Diaspora Investment.”

Hon. Award added that the UK government is happy to teach and gain from Africa’s biggest economy in an offer to help two-sided exchange between the two countries.

Hon. Award, destined to a Nigerian dad and the primary Black lady chose as Conservative MP, said the UK and Nigeria had a lot to social solidarity particularly in the zone of language and asked the need to use on the relations to support financial development between the two nations.

“We anticipate coming to Nigeria to relate to reasonable organizations that the UK government could band together with in producing genuine and long haul benefits for the two nations,” she said.

What you should know

In 2019, the UK Department for International Trade revealed that the all out exchange products and enterprises between the UK and Nigeria was worth £5.1 billion, an expansion of 14.4% from 2018. They added that complete fares from the UK to Nigeria added up to £2.7 billion in the year to June 2019, up 15.9% on the earlier year (ONS, 2019). Areas offering specific occasions to UK organizations incorporate energy, foundation, and agric-innovation.

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