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Top 10 Most Expensive Vodkas In The World: Russo-Baltique, The Eye of the Dragon, and Billionaire Vodka



are the most expensive vodkas in the world? The $7.25 million-priced
bottle called Billionaire Vodka from Leon Verres dominates out list,
with Royal Dragon vodka’s $5.5 million bottle dubbed The Eye of the
Dragon coming in at a close second. Here’s a quick look at the priciest
vodka brands this 2018:

  1. Billionaire Vokda – $7.25 Million
  2. The Eye of the Dragon – $5.5 Million
  3. Billionaire Vodka – $3.7 Million
  4. Russo-Baltique Vodka – $1.3 Million
  5. DIVA Premium Vodka – $1 Million
  6. Russo-Baltique Vodka – $740,000
  7. Kors Vodka 24k, George V Limited Edition – $24,500
  8. Absolut Crystal Pinstripe Black Bottle – $10,000
  9. Belver Bears – $7,240
  10. OVAL Swarovski Crystal Vodka – $6,922

pronounced as vod-kuh, is largely portrayed in the media as a luxury
drink served at gatherings attended by wealthy individuals, including
celebrities and high-class businessmen. However, this drink has humble
beginnings. Even the word vodka translates to “Little Water” in either
the Russian or Polish language.
The origins of vodka is largely
debated upon by historians, with many claiming it was either produced in
Sweden hundreds of years ago or was made in Moscow during the early
15th century. Regardless who started it first, vodka was first and
foremost used as a medicine for treating various ailments. Fast forward
to the present time and people now drink vodka for leisure and to
celebrate significant occasions. With this, it isn’t a surprise to see
the number of vodka consumers reaching 43 million in Spring 2017. Alocohol sales, including vodka, might have been declining at a fast pace in previous years, but it undoubtedly remains a profitable business.

to the popularity of vodka to both the mainstream and high-class market
are the variety of flavors on offer. These range from fun flavors such
as raspberry and blueberry to incredibly bizarre ones such as bacon and
peanut butter and jelly. Even the classic vodka can taste different
depending on the brand purchased from due to the various distillation
processes, with some brands on our most expensive list using diamonds to
filter the contents.
Without further ado, here are the most expensive vodkas of 2018:

10. OVAL Swarovski Crystal Vodka – $6,922

Oval Swarovski Crystal Vodka
off our most expensive vodkas list is a limited edition bottle from
OVAL. With its exquisite, shiny appearance, it’s sure to catch more eyes
than your everyday jewelry. It is studded with 7,000 Swarovski crystals
to cover all sides of the bottle, thus upping the price to a whopping
While the high price is mainly attributed to its expensive
crystals, OVAL is no slouch when it comes to delivering a unique,
premium-tasting vodka. The company is well-known for having an
ultra-smooth textured and easy to indulge vodka thanks to its unique
structuring process of surrounding its 100% pure wheat alcoholic content
with water.

9. Belver Bears – $7,240

Belver Bears Vodka
back in 2011 during the Cannes Film Festival, Belver Bears is a cute,
posh limited edition vodka made out of a translucent plexiglass bottle.
The bottle is equipped with backlights, making it a fancy attraction at
parties. It can also be hung for display, which means you can have a
creepy glowing bear in a dark corner of your room. Polish company
Belvedere designed this detailed bottle in collaboration with singer and
songwriter DJ Jean-Roch.
Belvedere Vodka is a premium, top shelf
brand known for its intensely smooth and mouth-watering taste. The brand
is known for distilling vodka four times while retaining the rich

8. Absolut Crystal Pinstripe Black Bottle – $10,000

Absolut Pinstripe
Vodka collaborated with Swedish designers Magnus Skosberg and Mimi
Smart to create a simple, yet sophisticated vodka bottle with a
handicraft theme. It is made out of high-quality crystal from Sweden’s
Reijmyre Glassworks. The Absolut Crystal Pinstripe Black Bottle, along
with two accompanying crystal tumblers, are packaged inside a treasure
chest made out of pinstripe fabric. Only 10 pieces of these were ever
created. A cheaper, non-black version was previously released for
Absolut Vodka is one of the most popular vodka products
after it aggressively advertised as a premium brand. The company
exclusively distills hard winter wheat and they carry an assortment of
flavored Vodkas to tickle the fancy of all individuals.

7. Kors Vodka 24k, George V Limited Edition – $24,500

Kors Vodka
Vodka 24K George V Limited Edition is more than just a highly priced
luxury product for the wealthy. With this $24,000-worth item, you’ll get
a chance to taste a piece of history from the early 1900’s. Encased
inside the handcrafted bottle made out of crystal and designed with 24
karat gold is an ancient recipe ordered by Russia’s Czar Nicholas II who
was then searching to create the perfect-tasting vodka. This involved a
painstaking process of distilling with solid gold pipes and infusing
with diamonds. Nicholas II shared this recipe with cousin George V. Kors
Vodka replicated this recipe, and only 250 bottles were ever released.

6. Russo-Baltique Vodka (old) – $740,000

Russo-Baltique Vodka
stands apart from the luxury market filled with designers of fashion
products. Russo-Baltique was one of the first Russian car manufacturers
in the early 1900’s. The company eventually ventured to create
authentic-tasting Russian vodka that only the privileged few can afford.
$740,000-priced Russo-Baltique vodka is encased in a 20-pound solid,
pure gold case designed to mimic the design of the classic automobiles
created by the company. Sitting on top of the flask cap made out of gold
is a diamond-encrusted Russian Imperial double headed eagle. If you
were able to snag one of these 10 elegantly designed bottles back in
2011, you would have received a free Dartz Prombron Iron Diamond SUV.

5. DIVA Premium Vodka – $1 million

DIVA Premium Vodka
just halfway through our most expensive vodkas list of 2018 and we
already have reached the one million dollar mark. Fifth in our list is
DIVA Premium vodka. In addition to distilling its premium English Vodka
several times for a smooth taste, the contents are also filtered with
precious stones for that authentic luxury taste. The precious crystals
stored inside the bottle can also be removed for gifting to friends or
storing as a keepsake. Like many other vodka brands in this list, the
DIVA Premium vodka has a very smooth premium taste marketed to the rich,
high-flying crowd.

4. Russo-Baltique Vodka (New, Stolen) – $1.3 million

Russo Baltique Vodka
lovers will be entranced with the most expensive voka from
Russo-Baltique. This $1.3-million worth vodka, which was crafted to
commemorate the the company’s 100th anniversary, is encased
inside a uniquely designed bulletproof glass bottle with a flask made
out of the radiator guards from vintage Russo-Baltique automobiles. With
its exquisite appearance, it isn’t a surprise that popular streaming
platform Netflix series was proud to debut the Russo-Baltique in one of
its top series, House of Cards.
This $1.3 million-worth
Russo-Baltique also caught headlines when one of the bottles was stolen
by an unknown suspect in Copenhagen, Denmark. The bottle was placed on a
loan in Copenhagen’s Cafe 33, a vodka museum that has a collection of
1,200 vodka bottles, and footage of the store’s CCTV caught the suspect
rushing in to grab the Russo-Baltique vodka. By some miracle, it was
eventually found empty in a construction site in Denmark. Nonetheless,
the bottle was simply refilled by the cafe’s owner and stated that his
stolen Russo-Baltique is still valued for the same price.

3. Billionaire Vodka – $3.7 million

Billionaire Vodka $3 million
to its name, the Billionaire Vodka is a fancy and authentic Russian
drink only the richest of the rich can afford. Launched back in 2012 by
Leon Verres, this product previously topped our list thanks to its
lavish filtration process: making the purest of the pure and smoothest
Russian recipe and makes its vodka content flow over real diamonds. The
five liter Vodka-filled bottle comes alongside a PETA-friendly white
faux fur. This edition has already sold out and Verres soon came up with
a more expensive item for luxury item seekers.

2. The Eye of the Dragon – $5.5 million

The Eye of the Dragon
Eye of the Dragon vodka is a sight to behold. With dragons symbolizing
wealth and good fortune, it’s no surprise that Hong Kong-based Dutch
company Royal Dragon vodka chose to create a bottle with a meticulously
crafted dragon studded with millions-worth of diamonds. In addition to
its 50-karat intense yellow diamonds, the six-liter bottle has around
15,000 diamonds weighing 4.5 pounds of solid 18-karat gold. Encased in
the bottle is one of the smoothest vodka available on the market, and
this was done by charcoal distilling the finest winter rye five times.

1. Billionaire Vodka – $7.25 million

Billionaire Vodka
our top 10 most expensive vodka list is the 2015 iteration of Leon
Verres’ Billionaire Vodka. This one of the finest way to demonstrate
your wealth, as it comes decorated with almost two thousand diamonds set
in gold. The bottle is dressed with a deep black faux fur for a
guilt-free touch of royalty. Similar to Verres’ 3.7 million-worth luxury
product, you’ll get to know what diamonds taste like, as the 18-liter
iteration contains vodka made from an original Russian recipe and is
filtered with diamonds. Those who coudn’t afford this highly-priced item
had the chance to purchase the less expensive 0.7 liter frosted-bottled
Diamond Edition that comes with six sparkling diamonds and a golden dog
tag that its limited quantity.
However, those looking to purchase
the Diamond Edition for themselves are out of luck. Despite its high
price tag, the entire Diamond Edition line has already sold out, and
Verres will soon release a new expensive version with a LED light


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