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Stories that panties are now been stolen and used for rituals are the recent trend. It is believed that when these evildoers get a hold of these panties,

their victims either run mad or their destinies get taken away and they are rendered useless till they eventually die. As this is the order of the day I have taken it upon myself to give out few tips on how to protect your panties.

  1. Do not spread your panties outside or close to the window: Yes, I know our panties need sunlight to dry properly well and also to kill bacteria. During this trying times, let’s avoid spreading our panties where the public can see or have access to it. Purchase a pant hanger from your local market or store and hang your panties in your bathroom. But please, make sure it is not too close to the window where it can be taken.
  2.  When going on a trip/unfamiliar places take fewer panties: Some ladies do not know how to pack light especially for underwear. When going on a trip to unfamiliar places carry few panties. so, as you wear you wash so you lose count of your underwear and it easily noticeable if anyone goes missing.
  3. Dispose of your old panties properly: When disposing of your old panties, try and cut them into pieces especially the part were the panty and vagina meet. You want to make sure they are cut into small pieces so that they can’t be used for anything. Or you can also burn them.
With all that said, these are bad times and times like this require strict measures. In other to protect your self and panties during this ritualistic period, you need to be careful of how you keep your panties. Trust no one!!!