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‘Thacutegeminme’, Lil Frosh’s Ex, Calls Him a “Narcissist” in Reaction to the Rapper’s Denial of His Actions

“One day your mask will fall and they will see the monster I had to face alone. They will know that I wasn’t lying.”



Iyamaterie Okeoghene Taiwo, better known as Gift Camille or Instagram name of ‘thacutegeminme’ has shown her disapproval and disdain for the uncalled lies her ex-boyfriend, Lil Frosh told regarding what happened between them.

On October 6, she released photos and statement to show how rapper, Lil Frosh beat her up almost to the point of death, leaving all sorts of mark and bruises on her body, especially her face

After a month of her ex lover’s silence, he has chosen to speak up like a “narcissist” would, claiming the news surrounding what went down between them regarding how he beat her up were all false, saying “I Didn’t do it.”

Through her Instagram story, she has reacted to the rapper’s claim with a series of photos and quotes. One of the picture quotes uploaded says in part: “One day your mask will fall and they will see the monster I had to face alone. They will know that I wasn’t lying.”

“there was really a demon behind that angelic face” – Okeoghene Gift claims // pc: thacutegeminme (IG)

Yet on another one, she bodly labelled him a “narcissist” for all the “lies” he’s spreading, finishing the statement with “I’m really disgusted!”

“Narcissists and lies” thacutegeminme calls Lil Frosh // pc: IG

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Comedian and activist, Mr Macaroni narrates awful ordeal he faced at the police station when he got arrested during the #OccupyLekkitollgate protest



For many people, Mr Macaroni famous for the lines “Mummy wa” and “Freaky freaky” and “Ooin”, acts as comic relief and a source of happiness on the online world as he is famous for creating different comedic skits on a weekly basis but following the massive #EndSARS protest which unfortunately led to the infamous massacres of hundreds of protesters at the Lekki tollgate. Mr Macaroni, (born Debo Adebayo) has acted as the voice for the youths, speaking on their behalf with regards to how they are being treated by the armed governmental forces, NPF and by extension the SARS.

On the 13th of February this year, protesters rose up once again to demand answers to the inquiry about the massacres which had been downplayed by the Lagos state government or evaded by several means possible and decided to march to the exact location of the #EndSARS massacre and demand the Lekki tollgate remains closed till further notice and rightfully so until they see justice being served. Mr Macaroni, was one of the various celebrities and online personalities who availed themselves for this event and at such the protest went on. This year’s protest was tagged – #OccupyLekkitollgate.

During the early hours of the protest on Saturday, February 13th, Mr Macaroni was present on ground, video taping the event via IG Live but that did not last long as he was abruptly stopped by armed men of the Nigerian Police Force (NPF) and arrested alongside other protesters who where forced into the many Black Maria on site.

Mr Macaroni and the other protesters would eventually be released with him narrating the unpleasant experience he faced while being detained. Some few months later, he adds to the story. Taking to his official Twitter account, Mr Macaroni revealed how heartless he was treated despite the status he has managed to attain in the society, even saying one of the police men told him he would be long dead if not for the fact they know his social status and they know the public would inquire of him from them.

Mr Macaroni who was detained at Adeniji Central Police Station located at Okepopo Road, Lagos Island, Lagos, Nigeria, narrates his awful ordeal dealing with the police: “When I was at Adeniji police station, the police officers took turns to beat me up. They were even calling themselves to come and beat ‘Mr Macaroni’”. Commenting further, “They said in my life when next I hear police, I will run! One said if not that people would ask about me, he would have killed me.”

Mr Macaroni’s tweet generated a lot of sympathy from fans and Nigerians, fueling their agitation for the men of the NPF.

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Tweep accuses Burna Boy’s convoy of hitting his car while Burna Boy drove away and told him to “f–k off”



Burna Boy and controversy always seem to have this love-hate relationship with one another. This time around, Burna Boy is not getting in trobule with the law, a colleague or a close associate, neither is he being accused of being unfaithful but this might just be the lowest of lows if proven to be true.

Burna Boy for GQ.|PC:

Burna Boy, this time around, is being accused by a fellow civilian, who until now might have remained anonymous to the world but present matters will have his case being heard and judged by thousands, if not millions of people. Burna Boy’s accuser is simply known by his Twitter username – @Iamsilvar (who for the sake of this write up will be simply called — Silvar) or his display name – Duke of Lagos, for disobeying traffic laws and not only that, hitting Silvar’s car without acknowledging his wrongs but instead choosing to stay ignorant and blatantly cursing the civilian.

A picture of @Iamsilvar; his display picture from his Twitter account.

Silvar in the thread of tweets he put out, late Saturday night, wrote about his encounter with Burna Boy and his convoy at Lekki Phase 1, Lagos, Nigeria around 8:15 PM yesterday night (Saturday). He accused one of Burna Boy’s convoy of hitting his car amidst the traffic line; according to Silvar’s report, he was patiently waiting for the traffic light to turn green before he moved his car — a Kia Rio 2008 Model — until one of Burna Boy’s convoy bashed his car and sped off.

He also mentioned, while he was waiting for the traffic light to turn green, Burna Boy and his convoy or as Silvar puts it in of of his write-up – “Burna boys” – kept blaring their horn, honking at the highest volume (we assume), urging him (Silvar) to move away but there was not a chance he could do so as he was stuck up in traffic, waiting for the greenlight to move his car just like the others, but Burna Boy and his convoy were impatient and as such bashed his car by the driver’s door and sped off, acting like they did not know the wrong they had done.

Silvar managed to record some video footage which he shared accordingly of him chasing Burna Boy and his convoy. (Although it was already dark at night, so we cannot affirm the recording as we could not facially recognise Burna Boy in the recording.)

While trying to get Burna Boy to acknowledge the wrongful actions of his men, Silvar said Burna Boy told him to “f–k off”. He also shared a video where he was being threatened by one of the supposed Burna Boy’s convoy, a man in a car in the front of Silvar’s, told his colleagues in the other vehicle behind his and beside Silvar’s Kia Rio to “Enter him” i.e. to enter Silvar but Silvar drew the line in the chase and had to slow down a bit for his own safety.

Silvar also shared how Burna Boy irrationally acted during the incident, instead of apologising, he threw money at boys who were chasing his vehicle, probably in a bid to form a disguise and totally avoid Silvar, which he did, him and his convoy, by quickly escaping into a very private and secure estate – Vintage Park Estate – in the Lekki Phase 1 axis which Silvar admitted he had no permit to enter.

Silvar who said he is just an automobile mechanic, posted the video and the whole event report in a bid for Burna Boy to admit his wrongs, apologize and probably help in the repair of his bashed car (although he didn’t mention the latter).

Silvar’s bashed Kia Rio 2008 Model|PC: @Iamsilvar (Twitter).

You can read and watch Silvar, @Iamsilvar firsthand report of the incident via his Twitter account below:

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