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Sheye Banks: ‘Party and Vybez’ Vol. 1: The Hype EP [review]



Before this morning, (Saturday, 30 January), I will be honest with you all, I didn’t know who Sheye Banks was until Wavy hit me up. Admittedly I had seen Party and Vybez Vol. 1: The Hype EP yesterday on the ‘New Music’ segment of Apple Music, but I didn’t listen, just putting it out there. I experiment a lot with new music, I should have but it is what it is (*chuckles*).

From the artwork, it is easily noticeable how Sheye Banks has this big happy smile on his face, surrounded by crowd who came to part with a banner even saying ‘WE [LOVE] 2 VYBE’, so it is not hard to tell the EP will be a joyous, vibes filled tape. One thing I will also mention is how he shares semblance with UK rapper and singer, Ramz, just based off his looks on Party and Vybez EP cover art.

Cover artwork for Sheye Banks’ Party and Vybez.

I did a little research and found out Sheye Banks, born Seyebomi Ademuyiwa Ogunsanya is a Radio Jockey on SoundCity 98.5 FM who considers himself a pioneer of a sub-genre of Afrobeat, which he tags – AfroHype and truth be told that he supplies in quantity and quality on Party and Vybez.

Like his name implies, we can actually bank on him for pure vibes, (yeah, I know, pun intended, ma fe jo pami) and those he actually delivered on this EP.

Off the rip from the first track, Get Down, Sheye Banks already laid down the plan for the EP with the Afrobeat themed beat mashup and he didn’t fail at hyping his listeners, throwing jabs like “Ge ge ge get down!” which would actually make his listeners get down. The saxophone outro is also a nice addition!

Being the DJ and hypeman that he his, he went the Amapiano route on the second instrumentals and track, Don’t Stop Dancing. You know, once you get down, you actually have to keep getting down. (Damn, I am beginning to sound like on those artistes out there. Allow it *winks*).

“They try to put you in a box everytime, they say you’re not good enough, but they don’t know your story, they don’t know what you’ve been through, they don’t know your pain.” Sheye says, “Now move your body . . . Do some dancing . . . C’mon let’s vibe!” He concludes. So why not move your body to some gyrating Amapiano beat and remember Don’t Stop Dancing!

“If you do the Zanku . . . If you do the Gbese . . . If you want Azonto” Ma Pa Mi Na is the third track on Party and Vybez, still going with the dancehall and party themed, upbeat vibes of the EP. Ultimately “all I’m gonna say is you better have a good time [listening to this EP].”

On the fourth beat, Sheye Banks reassures all that Black is Beautiful, tapping the vocal talents of Sigag Lauren for background sound on the very short Pop beat which for sure will take you back memory lanes to ’03, ’04 and ’05, when Break-Dancing was at its peak, because that is what this Black is Beautiful reminds me of; the message still intact though.

I know it is kind of weird but Sigag Lauren gives me Game of Thrones vibes with how well she uses her voice on the background, sounding like on of those moments when a plot twist is about to take place and the ‘hun hun hun’ sound of the lady starts playing in the background to fill up our suspense. If that was the plan, job weldone I must say.

After all the gyrating, body-contorting, Afrobeat to Amapiano to Pop to sweat oozing out of your body, safe to say, if you are going to attend a Sheye Banks party, You Know the Vybez by now.

The last beat mashup, Sheye Banks goes back to Amapiano one last time to remind people that he is for sure the ‘Vybez King’.

Conclusively, I must say, apart from the upbeat party theme of the EP, Party and Vybez is an Afro-fusion tape as it taps the essential sounds of African music and culture and finds a way of curating them all in five tracks. An excellent effort I would say! It is Saturday so you better put on your dancing shoes and Party and Vybez, j’aiye lo!

And I must not leave without crediting the producers thst worked on this EP — Andre Vibes (track 1 & 3), Sigag Lauren (track 2 & 4) and finally D3an.

Tracklist and credits for Party and Vybez EP.

Listen to Party and Vybez Vol. 1: The Hype EP:

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Real Estate, fashion and raising my kids distracted me from making music –


on rings a bell whenever the jam, Pass Me Your Love featuring Terry G comes on or is being talked about but after mesmerising the airwaves through heavy TV and radio rotation with the commercial hit released in 2008, vanished from our screen and for over 12 years, it seemed that way, either him remaining inactive musically or releasing music that gained little to no plays mainstream wise. However, is officially ready to make a comeback into the commercial mainstream music world and in his recent interview with Sidomex Entertainment on YouTube, he speaks on his absence, return and plans for 2021.

Speaking on his long hiatus from the music scene, cites venturing into other business interests including Real Estate and Fashion while also choosing to prioritize family over his music career by making his kids the main focus in his life, raising them up properly but now that they are all grown, he is back to doing what he loves and what makes his happy, i.e music.

Now signed to TNKay Music Worldwide, is making his grand comeback to the Nigerian mainstream space by releasing the re-fix to Pass Me Your Love (released over a decade ago) with Peruzzi.

In the Sidomex interview, also revealed he has a song with Praiz to which the music video has been shot, soon to hit our screen and streaming platforms soon.

On his public fallout with Pass Me Your Love original version collaborator, Terry G, cites false ego and pride as the major reason, saying Terry G was beginning to feel like “the bigger person” as if he were a god; acting like he was the force behind making the song very big as at then while infact it was both of them— and Terry G—who equally made the song blow up. Moving on, he ( says “music is spiritual” and if the “chemistry is not right”, he will not bother making music with anybody.

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Tay Iwar’s “Love & Isolation” EP is out now



R&B/Soul singer, Tay Iwar known for his silk, smooth and low tempo vibes puts out his sophomore project and debut EP, Love & Isolation.

Love & Isolation is nothing but a purebreed output of fine tune R&B melodies induced with soulful singing and lay-low productions through the key and strings with beats seldomly added for flavour.

Tay Iwar’s Love & Isolation is filled with 5 well-written and nicely sung chunes with features from veteran Alternative singer Asa (“Yoga”), emPawa signed artist and Kenyan songstress, Xenia Manasseh (“Stones”), fellow R&B/Soul singer Lou Val and EDM/Dance artiste Insightful (“Feel”). “Peaking”, a 90’s esque R&B song served as the promotional single for Love & Isolation EP.

Tay Iwar is closely associated with the Lagos-based Alté clan of musicians and mostly always linked with fellow Alté acts, Santi and Odunsi (The Engine). He released his debut album—“Gemini”—in 2019 but gained major mainstream recognition for being the guest act on “True Love” on Wizkid’s “Made In Lagos” 2020 released album.

Stream/Download Love & Isolation by Tay Iwar:

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Tiwa Savage grace the cover of U.S Magazine, Allure



Tiwa Savage is dubbed the “Queen of Afrobeats” as she dons the cover of Allure Magazine looking elegant and beautiful as always.

In a series of beautifully shot and thoroughly edited photos with proper colour grading, Tiwa Savage poses for the camera with two of the three uploaded pictures having a floral theme—(1) with a sky blue background where she is seen wearing a blouse synonymous to the 80’s and early 90’s with the make-up on her face well done to show for it.

Tiwa Savage for Allure Magazine|PC: @Allure_ magazine (Twitter)

In the second picture, Tiwa shines elegantly amidst a bouquet of flowers, varying from roses to petals to hibiscus and other sorts of green plants.

Tiwa Savage shows her elegance and beauty in a garden of flowers.|PC: @Allure_magazine (Twitter)

On the third upload, Tiwa Savage simply shows her dominance over the music scene (female wise) as she is fully covered in orange fur, giving off a very powerful feminine aura as in a Lioness with her hair made into long gigantic puff.

Tiwa Savage shows her dominance and control over the Afrobeat(s) genre (female wise) as she is fully clothed in fur.|PC: @Allure_magazine (Twitter)

Allure magazine is concerned about everything Pop culture from fashion to lifestyle to music to entertainment to the frontiers to the paradigm-shifters, anything you can think of. On this episode of their magazine, they had Tiwa Savage speak on her come up to her establishing her significance on the music scene in Africa and the world by large to how she combats the “patriachy” in the male dominant African music sector. Read the full article here.

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