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See how Relsify is disrupting African’s old & rigid real estate industry with blockchain technology



When it comes to Tokenization, only a few categories of people all around Africa and the world know exactly what it entails. Tokenization is when physical assets are represented with digital tokens on the blockchain network. Physical Assets could be anything with real-life value – Real Estate, Cars, Paintings, Company Shares, etc. Amidst other merits, the major aim of tokenization is to make such asset fractionalized. While we have a few tokenization platforms present in today’s world, Relsify is positioned as the first in the African Continent with a completely novel concept and approach. The concept of tieing individual assets to a unique security token of its own instead of a generalized token.
In a continent filled with unfriendly governmental policies, famine, illiteracy and a looming threat of large scale terror, technology might be the only thing that will lead save us and Relsify is taking the hard path, disrupting traditional way of investing in real estate. During our chat with the CEO and founder, Umana Andy, he said “Africa is a bit backward with almost everything, but we can turn our disadvantage to an advantage, by skipping web2.0 and moving directly to a world of decentralization, when people are eating they lose the appetite to fight, decentralization enables that” you don’t need millions to own real estate properties, when you have a little here or there, you will want to protect your asset.
Relsify will be running with an utility token $RELS which will be used to access cheaper fee, receive rewards etc.

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FinRik Technologies launches zero code e-commerce website builder “ FinRik Shop” to take more African businesses online



Tech firm FinRik has just released its second product, FinRik Shop which serves as a follow up to FinRik Academy. While speaking to the founder/CEO Awoniyi Segun, he said  “we have being working on a lot stuffs for a while now, but there is no innovation without education that’s why he rolled out the academy, before we started rolling out our other SAAS products, we have done that, onboarded 3k active users in two months, it’s time to start releasing our core products” FinRik Academy was launched on the 22nd of August, the platform is an open source marketplace for learning. 

FinRik Shop is a software that anyone can use to create an online e-commerce website with customized domain  in minutes without writing any line of codes, the platform comes with follow-come themes, marketing tools , gives business owners the independence of choosing up to 10 payment gateways covering five continents, data tracking tools, for business intelligence etc.
According to the company, the main aim of the product is to take every business online, at the same time giving them there distinctive brand identity, expanding there customers or potential customers without costing business owners a fortune. FinRik Shop has three plans; FinRik Basic which goes for ₦4,000 monthly, FinRik plan , ₦7,000 monthly, lastly the advanced FinRik plan which costs ₦15,000 monthly.

FinRik Shop Basic plan

“This is a software that will take businesses to the next level, making expansion faster, scaling easier” James Emem, an early access tester of the software said during our conversation with the team. FinRik Shop is the prerequisite of FinRik’s to be released crypto payment gateway, FinRik Pay, which according to the CEO is it internal testing.

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Checkout this one in all business app, The Owlette, your best bet as a SME



While in school, Olusehinde Elijah Kolawole already knew he never wanted to work in a typical 9-5 job. He took a job while at Osun State University, and the experience bored him out of his mind. It was a job that forced a routine, and he did not find it challenging. The thrill he was looking for lay in the social media space. He found the social media space and all the development around it quite fascinating. He began to learn how to help brands grow their social media pages. 

Figuring out content marketing and social media spaces was fun, and it engaged him, but he saw an opportunity. It was an opportunity to build a different type of marketplace.

“We have built a marketplace. No, you don’t get it. An actual marketplace. Online. You know how you can go to the market to get some stuff, and you look around and find it? That kind of market. Sometimes you check one stall, and when you don’t like what you see, you move to another stall. You might like some things but may not want to buy them. That kind of marketplace is what we recreated here. People can be hired to provide professional services too. You can find a photographer for your wedding, a web developer to design your business website, even if you are looking for a painter. You’ll find one,” the CEO says, impassioned by this new revolution.

Bringing the market online

The Owlette is an online marketplace where traders/professionals can display their goods and services for customers to make purchases and hire professionals. It is a digital market. An easy-to-navigate market. 

They quickly realized that they had to go out into the markets to meet with the traders to ask them to come online. They had to go into schools to tell students they could upload their side hustles and make money from them. Unitary teams of The Owlette went into the nooks and crannies, educating the traders on how to download the app from Playstore. They began to use it to earn more. The teams spoke to students/professionals and told them to come online!

The Owlette is easy to use

The simple design meets a system designed with ease of use at the top of the mind. You can download the app, sign up, and start selling if you are a trader. Upload your goods as an Instagram photo, and users can purchase them. When the idea for The Owlette was brewing, it was designed to cater to individuals with trading and professional side hustles. The Owlette set out to create a system that was easy to navigate, and it paid off. It is easy for customers to find the goods and services they are looking for.

It supports the physical market 

The Owlette cannot overrun physical markets (they will always be there). The Owlette overlays the physical markets. You can use The Owlette to make more sales while sitting at your physical store. Students can earn extra cash selling their goods and services on The Owlette. without leaving their home or hostel. The physical market can exist. The Owlette will only help you earn more with no stress. 

The Owlette is safe & reduces stress

The system naturally reduces the stress for the trader. They do not have to do much to set up shop. Professionals can simply signup and begin to receive work offers for their services. It makes things safer. 

Sign up & earn more

The Owlette’s proposition is simple enough. Sign up and you earn more. 

Savvy business owners/professionals grabbed the offer with both hands. They are getting on this online market, selling more and earning more. 

Elijah is very passionate about the youth. He believes that The Owlette can give the youth another avenue to earn from their trade and skills. The UX design of the app was created with the youth in mind. It had to be cool and fun to navigate. Students responded positively. “They are doing so much with it,” laughed a member of The Owlette’s team. They are promoting music and selling tickets to their parties. Some are selling clothes, shoes, watches, bags. There are artisans, painters, photographers, videographers, all offering their services. 

“Youth empowerment was one of our targets. We wanted to enable them to do more. Earn more,” Elijah says. People are doing more with The Owlette. They are selling more and earning more.

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The Big Market is making online shopping for crypto enthusiasts fun, simple and secured



lack of trust in online shopping “what ordered vs why I received” has lead to many people seeking solution offline, but in a fast paced technology and innovation driven world, offline shopping has more downsides than upsides, so we can’t run from this problem, we have to solve them! Those were the introductory Akande Pelumi omoniyi words of The Big Market’s Chief executive officer, when having a virtual discussion with our team… “when you don’t need a thing you feel it is easily accessible until you need it urgently and it’s not around your vicinity” that was his motivation, but this time, he is fixing something broken, trust then aiding it with fast paced execution and good customer service.

On The big market, users have the opportunity to earn cash back on every item they buy and this time they can choose to pay with cryptocurrency using FinRik Pay.

The BigMarket also helps to manage event ticketing for event organizers to ensure properly event regulation of crowd. Shopping online in Nigeria is easy and convenient with BigMarket. We provide you with a wide range of products you can trust. Take part in the deals of the day and discover the best prices on a wide range of products.

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