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Relationship with August Alsina on Red Table Talk with Will Smith



Jada brought herself to the Red Table to share her side of the story, as Will asks the pressing questions.

Jada Pinkett Smith just gave a lengthy response to recent claims from family friend and musician August Alsina, who previously said Will Smith gave him “his blessing” to pursue a relationship with his wife.

Appearing on her own Facebook Watch series “Red Table Talk,” Smith directly addressed Alsina’s interview with The Breakfast Club’s Angela Lee — in which he said something blossomed between the two after he met the Smith family in 2015.

During the episode, done alongside Will, she admitted she and August had a relationship during a separation from her husband. The conversation quickly started trending on Twitter — see the best reactions after the full breakdown below.

While a rep for Jada previously said his allegations were “absolutely not true,” she clarified Friday that it wasn’t a statement she made herself. Will echoed her sentiments, saying he never released a personal statement either.

“At the end of the day, I don’t like how all of this came to be. That doesn’t matter, it’s all love, honestly,” said Jada. “That would be something I wouldn’t comment on at all. I feel like it’s a situation I consider private.”

“But now Black Twitter has claimed it as they business,” said Will with a laugh.

Talking about their “personal journey” that “became very public,” Jada said that about 4 and a half years ago, she started a “friendship” with August and they became “really, really good friends.”

Jada admitted she and Will were going through a rough patch, with Will saying, “I was done with you.” During a separation, they agreed they would try and find a way to be happy without each other.

“From there, as time went on, I got into a different kind of entanglement with August,” said Jada. When it came to Will giving “permission,” Jada said “the only person who could give permission in that particular circumstance is myself.”

“What August was trying to communicate … I think he wanted to make it clear he’s not a home wrecker,” she added.

Ever the dutiful host, Will then asked Jada to say “clearly what happened” between her and August.

“I got into an entanglement with August,” she said, as he pushed for more details. “A relationship, it was a relationship, absolutely. I was in a lot of pain, I was broken and in the process of that relationship I definitely realized that you can’t find happiness outside of yourself. And luckily enough, you and I were also going through a process of healing in a much different manner.”GettyWhat Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith Have Said About Swinging, Open Marriage In the PastVIEW STORY

“It had been so long since I felt good,” said Jada, adding that it was also a “joy to help heal somebody,” referring to Alsina.

Will joked that, being at the Table, he felt like a husband at “the press conference” while she told “the world about her transgressions.” Jada, however, said she doesn’t look at it as a transgression “at all,” as the relationship taught her about her own emotional insecurity, “and I was really able to do some really deep healing.”

Jada said August decided to “break all communication” with her as she “started to realize certain things” about her and Will — “which was totally understandable,” she added. While it’s unclear when this happened, Alsina was a guest on “Red Table Talk” in 2018.

“I let that be and hadn’t talked to him since,” said Jada, “so it is a little weird all this stuff is coming out now since this was several [years ago].” Added Will, “Our experiences of working through it, fighting through it, talking through it and therapizing through it, I think the why now is weird.”

“Aug and I haven’t talked in so long, so this all seemed very strange,” she added.

The two Smiths also said they’ve never had secrets between them.

“We have really got to that new place of unconditional love,” said Jada, as he said he wasn’t sure they would ever speak again after their separation. “It ain’t for the weak at heart,” he added, “there are just certain things we have to go through.”

“You gotta go through some shit to get the answers,” said Jada. “I definitely believe you and I, we never thought we would make it back.”

After noting they’ve been together for 25 years, they both joked, “We ride together, we die together, Bad Marriage for life.”

The episode quickly took over the top trends on Twitter, as viewers reacted with some pretty choice memes, reaction GIFs and expressed both shock and praise for Jada coming clean.

Here’s what people are saying on social media:

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FG announces zamfara a restricted air space



FG announces Zamfara a restricted air space, orders huge military deployment.

The Nigerian government has forced a restricted air space in Zamfara as a feature of endeavors to handle the security challenges in the state.

As indicated by The Cable, the National Security Adviser (NSA), Babagana Monguno uncovered on Tuesday, March 2, that President Muhammadu Buhari has restricted mining exercises in Zamfara to stop the rising instability.

He said the president had requested the service of protection to convey a huge military and insight resources for reestablish routineness in the state. The Nation detailed that they requested the military to recover all regions heavily influenced by desperados, radicals.

Monguno said:

“We can no longer avoid to lose lives while operating within the legalities. We are not going to blackmailed . The government has the responsibility to assert its will.

“Citizens can reside wherever they want to reside . Anybody who is a criminal should be brought to book.”

The security adviser stated that the president also warned against ethnic profiling.Zamfara state has recorded a few assaults by bandits.The new incident included the grabbing of many young ladies from the Government Girls Secondary School in Jangebe, Talatu-Mafara nearby government zone of the state.

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Igboho promises a protest if his accounts are not released



Self-acclaimed political dissident, Mr. Sunday Adeyemo, otherwise called Sunday Igboho, on Tuesday, blamed the Federal Government for freezing his financial assets, following his assault on the fulani herdsmen in Oyo State.

Igboho, who addressed Vanguard, affirmed that all his financial asset have been frozen by the Federal Government since certain individuals were gathering donations.

Nonetheless, Igboho said he had no hands in the said donations, cautioning that his records should be released to dodge protest by young people across the South-West area.

His words: “They have frozen my bank accounts because I am fighting a just course.

I know Yoruba people are behind me.“I will not relent. I must achieve my aims by putting an end to criminalities in Yorubaland.

“If they refuse to release my accounts, there will be serious protests across the South-West.

“Yes, the Yoruba are living in fear. They are afraid that the killer-herdsmen might attack them.

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IGP adamu retires



Adamu enrolled in the Police Force on February 2, 1986.

The IGP who will turn 60 on September 17, was appointed IGP in January 2019. He has gone through two years in office.

Three Deputy Inspectors-General of Police (DIGs) and 10 Assistant Inspectors-General of Police (AIGs) are additionally due for retirement with him today.

It is accepted that there is a mission to broaden Adamu’s residency.

However, some have contended against such expansion, since it would negate the arrangements of the Police Act 2020 that fixes the retirement of cops at 60 years old or 35 years of administration.

Section 18(8) of the new Act states: “Every police officer shall, on recruitment or appointment, serve in the Nigeria Police Force for 35 years or until the age of 60 years, whichever is earlier.”

The Act provides for a tenure of four years for the Inspector General of Police.

Section 7, subsection 2 of the Act provides that: “The person to be appointed as Inspector General of Police shall be a senior police officer not below the rank of Assistant Inspector General of Police with the requisite academic qualification of not less than a first degree or its equivalent, in addition to professional or management experience.”

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