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Omah Lay vs Laycon: Thoughts On Who Deserves The ‘Next Rated’ Award



2020 has been a year full of ups and downs but one major up it did bring is the enlightenment of one of the brightest stars in the music industry right now in Omah Lay. Another major up the year has brought is the unexpected rise of BBN Season 5 winner, Laycon.

By now, if you do not know either of the aforementioned individuals or musicians or online personalities, then it’s either you just choose to live in an ET world of yours or you are just playing dumb (which is a more likely option).

Omah Lay, the rhythmic and smooth singer blew up in May upon the release of his debut EP, “Get Layd” while Laycon got mainstream recognition as a contestant, turned eventual winner of the Big Brother Naija show.

To Laycon’s credit, he did release an EP before his entry into the house, titled “Who Is Laycon?”. Both EPs got positive reviews from fans and critics.

The Headies Awards 2020 however have opened that spot again for the yearly argument on who should go home with the ‘Next Rated’ award. The award show organisers have called for submission of music related works form artistes and their click and this has sprung up the debate on who should win the ‘Next Rated’ award.

The ‘Next Rated’ award is set up basically for the year’s breakout talents musically speaking. Likely nominees should be: Oxlade, Bella Shmurda, Omah Lay and (by recent debate) Laycon.

But the two prospect that have caught fans are Omah Lay and Laycon, bringing all sorts of reasoning on who should be the winner for this year’s award.

I won’t be picking a side but I will just try to highlight major achievements and who I THINK might win the category at the end of the day. Let’s start with Omah Lay.

Omah Lay
Major Release:
– Get Layd EP
• Major Recognition / Award:
– Debut African Rising Artist on Apple
BET Amplified International Artist for November; Signed to Warner Music
– AFRIMMA nominee for ‘Best New Comer’
Major Collaboration:
– “Damn” remix with 6lack
– “Infinity” with Olamide
– “Pami” with Wizkid, Adekunle Gold & Dj Tunez
• Top Songs:
– Damn
– Ye Ye Ye
– Bad Influence

Major Release:
– Who Is Laycon? EP
Major Recognition / Award:
– BBN Season 5 winner
OPPO and Orijin brand and ambassadorial deals
Major Collaboration:
– “Nobody” Icon remix with DJ Neptune
– “Fierce” with Reminisce
Top Songs:
– Fierce
– HipHop
– Who Is Laycon?

Judging by their individual accolades and accomplishments so far, it is easy to ascertain who has done more on the music scene in 2020 and that would be no other than Omah Lay but judging by who has got more achieved outside the music scene and quite alright to say who has secured the bag, then it would definitely be Laycon.

Since the argument is on who deserves to be ‘Next Rated’ artiste for the year 2020, my choice would be Omah Lay and that will be because before his EP he was almost unknown and with little to no promo or co-signs from any major A-list or even B-list artiste.

Yes on Laycon’s part, no one obviously knew him before the BBN show, but on getting there, from his appearance outfit to his PR, he was set on promoting the hell out himself and his craft – his music – and that he successfully did; in less three two months of being on the show, his EP gained over 1 million streams and that can be traced to the fact that he was always on our screens for over 12 weeks and his relateable personality.

On Omah Lay’s part, his EP only had two options, Make It or Break It but thankfully, the former was the case and unlike Laycon he wasn’t on our screens that often and with the volume of music released daily, his could have easily got swallowed by the wave but no, it stood the test of time, becoming fans favourite and that is solely the reason I’m picking him to be the likely winner.

But let’s not forget the fact, Laycon won the very much competitive BBN and going by that, the ‘Next Rated’ is open to voting so it won’t be easy for Laycon to loose as we already saw by the wide margin in voting for the BBN reality show.

Note it’s just my verdict and any of them might turn up to be eventual winners or even might not win, only time can tell.

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Drake delays ‘Certified Lover Boy’ release date



The Boy, Drizzy Drake has come to confirm his January set release date for his sixth studio-album — ‘Certified Lover Boy’ (CLB) — is being pushed till further notice.

Official statement released by Drake via his IG Stories says: “I was planning to release my album but between surgery and rehab my energy has been dedicated to rehab.”

He further clarifies his stance on dropping CLB this year, “I’m looking forward to sharing it with you all in 2021.”

Drake who had a surgery on his knee late October 2020, has been seen keeping himself busy with studio time and vacation on a Carribean Island in December was expected to drop CLB album in January 2021 as he disclosed on the ending black screen of his last music video – “Cry Now, Laugh Later” but with recent developments, fans would have to wait longer than expected.

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“We need a full national 24 hours lockdown on Valentine’s Day” — Timini Egbuson



Nigerian actor and recipient of the “Best Actor in a Drama” award at the 2020 Africa Magic Viewer’s Choice Awards (AMVCA), the 7th edition — Timini Egbuson pleads with the government to impose a full-day lockdown on February 14, otherwise known as Valentine’s Day.

Timini, who is mostly type-cast for the bad boy and ladies man role in his movies, wrote on his official Twitter page: “We need a full national 24 hours lockdown on Valentine’s Day.”

Lately the trend setting the tone for online relationships and the PDA that comes with it has the tag – “His View / My View” and vice versa, so it is only expected that February 14, known as a public holiday for lovers to showcase affection for eachother will only bring more of such trends and the drama that comes with but according to Timini, he feels there is no need for such as he asks for a 24-hour lockdown on Valentine’s Day.

Although not giving apt reasons for such demands, Timini ended the tweet with the words: “This thing don dey spread too much.” probably alluding to the widespread of Covid-19 or what I will tag ‘The Lover’s Syndrome’ which basically gave birth to the aforementioned trend.

Many quite agree with Timini and his stance as can be seen in the following replies:

While some question his motive behind such demands and why he insists it must be on Valentine’s Day, others, especially female fans are fully against his wish, stating he his just trying to block them from receiving their usual gifts on Valentine’s Day and getting cozzy with their lovers.

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Laycon stars on DJ Jimmy Jatt ‘Jimmy Jumpoff’ with stellar rap performance



Nigerian rapper and 2020 Big Brother Naija winner – Laycon – is the guest act on this year’s edition of legendary DJ, Jimmy Jatt on his annual show — Jimmy Jumpoff and he did come with the heat, spitting bars and rapping on topical issues to capture his fans and listeners attention.

Laycon who freestyled over “No Stress” instrumentals produced by P2J for Wizkid, off the rip reminded listeners of his main focus right now which his music and his BBN experience.

He also chose to speak against online bullying in his Jimmy Jumpoff freestyle, he raps: “You will never find me trying to bring people down because I’m on top of my sh-t” he says on one verse, “We can’t use keyboard for likes and retweet to make people feel bad, because people take life, let’s be real my guy, let this give you life, you’re death too to a lot of people, you take [their] life” he raps on another, he continues “That’s why you see a lot of RIP post” he concludes.

Reflecting on the October 20, 2020 Lekki massacre and the ill of Nigerian government, Laycon pictures: “The dead is resting like [the] government, the government is sleeping ’cause, I’m riding through the Toll Gate for free, then I think, took a lot of gunshots for that to happen.”

Thanking God on his journey thus far, Laycon says: “I told you that my life is like a movie and God is the real star, me, I’m just a co-star. My life is like a ruby and God is the real treasure, I’m just the real pressure.”

You can catch Laycon’s stellar rap performance on DJ Jimmy Jatt Jimmy Jumpoff below:

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