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Omah Lay and Tems “are to be released and the case is resolved”, Mr Eazi clarifies



Nigerian singers Omah Lay and Tems have been unjustly arrested, taken into custody and made to appear before the court all within a period of three days in Uganda after the concert they performed at was deemed a violation of Covid-19 rules in Uganda.

This has called a lot uproar and concern regarding their safety and health among Nigerians with many speaking up and asking the Ugandan Police Force and president to free them using the #FreeOmahLay, #FreeTems and #FreeOmahLayandTems hashtags all over their social media platforms especially Twitter.

Many Nigerian celebrities have also used their voice and platforms to push the movement and call for all Nigerian personalities involved in the arrest which took place on Sunday. It seems goodnews have come afterall as Mr Eazi tweeted these words: “Pleased to hear that My brothers and sisters are to be released & the case is resolved, Big love to everyone who worked on this & Special thanks to @adoniaayebare & The Government of Uganda, Chief Of Justice In Uganda 🙏🏿. African relations must keep fostering strong!”

He sent out the tweet tagging the Ambassador and Permanent of Uganda to the United Nations — Adonai Ayebare — so there’s every reason to believe Mr Eazi is speaking from a verified source although no other media platforms or the artistes managements involved (Omah Lay and Tems) have spoken as at the time of writing.

Speaking further on the ongoing issue, Mr Eazi imploys show organisers and event planners to always stick to governmental rules and regulations before taking major steps; as he aslo called on the government to look into the creative sector “holistically” because in his words; “African creatives get little or no support, for the soft power & amount of jobs created.”

Until we see the singers home and in good condition, we can be sure we (Nigerians) will not stop clamouring for their release.

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Man sentenced to 12 strokes of cane for stealing



A dealer recognized as Abdullahi Sani was condemned to 12 strokes of cane on Friday, for taking a cellphone worth N35,000.

The police charged Sani, who lives in Mabloba, Gwarinpa Estate, Abuja with robbery. He argued not guilty.

The Judge, Gambo Garba, said that the light discipline was on the grounds that Sani saved the court from prolonged trial.Garba trusted that the discipline would fill in as a warning yo other people.

Prior, the indictment counsel, Chinedu Ogada, told the court that Sani submitted the offense on February 8 at 1 early afternoon.

He said that Sani went to Road 321 shop 9, corner shop third Gwarinpa, Abuja and took a Tecno telephone esteemed N35,000 belonging Una Joseph.

He said that the police collected the telephone from Sani during an examination and the confession booth explanation. The examiner said that the offense repudiated the arrangements of Section 288 of the Penal Code.

Ogada asked the court to attempt the litigant immediately under Section 347 of the Administration of Criminal Justices Act, 2015, following his confirmation of blame.

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Tweep accuses Burna Boy’s convoy of hitting his car while Burna Boy drove away and told him to “f–k off”



Burna Boy and controversy always seem to have this love-hate relationship with one another. This time around, Burna Boy is not getting in trobule with the law, a colleague or a close associate, neither is he being accused of being unfaithful but this might just be the lowest of lows if proven to be true.

Burna Boy for GQ.|PC:

Burna Boy, this time around, is being accused by a fellow civilian, who until now might have remained anonymous to the world but present matters will have his case being heard and judged by thousands, if not millions of people. Burna Boy’s accuser is simply known by his Twitter username – @Iamsilvar (who for the sake of this write up will be simply called — Silvar) or his display name – Duke of Lagos, for disobeying traffic laws and not only that, hitting Silvar’s car without acknowledging his wrongs but instead choosing to stay ignorant and blatantly cursing the civilian.

A picture of @Iamsilvar; his display picture from his Twitter account.

Silvar in the thread of tweets he put out, late Saturday night, wrote about his encounter with Burna Boy and his convoy at Lekki Phase 1, Lagos, Nigeria around 8:15 PM yesterday night (Saturday). He accused one of Burna Boy’s convoy of hitting his car amidst the traffic line; according to Silvar’s report, he was patiently waiting for the traffic light to turn green before he moved his car — a Kia Rio 2008 Model — until one of Burna Boy’s convoy bashed his car and sped off.

He also mentioned, while he was waiting for the traffic light to turn green, Burna Boy and his convoy or as Silvar puts it in of of his write-up – “Burna boys” – kept blaring their horn, honking at the highest volume (we assume), urging him (Silvar) to move away but there was not a chance he could do so as he was stuck up in traffic, waiting for the greenlight to move his car just like the others, but Burna Boy and his convoy were impatient and as such bashed his car by the driver’s door and sped off, acting like they did not know the wrong they had done.

Silvar managed to record some video footage which he shared accordingly of him chasing Burna Boy and his convoy. (Although it was already dark at night, so we cannot affirm the recording as we could not facially recognise Burna Boy in the recording.)

While trying to get Burna Boy to acknowledge the wrongful actions of his men, Silvar said Burna Boy told him to “f–k off”. He also shared a video where he was being threatened by one of the supposed Burna Boy’s convoy, a man in a car in the front of Silvar’s, told his colleagues in the other vehicle behind his and beside Silvar’s Kia Rio to “Enter him” i.e. to enter Silvar but Silvar drew the line in the chase and had to slow down a bit for his own safety.

Silvar also shared how Burna Boy irrationally acted during the incident, instead of apologising, he threw money at boys who were chasing his vehicle, probably in a bid to form a disguise and totally avoid Silvar, which he did, him and his convoy, by quickly escaping into a very private and secure estate – Vintage Park Estate – in the Lekki Phase 1 axis which Silvar admitted he had no permit to enter.

Silvar who said he is just an automobile mechanic, posted the video and the whole event report in a bid for Burna Boy to admit his wrongs, apologize and probably help in the repair of his bashed car (although he didn’t mention the latter).

Silvar’s bashed Kia Rio 2008 Model|PC: @Iamsilvar (Twitter).

You can read and watch Silvar, @Iamsilvar firsthand report of the incident via his Twitter account below:

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Nigeria is now 2nd most corrupt west african nation



Nigeria now second most degenerate West African country on corruption file

Nigeria has dropped to 149 on Transparency International’s 2020 Corruption Perception Index to turn into the second most corrupt country in West Africa, scoring 25 out of 100 focuses.

This shows that defilement in the nation has deteriorated as it is the most noticeably awful positioning Nigeria has gotten in two years.

Nigeria follows Guinea Bissau who completed on 165 as the most bad country in the sub-locale scoring 19 focuses.

Individual African nations Somalia and South Sudan are seen as the most bad countries on earth.

Of the 49 nations evaluated in Sub-Saharan Africa, just 12 are more bad than Nigeria.

They are Zimbabwe, Chad, Eritrea, Burundi, Congo, Guinea Bissau, Democratic Republic of Congo, Libya, Equatorial Guinea, Sudan, Somalia and South Sudan. Both Somalia and South Sudan.

The report clarifies that the COVID-19 pandemic made underlying holes in public medical care frameworks, debasement hazards related with public acquirement and the misappropriation of emergency reserves.

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