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Megans Thee Stallion Opens Up About The July Shooting Incident In Interview With GQ



In a recent interview with GQ, which had sensational and groundbreaking act of the year, Megan Thee Stallion being named “GQ Rapper Of The Year”, not only for her chart topping song in “Savage” or the remix with the Queen Bee herself, Beyonce but also for her involvement in pop culture, black lives movements and activisim, jaw breaking endorsement deals and many more.

On the music and business side of things, Megan Thee Stallion looks to be doing extraordinarily excellent, never being silent for longer than expected, as tabloids never get tired of airing her news but one very unfortunate incident, Hot Girl Meg would have wished never happened was the gun shot incident which resulted in her foot getting injured.

In the interview with GQ she revealed at the instance of her getting shot and being approached by the police officers, she told them it was a cut as she did not want to get profiled or be a victim of police brutality due to protests being very high at that time and Black Lives Movements against police brutality still at its prime.

She also revealed it was Tory Lanez who did the detestable act of pulling the trigger on her. Before entering the vehicle, she revealed her guts told her not but due to her phone being dead, she could not order a ride and was eventually persuaded to join the crew in the SUV.

The most jarring thing happened after the incident, she says Tory Lanez did offer her money to keep her mouth shut regarding the incident, but she turned down the ugly offer, she says: “[At this point] I’m really scared . . .“because this is like right in the middle of all the protesting. Police are just killing everybody for no reason, and I’m thinking, ‘I can’t believe you even think I want to take some money. Like, you just shot me.’

On people trusting their guts or opinions on very important and cogent matters, she had this to say: “Always trust your first mind.” Because as she opened up, she should have trusted her guts as she was not feeling the ambiance that night; although not getting into specifics and who-is-who, she revealed a form of arguement had erupted and she wanted to have nothing to do with it, hence the reason for her opting out of the ride in the first instance.

She further opens up she got shot for no reason just bare minutes away from her house, in her words: “Like, I never put my hands on nobody.” “I barely even said anything to the man who shot me when I was walking away. We were literally like five minutes away from the house.”

Although the rapper accused of shooting her has since come out to deny all allegations, even releasing an entire album in self-defence over the issue, Megan has stood her ground on the incident and her claims as such, using the ugly scenario to advocate for proper treatment of black women.

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Court convicts 20 yr old over group sex video



Court convicts 20-year-old over group sex video in Imo An Imo State Magistrate Court, sitting at Umundugba, Isu nearby government region of the state, has indicted a 20-year-old school leaver, Peter Nwoke, for being the genius of a recreated bunch sex video that as of late circulated around the web, supposedly including the state’s Public Complaints Commissioner, Chief Willie Amadi.

Giving a realistic record of what befell the Magistrate, His Worship, C. P. Nnoromele, in suit number MCI/2C/2021, the Prosecutor, Mr Okereke Chikodi, said that not long after getting a conventional grievance from Chief Willie Amadi, the Commissioner of Police set up a break group of analysts to pursue the individuals behind the supposed wrongdoing.

As per the Prosecutor, after a careful examination by the analysts, Peter Nwoke was captured and he unreservedly made a confession booth explanation to the police.

Mr Nwoke was, according to the charge sheet, accused of “defamation of character, an offence punishable under Section 373 of Criminal Code, Cap C38 Laws of the Federation 2004, as applicable in Imo State”.

At the point when the issue was called up in court Tuesday, January 19, 2021, and the charge read out to the blamed individual, he conceded to the charge The denounced, in his confession booth proclamation at the police headquarters, which he similarly rehashed in court, reviewed how he picked a cell phone at Owerri and left for his place in Isu neighborhood government territory of the state.

Nwoke likewise reviewed that daily in the wake of picking the telephone and controlled it, he got a call from a man who presented himself as Barr. Willie Amadi, saying that he was the proprietor of the telephone he was holding

His words: “I asked him to come to Umuogbor Isuobishi, Isunjaba in Isu LGA to collect the phone and he came, collected and gave me N40,000.

“Before then, I had transferred some information from his phone to mine, which included pictures he took in a swimming pool.

“When he left, greed and the devil came into me. I thought I should make more money from him. Seeing his car and realizing that he is a big man, I decided to superimpose one of his pictures on a sex background to force him to negotiate a settlement with me.

“When I called him severally, and he did not pick my calls, I became angry and decided to send the pictures out through the internet.

“Three days after, I was at a joint with some people, when the police arrested me. I confessed to the act at the police station because I did not know that what I did will bring such a big problem to me.

“I begged him to forgive me and promised not to do such a thing again.”

The Magistrate, subsequent to tuning in with riveted consideration, to the arraignment and the request of blame by the charged individual, seen him as liable of criticism under Section 373 of Criminal Code, Cap C38 Laws of the Federation 2004 as pertinent in Imo state.

The blamed was accordingly indicted and condemned to one-year detainment, which the directing Magistrate stated, “would to fill in as a hindrance to other youngsters, who might be stringing on such devious way”.

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Omah Lay and Tems “are to be released and the case is resolved”, Mr Eazi clarifies



Nigerian singers Omah Lay and Tems have been unjustly arrested, taken into custody and made to appear before the court all within a period of three days in Uganda after the concert they performed at was deemed a violation of Covid-19 rules in Uganda.

This has called a lot uproar and concern regarding their safety and health among Nigerians with many speaking up and asking the Ugandan Police Force and president to free them using the #FreeOmahLay, #FreeTems and #FreeOmahLayandTems hashtags all over their social media platforms especially Twitter.

Many Nigerian celebrities have also used their voice and platforms to push the movement and call for all Nigerian personalities involved in the arrest which took place on Sunday. It seems goodnews have come afterall as Mr Eazi tweeted these words: “Pleased to hear that My brothers and sisters are to be released & the case is resolved, Big love to everyone who worked on this & Special thanks to @adoniaayebare & The Government of Uganda, Chief Of Justice In Uganda 🙏🏿. African relations must keep fostering strong!”

He sent out the tweet tagging the Ambassador and Permanent of Uganda to the United Nations — Adonai Ayebare — so there’s every reason to believe Mr Eazi is speaking from a verified source although no other media platforms or the artistes managements involved (Omah Lay and Tems) have spoken as at the time of writing.

Speaking further on the ongoing issue, Mr Eazi imploys show organisers and event planners to always stick to governmental rules and regulations before taking major steps; as he aslo called on the government to look into the creative sector “holistically” because in his words; “African creatives get little or no support, for the soft power & amount of jobs created.”

Until we see the singers home and in good condition, we can be sure we (Nigerians) will not stop clamouring for their release.

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Omah Lay and Tems get charged to court in Uganda for violating Covid-19 rules (update on arrest situation)



Omah Lay and Tems were reported to have been arrested by authorities of the Ugandan Police Force yesterday in relations to hosting a concert which put a lot of people at risking of contracting the Covid-19 disease, a concert which was also reported by the Ugandan Police Force to have violated their ‘no public events/shows’ policy due to the ongoing pandemic.

The most recent update from the Ugandan Police Force official Twitter account reads: “The Nigerian trio of Stanley Omah Didia alias Omah Lay, Temilade Openyi alias Tems and Muyiwa Awomiyi have been charged to court in Makindye on charges of Negligently doing acts likely to spread an infectious diseases C/S 171 of the Penal Code Act.”

They also reported that the bonds paid for the release of parties involved did not go through and at such all three persons — Omah Lay, Tems, Muyiwa Awomiyi — would be charged to court this week Wednesday.

An unofficial source via the internet reports Nigerian authorities tried to intervene but their request were not granted (this source was not confirmed though as at the time of writing this article).

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