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Many Shocked As Snake Handler Is Seen Takings His Huge Python For A Walk In Centre City (Video)



Concerned locals called the police when the python was seen in The Lanes shopping district in Brighton, East Sussex. 

The snake handler was quizzed by cops after taking his reptile for a walk. Credit: Mercury Press

A snake handler was stopped and quizzed by police officers while taking his 12-foot python for a walk. 

The smiling reptile owner was spotted with the huge pet snake by terrified shoppers.

The snake handler was quizzed by cops after taking his reptile for a walk

Concerned locals called the police when the python was seen in The Lanes shopping district in Brighton, East Sussex.

Two policewomen then confronted the man and persuaded him to take the reticulated python home on Tuesday afternoon.

Erik Selby, 30, caught the bizarre incident on camera after hearing the disturbance from his office.

In the video, the snake can be seen sprawled across the pavement with its head leaning against a window next to its owner.


The two police officers encourage the man to remove the creature from the street, with the man arguing back that his pet is “content” where it is.

Eventually, he is persuaded to take the python away by the officers and he walks away from the camera with the huge animal wrapped around his neck.

The man and his friend are thought to have been intending to film the snake for their YouTube channel where they post videos of reptiles in unusual places.

Two police officers stopped the young man and his snake in Brighton, East Sussex, on TuesdayCredit: Mercury Press

Businessman Erik said: “It was really surprising to see.

“There was a lot of commotion and somebody said something about a snake, but I thought they meant a tiny snake.

“I had seen a big yellow thing on the floor, but it didn’t even cross my mind that it was a snake at first.

“I went as close as I could, and I was suddenly like that’s the snake.”

One person said on Facebook: “If you see this idiot in Brighton, make sure you tell him what he’s doing to that snake is cruel.

“Reptiles require heat to digest their food correctly and if they don’t get the correct heating it can lead to serious health problems. Mug.”

But Erik, a video production company owner, added: “The man was arguing ‘how is this different to walking a dog?’

“The officers didn’t answer back to that. They kept encouraging him to take the snake home.

“They were as baffled as anyone else.

“They were saying how it was an interesting end to a shift.”

A Sussex Police spokesman said: “Police were called to Ship Street in Brighton at 2.35pm on Tuesday (September 29), following concern for the welfare of a large snake that was being carried in the street.

“It was reported that the snake had been dropped to the ground and being used for filming with people being invited to hold it.

“The young man with the snake agreed to return it to his car and was escorted back to his vehicle.”


Source: The Sun UK

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Army admits to firing live rounds at the Lekki toll gate incident



The Nigerian armed force has conceded that soldiers took live bullets to the Lekki toll gate.

As indicated by The PUNCH, the Commander of 81 Military Intelligence Brigade, Victoria Island, Lagos, Brigadier General Ahmed Taiwo, has clarified that Phase Four of military inner security activity, which was conveyed at the Lekki toll gate on the night October 20, included the utilization of both live and clear ammo.

He said the troopers took live projectiles to the scene with the end goal of self defence .

Taiwo said a segment of the soldiers that worked at the toll gate on that night were to be sure equipped with live shots. He, nonetheless, kept up that lone officers with clear bullets discharged shots into the air. The overall expressed this on Saturday at the continued procedures of the Lagos State Judicial Panel of Inquiry examining the supposed killing of #EndSARS dissidents at the Lekki toll gate evening of October 20 by soldiers.

Taiwo, who had prior made an introduction before the board with regards to the Nigerian Army on November 14, returned on Saturday for questioning by two guidance for #EndSARS dissenters, Messrs Adeyinka Olumide-Fusika (SAN) and Mr Adesina Ogunlana.

When Olumide-Fusika asked Taiwo if soldiers who went to the tollgate carried guns, Taiwo said, “When you are talking of guns, you are talking about high-calibre guns. They were carrying rifles; not guns.”

On further pressing by Olumide-Fusika, Taiwo added, “Definitely, a portion of the Force will carry live bullets, in case they are attacked.

But the soldiers that formed the firing team, who fired, used blank bullets. And that is why you watched the video and saw exactly what happened.” Also, under cross-examination by Ogunlana, Taiwo explained that in Phase Four military internal security operation “soldiers would be given both live and blank bullets.” He said, “In this particular case, we saw that the peaceful protest had been infiltrated by hoodlums.

They were peaceful protesters, no doubt, but there were also hoodlums who sought to take advantage, that was why they were armed with blank bullets in addition with live bullets.”

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APC considering Jonathan as Buhari’s predecessor



A report claims legislators in the APC are now attempting to find an appropriate official competitor for the 2023 political race.

It was announced that an ongoing visit by APC to ex-president, Goodluck Jonathan was partially political.

The visit by the APC lead representatives has again started with rumors about a Jonathan administration in 2023.

An arising report has asserted that the All Progressives Congress (APC) is attempting to persuade a previous president, Goodluck Jonathan, to run for president on its foundation in 2023.

The report which was conveyed by This Day asserted that a few heads of the gathering have been constraining the previous president to think about the offer.

The paper expressed that a source who talked secretly said lead representatives on the foundation of the APC who visited Jonathan to congratulate with him on his 63 birthday commemoration, utilized the event to inconspicuously speak to their official proposition to him.

As indicated by the cases, Buhari’s partners accept that Jonathan would be innocuous to their gathering interest and as such the perfect individual to dominate if control somehow happened to move toward the South.

A source in Buhari’s camp who would not like to be recognized was cited to have stated:

“He handed over power peacefully and nursed no bitterness against anyone and therefore will not be a threat to the interest of the north. In any case, Jonathan has in the past denied any interest in challenging for the administration.

The previous president clarified that he was centered around his foundation.

Then, following the tumults by some geo-political zones to create the following leader of Nigeria, the legislative head of Kogi state, Yahaya Bello, has uncovered the characteristics of who might become President Buhari’s replacement.

Bello when speaking Channels TV on Thursday, November 20, said the PDP’s ambition to take back power is a “lofty dream” and ”castles in the air.”

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Obasanjo congratulates Biden on winning the election



Olusegun Obasanjo congratulated the president elect Joe Biden on his election win .

The previous president said Biden’s triumph additionally had a great impact globally . Obasanjo asked Biden to reestablish the qualities America is known for all around the world Obasanjo in an assertion acquired by on Saturday, November 7 portrayed Biden’s success as a triumph of good over evil.

He said the triumph of the Democratic up-and-comer isn’t only a success for the individuals of America alone, yet in addition a triumph for the vast majority of the world.


The previous president encouraged the duly elected president to reestablish trust in the part of America as an advertiser of world harmony, security, dependability, and progress.

He said:

I felicitate with Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris as the first female Vice-President of the U.S. We in Africa are proud of her success. The first African-American President of the U.S., Barrack Obama, has Kenyan DNA in him and I am reasonably sure that the first African-American female Vice President-Elect of the U.S. will have some Nigerian DNA in her as most of those taken to the Caribbean from Africa went from Nigeria of today.”

Then, the US president-elect, Joe Biden has vowed to be the president for all Americans if they decided in favor of him.

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