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Lockdown 2.0: American and European Countries Gear Up for a New State of Lockdown

The recent insurgence in the rise and spread of this deadly virus is beginning to pose another wave of threats on countries



When it’s all over, infamous virus, Covid19 will be a tale for the records has it as wrecked havoc on a year whose visions have been preached about far and wide, get it, vision 2020?

Okay, jokes apart, corona virus has been the trend of the year, starting to gain traction in late December of last year, 99% of the world did not take it serious but fast forward to February of 2020, the virus declared itself on a very grand scale.

Though the damage the Covid19 virus has caused seemed to have taken a backtrack as relaxation of curfews and lockdown started to take place in June of this year after months of stay indoors order by government of various countries around the globe and regular day-to-day activities began to take place.

The recent insurgence in the rise and spread of this deadly virus is beginning to pose another wave of threats on countries especially those of American and European origins as talks for a second trend of lockdown is taking place.

Now with over 46 million confirmed cases and 1.2 million recorded deaths, countries that the virus have hit the most like United States of America, France, United Kingdom and Italy have all imposed or are preparing for a countrywide lockdown and movement restrictions allowed only for “essential workers” in order to try curbing this deadly virus.

Government scientists in USA where the virus has the most with over 9.2M cases and 231,000 deaths, have predicted the virus was on track to kill 85,000 people this winter and this sparked a lot concern regarding the deadly virus as the country brace up for another lockdown

Austria, Ireland, France already have tapped into the wave and imposed a lockdown beginning this Monday while England is also expected to announce a fresh stay at home order anytime soon.

Germany are also expected to announce a new lockdown order soon and the country with the most cases per capita, Belgium will be expected to announce the news of the new lockdown by Monday.

News of this new imposed of order of virus have caused riots and violence across countries affected by it. Cities in Italy and Prague have already witnessed destruction of properties as rioters took to the street to express their feelings regarding the news; other citizens of affected countries are more concerned about the economic and social impact this lockdown 2.0 will bring into existence as they already have a taste of what it feels like to stay at home for over 3 months.

Spanish protesters struck out en masse to riot, loot and vandalize properties in some parts of the country; Argentinian prisoners reportedly are showing frustrations over the fact that no one is allowed visit into jails during this new imposed lockdown.

Winter is drawing near, so is the festivities of Christmas and others are worried on how they and their loved ones will be affected if this new order of lockdown is allowed to linger for longer than expected.

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COVID-19: Germany records 1million cases



Germany hits million infection cases as immunization question arises.

Germany, when an encouraging sign in Europe’s Covid nightmare, logged its one millionth case on Friday, as questions arose over exactly how much assurance is offered by one of the main immunization candidates.

Like a significant part of the mainland, Germany is fighting a resurgence of a pandemic that gives little indication of withdrawing before the arrival of a few driving immunizations.

However, the engineers of one of the punches, British pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca, said Thursday that further examination was required after blended outcomes were delivered in a late-stage preliminary.

The confusion came as a large number of Americans assembled for Thanksgiving in disobedience of Covid-19 rules, notwithstanding the US enlisting a six-month high of in excess of 2,400 passings.

Germany had to a great extent contained the spread of the infection in the spring however has been hit hard by a second flood of diseases.

Its Robert Koch Institute for infectious prevention recorded in excess of 22,000 new day by day cases on Friday, pushing the nation’s absolute past the 1,000,000 imprint.

The quantity of Covid-19 patients in serious consideration cross country has taken off from a little more than 360 toward the beginning of October to in excess of 3,500 a week ago.

Europe’s greatest economy has covered cafés, bars, donning offices and social scenes, however schools and shops stay open. In any case, the principles will be briefly facilitated over Christmas and New Year to oblige the festivals, permitting gatherings of up to 10 grown-ups from December 23 to New Year’s Day.

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Breaking: Bitcoin crosses $19,000 for the first time since December 2017




The pioneer digital coin broke above the critical resistance of $19,000 for the first time in nearly three years. At the time of writing, BTC/USD is changing hands at $18,980. 

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APC considering Jonathan as Buhari’s predecessor



A report claims legislators in the APC are now attempting to find an appropriate official competitor for the 2023 political race.

It was announced that an ongoing visit by APC to ex-president, Goodluck Jonathan was partially political.

The visit by the APC lead representatives has again started with rumors about a Jonathan administration in 2023.

An arising report has asserted that the All Progressives Congress (APC) is attempting to persuade a previous president, Goodluck Jonathan, to run for president on its foundation in 2023.

The report which was conveyed by This Day asserted that a few heads of the gathering have been constraining the previous president to think about the offer.

The paper expressed that a source who talked secretly said lead representatives on the foundation of the APC who visited Jonathan to congratulate with him on his 63 birthday commemoration, utilized the event to inconspicuously speak to their official proposition to him.

As indicated by the cases, Buhari’s partners accept that Jonathan would be innocuous to their gathering interest and as such the perfect individual to dominate if control somehow happened to move toward the South.

A source in Buhari’s camp who would not like to be recognized was cited to have stated:

“He handed over power peacefully and nursed no bitterness against anyone and therefore will not be a threat to the interest of the north. In any case, Jonathan has in the past denied any interest in challenging for the administration.

The previous president clarified that he was centered around his foundation.

Then, following the tumults by some geo-political zones to create the following leader of Nigeria, the legislative head of Kogi state, Yahaya Bello, has uncovered the characteristics of who might become President Buhari’s replacement.

Bello when speaking Channels TV on Thursday, November 20, said the PDP’s ambition to take back power is a “lofty dream” and ”castles in the air.”

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