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Lockdown 2.0: American and European Countries Gear Up for a New State of Lockdown

The recent insurgence in the rise and spread of this deadly virus is beginning to pose another wave of threats on countries



When it’s all over, infamous virus, Covid19 will be a tale for the records has it as wrecked havoc on a year whose visions have been preached about far and wide, get it, vision 2020?

Okay, jokes apart, corona virus has been the trend of the year, starting to gain traction in late December of last year, 99% of the world did not take it serious but fast forward to February of 2020, the virus declared itself on a very grand scale.

Though the damage the Covid19 virus has caused seemed to have taken a backtrack as relaxation of curfews and lockdown started to take place in June of this year after months of stay indoors order by government of various countries around the globe and regular day-to-day activities began to take place.

The recent insurgence in the rise and spread of this deadly virus is beginning to pose another wave of threats on countries especially those of American and European origins as talks for a second trend of lockdown is taking place.

Now with over 46 million confirmed cases and 1.2 million recorded deaths, countries that the virus have hit the most like United States of America, France, United Kingdom and Italy have all imposed or are preparing for a countrywide lockdown and movement restrictions allowed only for “essential workers” in order to try curbing this deadly virus.

Government scientists in USA where the virus has the most with over 9.2M cases and 231,000 deaths, have predicted the virus was on track to kill 85,000 people this winter and this sparked a lot concern regarding the deadly virus as the country brace up for another lockdown

Austria, Ireland, France already have tapped into the wave and imposed a lockdown beginning this Monday while England is also expected to announce a fresh stay at home order anytime soon.

Germany are also expected to announce a new lockdown order soon and the country with the most cases per capita, Belgium will be expected to announce the news of the new lockdown by Monday.

News of this new imposed of order of virus have caused riots and violence across countries affected by it. Cities in Italy and Prague have already witnessed destruction of properties as rioters took to the street to express their feelings regarding the news; other citizens of affected countries are more concerned about the economic and social impact this lockdown 2.0 will bring into existence as they already have a taste of what it feels like to stay at home for over 3 months.

Spanish protesters struck out en masse to riot, loot and vandalize properties in some parts of the country; Argentinian prisoners reportedly are showing frustrations over the fact that no one is allowed visit into jails during this new imposed lockdown.

Winter is drawing near, so is the festivities of Christmas and others are worried on how they and their loved ones will be affected if this new order of lockdown is allowed to linger for longer than expected.

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Trump finally leaves the White House



At long last, Donald Trump goes out US President, Donald Trump, Wednesday left the White House to finishing his residency.

He was spotted leaving with his wife, Melania, from the grass of the White House.

The President elect Joe Biden will quickly be introduced as the 46th American President.

His inaugural speech will not be about Trump, according to Biden’s Spokesperson, Jen Psaki.

He said: Joe Biden’s first speech as president will not be about Donald Trump.

“We spend a lot less time talking about and thinking about and worrying about Donald Trump than I think most people assume,” Jen Psaki, who will be the White House press secretary,speaking to CNN.

“This is a forward-looking speech,” she said of the inaugural address, which Biden will deliver after he is sworn in at noon (1700 GMT).”

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Ex Minister kuye dies at 78



Ex Minister of Commerce and Industry, Sen. Jubril Martins-Kuye, on Sunday morning passed on, matured 78.

The clergyman’s political godson, Sen. Lekan Mustapha, representing Ogun East senatorial region in the Senate, affirmed his demise.

Sen. Mustapha portrayed the demise of Martins-Kuye as stunning, saying he was a mentor as well as a pathfinder.

As per reports, the previous clergyman would be buried by 4.00 p.m. on Sunday as per Islamic customs.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the lawmaker was delegated Minister of State for Finance in June 1999 during the initial term of President Olusegun Obasanjo, serving until June 2003.

The at that point Acting President Goodluck Jonathan additionally designated him as Minister of Commerce and Industry on April 6, 2010.

Late Martins-Kuye was brought into the world on August 1942 in Ago Iwoye town in Ijebu North nearby government zone of Ogun state.

He was an individual from the Social Democratic Party (SDP) under the foundation of which he was chosen a congressperson in the Nigerian Third Republic.

Martins-Kuye turned into an individual from the United Nigeria Congress Party (UNCP) towards the end of the Sani Abacha system.

He likewise ran for governorship of Ogun on the foundation of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) in 1999.

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Talibans shoot Afghan TV presenter dead



Gunmen shoot Afghan TV female presenter dead .

Taliban shoots dead a female anchorperson and her driver on Thursday, her boss stated, the second homicide of a TV personality in Afghanistan in a month.

Malalai Maiwand was murdered in the eastern city of Jalalabad, said Enekaas TV, the private TV station she worked for. Directed killings of noticeable figures, including columnists, priests, legislators and rights activists, have gotten more normal lately as brutality floods in Afghanistan, in spite of harmony talks between the public authority and the Taliban.

Attaullah Khogyani, governor of the Nangarhar province, and the local clinic affirmed the killings. Nangarhar area and its capital Jalalabad have seen customary conflicts between government powers and the Taliban.

The radical Islamic State bunch has likewise asserted a few destructive assaults in the region.

The homicide of Maiwand, who was in her 20s, comes only weeks after Radio Liberty columnist Aliyas Dayee was killed in a vehicle bomb assault in Lashkar Gah.

Human rights Watch said Dayee had recently been compromised by the Taliban. A previous TV moderator in Kabul, Yama Siawash, was killed in a comparable vehicle bomb assault close to his home a month ago.

No gathering has so far guaranteed these killings. Afghan powers are doing combating an expansion in savagery in the nation, quite a bit of it released by the Taliban as they endeavor to pick up influence in harmony talks in Qatar, which opened in September.

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