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Let’s get intimate! Five importance of oral sex



If you are still in doubt about giving head, below are the 5 importance of oral sex!

1. Improves heart health

This reason right here places oral s*x like an exercise, because it is. Just like normal sex, oral sex reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases such as heart failure.

2. Adds spice to your relationship

Giving or receiving head (oral s*x) is a selfless act because you’re both pleasuring each other one at a time, or simultaneously (69).

This sexual activity is intense and adds flavour to a relationship or situationship or any kind of “ship” you may find yourself in. When regular penetrative sex gets boring and there is no spice, one or the other partner may seek gratification else where.

We all know infidelity breeds resentment.

3. Increases sexual desire

Have you noticed that after you have penetrative intercourse, you lose the desire to indulge again. This is especially true for men, as their ‘joy sticks’ become lifeless after ejaculation.

What better way to bring a lifeless joystick back, than by oral s*x.

4: Glowing, younger looking skin

Having oral sex regularly helps your skin glow, making you look younger, because it allows for the rush of blood underneath your skin which is a natural part of the arousal process.

Oral s*x guarantees blood circulation in the body and it is a fantastic stress reliever.

5: Better immune function

Being sexually active has positive effects however engaging in oral sex improves and boosts immune function.

i.e it lowers the likelihood of coming down with cold or the flu .

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Web3 music streaming platform giving power back to artist Loozr, secure grant from Near Protocol



In an official tweet, web3 music streaming platform, Loozr just announced their partnership with Near Protocol, a climate neutral high speed, and low transaction fee layer-1 blockchain platform, to work on a multi-chain universe for creators and music lovers.

In recent times legacy music streaming services like Spotify and Apple music have being under scrutiny for under paying creative despite riding on their backs to achieve product market fit, a very big problem Loozr wants to solve.

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Mr Eazi proposes to Temi Otedola!



For what seemed like a long while, celebrity power couple—Mr Eazi and Temi Otedola—are finally engaged as Oluwatosin Ajibade better known as Mr Eazi pops the heartwarming “Will you be my wife?” question to his girlfriend of 2 years Temiloluwa Otedola and she responded favourably in the affirmative “Yes” tone.

Fashion mogul and Icon Temi Otedola began dating artiste and music label CEO Mr Eazi in the year 2020 and have been living together ever since in their London apartment, sharing intimate moments, even meeting respective family members. This they’ve both shared in detail on their How Far? With Mr Eazi And Temi Otedola podcast.

Temi announced her engagement by posting the sea-side proposal of Mr Eazi on one knee asking the important question. The video goes by the simple caption of the infinity logo connoting they’re both locked in for life.

Congratulations to Temi Otedola and Mr Eazi!

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FinRik and Gamp partners to offer FREE device protection and repairs to FinRik merchants



Weeks after Gamp got into the Bimalab insurtech accelerator programme (Nigerian edition) along sides companies like Paddy Cover, Izanu, Wella health.

The Lagos based insurtech company has partnered with no-code ecommerce website builder and business management software FinRik Shop to provide free device protection plans and repair support for businesses building on FinRik Shop.

This partnership will help businesses building on FinRik prevent heavy but avoidable device repair or replacement costs.

As perks for building your business on FinRik, you can now get free device protection plan & repair support for your business devices.

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