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It is wrong for a Christian to date before marriage- Nigerian clergyman, Obie Jason, says (video)



It is wrong for a Christian to date before marriage- Nigerian  clergyman, Obie Jason, says (video)

Nigerian clergyman, Obie Jason, has said it is wrong and unbiblical for Christians to date before marriage.

According to him, when you date, you get dirty. He is of the opinion that dating does not in any way reveal the true character of a person and so people should just hit it off by getting married when they meet

Speaking during a sermon, Obie said

”Do you know it is wrong for Christians to date? Someone would get mad but just hold on a little. If you check the scriptures, the first time the bible talked about marriage, there was no dating involved. That was Genesis Chapter 2. The bible said God caused the man to sleep, the man he made Adam and then he took the rib out of his body and then he made the woman and then brought the woman to the man. There was no dating.

You will say it was only one man and one woman. Now, the bible also showed us in the case of Isaac, the son of Abraham when he got married. There was no dating. 

If you read the bible, the new testament which was written for Christians, , you would find out that the only place the bible talked about getting married or preparing for marriage was in 1st Corithians 7:9. This scriptures says ”Get married”. If you meet someone and you feel that I can go ahead with this one, the bible said just get married. You don’t need to delay.

The whole dating stuff is something that is borrowed from the world and it is destroying a lot of Christians. A lot of women and young ladies are having heartbreaks. Some of them are affected and impacted mentally because a young man will pick a lady and then carry her saying lets get to know ourselves and all, promise her marriage and after a while he will dump her and the lady will have heartbreak. We see a lot of things going wrong”

He went on to fault clergymen who subscribe to dating and have even written books about dating.

”You can never see anywhere in the bible where it is stated that we should date and the scriptures never imply that. That is something borrowed from the world and it is not good. When you date, you get dirty. Dating is simply a game played by unbelievers” he said

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Naira falls across forex markets as CBN suggests official rate has been adjusted




The conversion standard between the naira and the US Dollar deteriorated to close at N410.25/$1 at the Investors and Exporters (NAFEX) window, where forex is exchanged formally. This is as the CBN Governor has recommended that the authority conversion scale has been debased.

Additionally, at the equal market where forex is exchanged informally, the naira devalued shutting at N482/$1 on Friday, February 26. This addresses 0.42% drop when contrasted with the N480/$1 that it shut on the past exchanging day.

In any case, forex turnover at the Investor and Exporters (I&E) window diminished by 79.3% from $212.43 million recorded on Wednesday to $43.97 million on Thursday 25th February 2021.

Exchanging at the authority NAFEX window

The Naira devalued against the US Dollar at the Investors and Exporters window on Friday shutting at N410.25/$1. This addresses a 0.39% drop when contrasted with N408.67/$1 recorded on Thursday, February 25, 2021.

The initial demonstrative rate shut at N409.24 to a dollar on Friday. This addresses a 8 kobo drop when contrasted with N409.16/$1 recorded on Thursday.

Additionally, a conversion scale of N415 to a dollar was the most elevated rate during intra-day exchanging before it shut at N410.25/$1. It likewise sold for as low as N392/$1 during intra-day exchanging.

Forex turnover at the Investor and Exporters (I&E) window dropped by 14.7% on Friday, February 26, 2021.

As indicated by the information followed by Nairametrics from FMDQ, forex turnover diminished from $43.97 million recorded on Thursday, February 25, 2021, to $37.49 million on Friday, February 26, 2021.

Cryptocurrency watch

The world’s largest cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, dropped 6.39% to close at $43,165.78 on Sunday, losing $2,944.20 from its past close.

Bitcoin has lost 26% from the year’s high of $58,354.14 on February 21, when it went up in the midst of expanding certainty that it will end up being a standard speculation and installments vehicle.

A brisk recap of bitcoin’s most noticeably terrible week after week execution since March 2020, shows that the week’s high instability was not brought about by one factor. It was to a great extent set off by an overheated subordinates market as dealers raced to exit utilized wagers that had gathered.

Further drops had agreed with an auction in the more extensive financial exchange because of rising worries over flooding security yields, which may decrease the fascination for less secure resources like digital forms of money.

Etherium dropped 8.88% to close at $1,329.46 on Sunday, losing $129.57 from its past close.

In the mean time, Nigeria’s Vice President, Yemi Osibanjo, while contradicting the CBN on its new prohibition on cryptographic forms of money, called for crypto guideline knowing completely well the job it plays in the worldwide monetary biological system. Osibanjo encouraged CBN and SEC to make an administrative guide for digital currencies.

OOil price dip marginally on account of pullbacks

Brent unrefined petroleum cost shut at $64.42 per barrel, dropping $1.69, the WTI Crude shut at $61.50 per barrel, dropping $2.03, OPEC Basket shut at $65.42, acquiring $1.42 while the Bonny Light shut at $64.33 per barrel, dropping $1.20.

These conjectures have required an increment in unrefined petroleum supply in light of costs moving over the pre-pandemic level.

Experts are likewise expecting that following week’s gathering of OPEC and its partners will bring about more stockpile getting back to the market.

U.S. unrefined petroleum creation fell in December to a normal 11.063 million barrels each day, when contrasted with the normal of 12.8 million barrels each day that was accomplished in December 2019, as per the Energy Information Administration’s most recent month to month report.

U.S. unrefined petroleum creation fell a normal of 58,000 barrels each day, the EIA said on Friday.

The consistent decrease in outside saves

Nigeria’s outside has declined by 0.15% to remain at $35.17 billion as of February 24th 2021 contrasted with $35.23 recorded as of 23rd February.

This shows that Nigeria has lost an aggregate of $1.13 billion in outer save positive in the long stretch of February.

As per information got from the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), outer stores declined from $36.3 billion as of 29th of January 2021 to $35.17 billion as of 24th of February.

It is anyway significant that the decrease in Nigeria’s outside hold has continued notwithstanding a sharp expansion in worldwide raw petroleum costs as it is as of now more than $64 per barrel from $55.04 recorded as toward the finish of January.

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FG will not succumb to blackmail by bandits who target innocent school students – Buhari




President Muhammadu Buhari has said that the Federal Government won’t capitulate to extort by crooks who target honest school understudies in the assumption for immense payment installments.

The President revealed this in an online media proclamation on Friday night, in response to the seize of understudies in Zamfara.

“Our essential target is to get all the school prisoners protected, alive and safe,” Buhari said.

He added that the FG had the ability to convey monstrous power against the criminals in the towns where they worked; notwithstanding, the Army was restricted by the chance of substantial losses of guiltless townspeople and prisoners who may be utilized as human shields by the scoundrels.

“A prisoner emergency is an intricate circumstance that requires most extreme persistence to shield the casualties from actual mischief or even severe demise because of their captors,” he said.

The President said criminals and fear based oppressors ought not engage the fantasy that they were more remarkable than the public authority.

“They shouldn’t confuse our limitation with the compassionate objectives of ensuring blameless lives as a shortcoming or an indication of dread or goal.

“We won’t surrender to coerce by outlaws and crooks who target blameless school understudies in the assumption for colossal payment installments,” he added.

What you should know

The Commissioner of Police in Zamfara, Abutu Yaro, said, “We are giving a valiant effort alongside all sister security offices, individuals from the vigilantè gathering and the state government to get to the lower part of this matter.”

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VP Osinbajo disagrees with CBN, calls for crypto regulation




The Vice President of Nigeria, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo has as of late called for Crypto guideline knowing completely well the job Crypto plays in the worldwide monetary environment as he thought that such disturbance frequently prepares for progress.

Osinbajo additionally exhorted the SEC, and Central Bank of Nigeria in making an administrative guide, while completely valuing the position of the CBN, Nigerian SEC, and law requirement organizations on the potential maltreatments of crypto resources.

The VP further focused on the significance Cryptocurrencies would play in the coming a long time as they will undoubtedly challenge conventional banking, including hold banking, in manners the world hasn’t yet envision, focusing on the requirement for Nigeria in being ready for a particularly seismic move.

He likewise called for scaling up of government-private area mediations in light of the fact that, “the errand of public improvement necessitates that we fire on all chambers, after all at one phase China was building 1.9m lodging units each year.

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