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It is wrong for a Christian to date before marriage- Nigerian clergyman, Obie Jason, says (video)



It is wrong for a Christian to date before marriage- Nigerian  clergyman, Obie Jason, says (video)

Nigerian clergyman, Obie Jason, has said it is wrong and unbiblical for Christians to date before marriage.

According to him, when you date, you get dirty. He is of the opinion that dating does not in any way reveal the true character of a person and so people should just hit it off by getting married when they meet

Speaking during a sermon, Obie said

”Do you know it is wrong for Christians to date? Someone would get mad but just hold on a little. If you check the scriptures, the first time the bible talked about marriage, there was no dating involved. That was Genesis Chapter 2. The bible said God caused the man to sleep, the man he made Adam and then he took the rib out of his body and then he made the woman and then brought the woman to the man. There was no dating.

You will say it was only one man and one woman. Now, the bible also showed us in the case of Isaac, the son of Abraham when he got married. There was no dating. 

If you read the bible, the new testament which was written for Christians, , you would find out that the only place the bible talked about getting married or preparing for marriage was in 1st Corithians 7:9. This scriptures says ”Get married”. If you meet someone and you feel that I can go ahead with this one, the bible said just get married. You don’t need to delay.

The whole dating stuff is something that is borrowed from the world and it is destroying a lot of Christians. A lot of women and young ladies are having heartbreaks. Some of them are affected and impacted mentally because a young man will pick a lady and then carry her saying lets get to know ourselves and all, promise her marriage and after a while he will dump her and the lady will have heartbreak. We see a lot of things going wrong”

He went on to fault clergymen who subscribe to dating and have even written books about dating.

”You can never see anywhere in the bible where it is stated that we should date and the scriptures never imply that. That is something borrowed from the world and it is not good. When you date, you get dirty. Dating is simply a game played by unbelievers” he said

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APC considering Jonathan as Buhari’s predecessor



A report claims legislators in the APC are now attempting to find an appropriate official competitor for the 2023 political race.

It was announced that an ongoing visit by APC to ex-president, Goodluck Jonathan was partially political.

The visit by the APC lead representatives has again started with rumors about a Jonathan administration in 2023.

An arising report has asserted that the All Progressives Congress (APC) is attempting to persuade a previous president, Goodluck Jonathan, to run for president on its foundation in 2023.

The report which was conveyed by This Day asserted that a few heads of the gathering have been constraining the previous president to think about the offer.

The paper expressed that a source who talked secretly said lead representatives on the foundation of the APC who visited Jonathan to congratulate with him on his 63 birthday commemoration, utilized the event to inconspicuously speak to their official proposition to him.

As indicated by the cases, Buhari’s partners accept that Jonathan would be innocuous to their gathering interest and as such the perfect individual to dominate if control somehow happened to move toward the South.

A source in Buhari’s camp who would not like to be recognized was cited to have stated:

“He handed over power peacefully and nursed no bitterness against anyone and therefore will not be a threat to the interest of the north. In any case, Jonathan has in the past denied any interest in challenging for the administration.

The previous president clarified that he was centered around his foundation.

Then, following the tumults by some geo-political zones to create the following leader of Nigeria, the legislative head of Kogi state, Yahaya Bello, has uncovered the characteristics of who might become President Buhari’s replacement.

Bello when speaking Channels TV on Thursday, November 20, said the PDP’s ambition to take back power is a “lofty dream” and ”castles in the air.”

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Oil prices settle up, on promising COVID-19 vaccines




London’s based oil contract Brent crude futures gained 1.72% to settle at $44.79 a barrel.

Unrefined petroleum costs finished the keep going exchanging week on a bullish note. This bullish run winning at the energy market is going ahead the promising improvement of potential COVID-19 antibodies that will assist with checking monetary limitations and the viral attack as it’s as of now negatively affecting the world’s worldwide economy.

What you should know: At the finish of the exchanging meeting for the week the West Texas Intermediate settled at $42.15 a barrel printing an increase of about 0.98%, while London’s based oil contract Brent unrefined fates increased 1.72% to settle at $44.79 a barrel.

The most recent report from the world’s top oil maker, United States, uncovers the quantity of oil rigs working dropped to 231, the first decrease in quite a while, from 236 a week ago, as indicated by information recovered from Baker Hughes.

Such drop comes as significant oil makers try to consistent yield following a COVID-19 pandemic period, that has harmed energy interest/gracefully rebalancing at exceptional levels.

Stephen Innes, Chief Global Market Strategist at Axi in a note to Nairametrics, indicated the part of COVID-19 immunizations and OPEC+ function in the raw petroleum market.

“In any case, we ought not anticipate seeing a similar playbook for disadvantage oil market hazard that we saw with the second COVID-19 wave in Europe. Not exclusively were the antibody results great (which ought to before long prompt Emergency Use Authorizations), yet rising cases are hoisting desires around Fed activity at the forthcoming 16 December meeting, when they may lead a QE wind.

“That will do a significant part of the oil market hard work because of idleness on the upgrade front. Yet, it is all down to OPEC. No conventional choice will be taken before the full OPEC+ ecclesiastical gathering toward the finish of this current month.”

Main concern: That stated, the ascent in COVID-19 contaminations and new social portability limitations found in the bigger piece of Western Europe, appears to be everything except like an elastic stamp and almost certainly, an expansion will be embraced to help unrefined petroleum costs, and evade a pullback.

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Germany’s biggest bank says more people now prefer Bitcoin over gold




Germany’s biggest bank, Deutsche Bank, recently disclosed that more people are beginning to prefer Bitcoin over gold in hedging their money.

Germany’s greatest bank, Deutsche Bank, as of late uncovered that more individuals currently lean toward Bitcoin over gold in supporting their cash.

In a note credited to Zerohedge, the money related juggernaut of Europe’s greatest economy, uncovered speculators are consistently observing Bitcoin as a real store of abundance alternative.

What they are stating

Deutsche Bank research tactician, Jim Reid, gave key experiences into what is changing financial specialists to consider Bitcoin to be as a device to support their money better than conventional place of refuge resources like gold.

“Bitcoin is up another +3% overnight and is by all accounts making a force. It’s up over 70% over the most recent a month and a half, as an ever increasing number of speculators are beginning to see it arise as a solid resource for put resources into. There additionally is by all accounts an expanding request to utilize Bitcoin where Gold used to be utilized to fence Dollar danger, expansion, and different things,” Reid said.

Bitcoin’s solid presentation is no stun to certain investigators, particularly with regards to the benchmark cryptographic money demonstrating a high relationship with worldwide value markets.

“Given that values are presently close, or sometimes over, their highs came to in February, it’s to be expected to see BTC do likewise,” said Ryan Watkins, BTC expert at Messari.

Why contrast gets back from BTCs with gold or different valuable metals? “Gold is bitcoin’s most optimistic resource,” clarified Watkins. “Like BTC, gold is a scant item, whose worth is gotten as a rule from its financial premium.”

we uncovered how the yellow valuable metal failed to meet expectations BTC by almost 11% focuses, notwithstanding flooding to about 16% in the main portion of 2020 and contacting eight-year highs a month ago. Platinum and silver both finished the main portion of 2020 with negative increases.

It is reasonable for comprehend the predisposition of worldwide financial specialists on picking the leader crypto, considering that gold is up 26.37%, while Bitcoin is up 120% on the year.

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