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‘If you can protest in person you can vote in person’ – Trump voices disapproval of mail-in voting



US president Donald Trump, on Wednesday August 19, urged Americans to disregard mail-in voting and go to the ballot box to vote, declaring “if you can protest in person, you can vote in person”.

Mail-in ballots is a type of voting system where people can vote from home using mail while universal voting is the type where people have to go to a voting booth and use ballots.

Trump’s tweet on Wednesday comes after he and his wife, Melania, who are registered voters in Palm Beach County Florida, voted by mail-in ballots in Tuesday’s Congressional GOP primary race.

His tweet also comes after Democrat party sponsored protests swept across Washington this week, as Democrats feel he could be swaying the election in his favour by not adequately funding the United States Postal service.

Trump feels mail-in ballots will lead to mass voter fraud and has repeatedly voiced his opposition to mail-in ballots, leading congress to draw up a $25b stimulus funding for the Postal service, a deal Trump has said he will reject.

“It will end up being a rigged election or they will never come out with an outcome,” Trump recently said, suggesting a redo of the election.

“They’ll have to do it again, and nobody wants that.”

Trump’s use of mail-in ballots on Tuesday has seen him receive criticism from Democrats with US House Intelligence Chair Rep. Adam Schiff tweeting in response to Trump’: “IF THE PRESIDENT IS ABLE TO VOTE BY MAIL, ALL AMERICANS SHOULD BE ABLE TO VOTE BY MAIL.”

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As the build up to the Ohaneze Ndigbo forthcoming January 2021 election is in crescendo, let me first of all humbly thank you all for the interest, passion, sincerity of purpose and commitment you have demonstrated so far, on the need for a leadership that wouod be truly reflective of the aspirations and values of our people. Our collective effort in this regard is in conformity with the famous Igbo dictum. Igwe bu ike!

It is obvious that at this critical time in our history, leadership of Ndigbo ought to transcend partisan politics, make-belief, rhetorics, propaganda and shadow-boxing. In other words, it is imperative that the primacy of igbo interest, as opposed to self-seeking agenda and mere ambition should be the bedrock on which our desirable and ideal leadership today must be anchored.

May i equally humbly confess that my decision to contest for the office of President General of Ohaneze Ndigbo World Wide was a decision not based of self-aggrandizement, personal ambition or self-promotion. By my age and career history i have long out grown all that. Instead, your Excellencies, Royal Fathers, ladies and gentlemen, my most compelling necessity was service, a timely and cruel service at one of the most critical times in Nigerian history with dire consequences, particularly for Ndigbo as a national entity. Indeed not only has governance become both difficult and complex in Nigeria, but downright an EXISTENTIAL THREAT TO NDIGBO in particular.

The Igbo dilemma in Nigeria has finally come home at last. These problems need pragmatic] solutions and quickly too. And the time requires a very careful and delicate skilled manager in the relationships between Ndigbo and other Nigerian Nationalities especially the national power elites.

This require a mature and experienced person with a capacity to build enough consensus to define and defend the interest of Ndigbo.

In this respect, my background provides enough evidence.

. Nigerian Ambassador to:
The United States of America
The State of Isreal
Republic of Cyprus
. Director General, Nigerian Institute of International Affairs (NIIA)
. Secretariat : Co-ordinator, 2014 National Conference, South East Delegates.
. Member : Presidential Advisory Committee – 2014 National Conference, by President Goodluck Jonathan.
. Adviser to President Ibrahim B. Babangida on International Affairs.
. Adviser to Hon. Minister of Foreign Affairs-General Ike Nwachukwu
. Member: VISION 2010 Political Conference by General Sani Abacha
. Member: 1994 Political Conference (Lagos) led by Dr. Pius Okigbo
. Special Assistance Research-Office of the Political Adviser to President Shehu Shagari, Dr. Chuba Okadigbo
. Author of 16 books- 8 alone and 8 with others.
. Member of National Delegations and Conference worldwide.
Distinguished ladies and gentlemen, with all sense of modesty, I can and would assemble igbo talents and exoerts to cater and defend the destiny of Ndigbo with appreciable success and diplomatic dexterity, decency and decorum. And Ndigbo will never be victims again, of Nigerian tragic circumstances which they did not create nor can they control.

Again with all modesty, i have had political experience on yhis important topic and played apprenticeship that went with it, with most of our igbo leaders.

In my view, since the end of the Civil war NDIGBO have not faced EXISTENTIAL threats as we face today. The NATIONAL SITUATION is precarious and our position must be carefully handled amd wisely presented. As Atilla the Hun advised we must choose our enemies wisely and our friends carefully.
For far too long NDIGBO have been objects of stereotype and profiling which ended in being misunderstood and misinterpreted in national politics or business, academia or artisans. Negative profiling has been an Igbo cross to carry since Nnamdi Azikiwe’s emergence in Nigeria Politics in the 1940s.

Consequently, quite often Igbos were confronted with envy, anger, hostility and violence at any given crises in Nigeria and even outside Nigeria. But in the end it is still better to ENVY NDIGBO than PITY US.

We are now at the point to RE-ASSES the IGBO DILEMMA in Nigeria. Every major group even the minorities are doing same today. NDIGBO from all indications see RESTRUCTURING aa the most preffered option. However, whatever or whichever options others offer, what is real is that all the nationalities in Nigeria will sooner or later go into negotiations or debates over Nigeria’s future. And through Ohaneze/Ndigbo we must be ready to negotiate effectively by having a skilled and experienced people to bargain in the interest of NDIGBO.

Specifically, we seek unity but not unity of slaves and masters, and we seek peace but not peace of the grave yard. We seek justice because we know that throughout history those denied justice have had no interest in peace. As it stands now, it seems Nigeria and Nigerians would engage themselves in something like PENALTY SHOOTOUT, every group must be careful in selecting their strikers.
We must know that in a war of giants you send your giants.

SECURITY: The most urgent and imperative need of Ndigbo today is SECURITY.
The security of Ndigbo in Nigeria and beyond has become a compelling primary responsibility and of serious concern for Ndigbo. At home in Nigeria the story of insecurity of Ndigbo has reached incrementally.

dangerous level of EXISTENTIAL THREAT. Ndigbo are indeed in termsof security, the most vulnerable and victims of violence throughout Nigeria.

They are the most exposed to physical violence, attack and destruction of their houses or properties at the slightest crisis in any oart of Nigeria. In fact, the “victim syndrome”, Vulnerability and insecurity has gone beyond our shores, in Ghana, South Africa etc. There must be a solution to the SECURITY problems of NDIGBO at home and abroad.

There are ways of doing this and there are certainly Ndigbo who are capable of either helping to “Contain” the propensity towards violence against Ndigbo or persuading the appropriate authorities to do so. In matters of this nature knowledgeable leadership is “sine qua non” – a necessity.

Of all this criticisms of Ndigbo nobody and no groupshas ever accused Ndigbo of laziness. Ndigbo instead have been associated with economic and business ingenuity. However, this too has had a mixed response of praise, jealousy and envy. And also the economic success associated with Ndigbo has always been individual achievements and successes. Hopefully, the NEW ERA of prosperity of Ndigbo as collective efforts is about to start with the laudable initiative of Ohaneze Ndigbo, in terms of the ECONOMIC STABILIZATION FUND

This is definitely going to enhance and promote the “AKU RUO ULO” dictum currently also promoted by Ohaneze Ndigbo and other stakeholders.

We must take the idea of building up the economic and industrial base in Alaigbo as a priority.
Indeed in general analysis Ndigbo have in comparison to other parts of Nigeria had successful economic managers and entrepreneurs. This we must encourage, support and advance the course of domestic and foreign investment in igboland.

We will and we must always be happy to know that what others deny us we can do for ourselves.

If there is one palpable regrettable issue in Nigeria today, it is indeed the neglect or abandonment of education as a national priority. This has its worst impact on Ndigbo whose claim to modern education came relatively late but who within few years were catapulted to the highest level of the lader of education in Nigeria history.

Ndigbo even made history when two igbo sons, Prof. Kenneth Dike and Prof. Eni Njoku became vice chancellors of two Nigerian Pioneer Universities of Ibadan and Lagos. One remember with nostalgia, stories of Igbo Union Schools across the country and the completive establishment of private primary and secondary schools across igboland. Ndigbo must return to education, give education, its priority as the key that opened the door to Igbo prosperity and positive reputation.

Ndigbo, believe me, we can have our people fairly unified again, not really as Igbo state union days, but somehow closer. Many things unitr us but we have given few things thag divide us priority. That is our main problem and that can change. But we must also once again “invent” a well defined common cause.
Therefore they are vital work to be done and work that must be done and work that cannnot wait or put in the hands of those who will learn on the job. This is truly the responsibility of those with experience who can get the work done quickly. Nothing unites a people more quickly than prospects for success and with an experienced hand this seemingly difficult task can be done. As Nelson Mandela said, “it looks impossible until it is done”. May I once again state categorically that my dream type of leadership is leader/manager model using the most and available efficient persons and instruments to achieve IGBO COLLECTIVELY DEFINED OBJECTIVES.

I believe this can be done without malice but with Diplomatic Dexterity, Decency, Candor and Decorum.

In fact, in the position Ndigbo have found themselves now, the team that REPRESENTS us matters for that will determine much of the destiny of NDIGBO in Nigeria or what follows. Our position should therefore begin with efforts to effectively re-integrate NDIGBO into Nigerian Political process effectively, significantly and Relevantly. This will require a serious diplomacy and not confrontations or conflict. Power elites reward their friends and frustrate or punish their enemies. Diplomacy’s greatest lesson as said earlier is to know how to “CHOOSE your enemies wisely and your friends carefully”. And most intriguing is how to make “your enemy” your friend for specific objectives. In fact, in politics and diplomacy, it is the identity of interest that are the surest of bonds between states and individuals in critical circumstances and moments as we are now.

The office of President-General of OhanezeNdigbo is not a career or a job or a position to fulfill personal ambition. It must particularly at this moment in our history be a position that comes through inspiration, and experience to navigate destiny through precarious times of uncertainty, doubts, and general insecurity. Actually, the world itself including Nigeria is becoming not only more complex but downright dangerous. This position is to be held in sacred trust for it involves are people’s destiny.

Amb. (Prof.) George A. Obiozor
Ugwumba 1 of Orlu
Dikejiamba 1 of Ogbunike

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Wole Soyinka says 2020 is the worst year for nigeria



Nobel Laurette, Prof. Wole Soyinka, has depicted the year 2020 as the most testing year because of the changes of issues.

He added that Nigerian circumstance was more regrettable because of the royal idea of its administration at the socio-political and strict levels.

Soyinka, an educator of Literature talked at the Booksellers, scene of the introduction of his new book, “Chronicles of the happiest people on earth”, a book with more than 500 pages which took him about 40years to compose.

Soyinka said, “With the turbulence that characterises year 2020, and as activities wind down, the mood has been repugnant and very negative. I don’t want to sound pessimistic but this is one of the most pessimistic years I have known in this nation and it wasn’t just because of COVID-19, no. Natural disasters had happened elsewhere but how have you managed to take such in their strides?

“Was calamity as a result of human negligence or as a result of malignant activities when people find themselves under the control of other beings which I am afraid what most Nigerians find themselves in, it is like you don’t know from where the blow would descend. That is not the way a nation should be and that is not the way the citizens should exist.

“Situation has reached a point where you are not very sure of where you are going and where you will end it. As I had said before, you don’t believe, in many instances, that anybody is in charge. That, really, it is a parlous condition for any nation. So, I am afraid it has not been a very good year for me generally.”

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Talibans shoot Afghan TV presenter dead



Gunmen shoot Afghan TV female presenter dead .

Taliban shoots dead a female anchorperson and her driver on Thursday, her boss stated, the second homicide of a TV personality in Afghanistan in a month.

Malalai Maiwand was murdered in the eastern city of Jalalabad, said Enekaas TV, the private TV station she worked for. Directed killings of noticeable figures, including columnists, priests, legislators and rights activists, have gotten more normal lately as brutality floods in Afghanistan, in spite of harmony talks between the public authority and the Taliban.

Attaullah Khogyani, governor of the Nangarhar province, and the local clinic affirmed the killings. Nangarhar area and its capital Jalalabad have seen customary conflicts between government powers and the Taliban.

The radical Islamic State bunch has likewise asserted a few destructive assaults in the region.

The homicide of Maiwand, who was in her 20s, comes only weeks after Radio Liberty columnist Aliyas Dayee was killed in a vehicle bomb assault in Lashkar Gah.

Human rights Watch said Dayee had recently been compromised by the Taliban. A previous TV moderator in Kabul, Yama Siawash, was killed in a comparable vehicle bomb assault close to his home a month ago.

No gathering has so far guaranteed these killings. Afghan powers are doing combating an expansion in savagery in the nation, quite a bit of it released by the Taliban as they endeavor to pick up influence in harmony talks in Qatar, which opened in September.

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