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Heartbreaking Story Of Newlyweds Who Were Killed In Romantic Plane Crash Just 4 Days After Dream Wedding



Costas John Sivyllis and Lindsey Vogelaar died when their small personal air plane went down just 15 minutes after taking off from Telluride Airport, Colorado. 

newlyweds killed

The couple

A couple have been tragically killed in a romantic plane crash just four days after their wedding.

Costas John Sivyllis, 30, and Lindsey Vogelaar, 33, died when their small personal air plane went down just 15 minutes after taking off from Telluride Airport, Colorado.

Mr Sivyllis is understood to have been flying the Beechcraft Bonanza aircraft at about 1pm on October 5.

The couple, who both worked in the airline industry, had just eloped to Telluride on October 1. They were heading back to their home state of Florida at the time of the crash.

Their heartbroken friends and family, who were following their honeymoon adventures through social media, have paid tribute to the couple.
Ms Vogelaar met her future husband while working in her “dream job” as a flight attendant for United Airlines, where Mr Sivyllis also worked as a pilot and flight instructor.

They had planned to wed in Mr Sivyllis’ home country of Greece but the coronavirus pandemic forced them to change their plans, so ended up eloping with the blessing of their relatives.

Gary Vogelaar was tracking every movement of their plane, which they nicknamed Baby Blue, through an app on his phone.

“Throughout the day I was checking to see if there was any movement on the tracking and it happened to stop just east of Telluride but because she told me prior that it’s not always accurate, I didn’t think anything of it,”
 he told Fox 17.

Mum Sandy was getting ready for bed on Monday night when she received the terrible news.

“I saw a Sheriff’s car pull up because my windows were still open and I thought that’s kind of strange, but then he came to the door and he verified who I was and who Lindsey was.”

She learned her daughter had died in a crash just minutes after take-off.

Chillingly, Mr Vogelaar took a ride in the doomed plane just three weeks before the crash, during which his son-in-law told him about their plans to elope.

“Costas said ‘one unique thing about being up this high is I tell you something and you don’t like it, there’s the door, and if you like it, we get a safe landing’,”
 he said.

“I said okay… he said Lindsey and I are eloping. We’re going to get married in Telluride. Of course I was very happy about that and I didn’t have to jump out.”

He said Lindsey was an adventure-loving people person who accomplished everything she set her mind to.

“Everyone that came across her just liked her, she was that friendly outgoing type. That’s not just locally here, but throughout the world.”

Meanwhile Mr Sivyllis has been described as “an incredible man” by his friend Ryan McCormick.

“An incredible pilot. An incredible mentor. And an incredible friend,” he wrote in a Facebook tribute.

“His smile was contagious. His attitude was infectious. And his passion and work ethic were inspiring in every sense of the word.”


Source: Daily Star UK

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Wike advises buhari to fulfill his promise to nigerians



Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Wike, has encouraged the President, Major General Muhammadu Buhari (retd.), to demonstrate to Nigerians that he is prepared to fulfill the masses needs.

The lead representative said the President will set the nation ‘ablaze’ by not actualizing a portion of the solicitations voiced out by pioneers during the ongoing conversations with the official designation drove by the Chief of Staff to the President, Ibrahim Gambari.

The PUNCH had revealed that Gambari drove lawmakers and government officials to gatherings with heads of the six international zones as a method of tending to concerns brought up in the outcome of the #EndSARS protests.

Gambari and the official appointment had met with lead representatives and heads of the South-South international zone in Port Harcourt, the Rivers State capital, on Tuesday. At the gathering, the South-South pioneers including the Rivers State governor requested the rebuilding of the nation in accordance with the guideline of genuine federalism, saying it will ensure harmony, security and soundness in the nation.

Giving a report on the gathering on Thursday morning, Wike said the President actually has the opportunity to execute the desire of individuals and engraving an inheritance for himself.

The governor talked today on Channels Television’s Sunrise Daily program.

He said, “I am not a pessimist. I don’t believe that because you didn’t do what you agreed to do yesterday, therefore, you will not do what you agree to do today.

Even if he (Buhari) has not done what he told Nigerians he would do, he can say, look, I promised Nigerians yesterday, I didn’t do that and that is affecting my integrity and so, for people who know me, I will implement what I have said.

“People have raised the issue that they don’t think anything will come out of the dialogues. I don’t agree with them. I believe that if the President does not do it, given the opportunity he has now, he will be putting Nigeria on fire.” Continuing, Wike said political will to implement what the people want is key in governance.

According to him, the President has to show leadership by listening to Nigerians and by adhering to their wishes and proposals. “He may not necessarily implement everything the people may want but let the people see the concrete evidence that under President Buhari, he has been able to implement one, two, three, four demands by the people.

“If he (Buhari) doesn’t take this opportunity now to implement some of these requests, I don’t think it will be very good for Nigerians and for his legacy,” the governor added.

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Best WASSCE candidate of 2019 dies of cancer.



Enugu state student who passed 2019 WASSCE with 7As dies of malignancy.

Chisom Chukwuneke, an understudy who arose the best 2019 candidate of the West African Senior Secondary Certificate Examination, WASSCE, in her school, has died subsequent to fighting leukemia.

Douglas Ifeanyi Uzochukwu, Principal of Graceland College in Enugu where she moved on from a year ago, affirmed the sad news to TheCable Lifestyle yesterday.

Uzochukwu said chisom, 17, kicked the bucket after a delayed treatment in South Africa.

“I’m not her father. I can’t speak much on that but she passed on from leukemia after prolonged treatment in South Africa,” he added.

In a statement written via the school’s Facebook page, he wrote: “Forever in our hearts! Only a moment you stayed, but what an imprint you left in our Hall of Fame. A truly outstanding student! Rest In Peace Chisom!”

Felix Chukwuneke, a Nigerian professor identified as the father of the deceased, also took to Facebook to explain how Chisom’s sickness started as pain in her leg.

He said this had prompted him to fly her to South Africa for medical care. “ It was just like a dream but the realities are crystal now. Just a pain on the leg that snowballed to a devastating episode, the battle started earnestly.

I hear you call, ‘daddy my leg is paining me’. I watch as you lie abed with pain,” he said in a long tribute to the deceased.

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Court dismisses marriage due to supposed ritual



Court breaks up 10-year old marriage over marathon sex, affirmed money ritual .

A Mapo Customary Court in Ibadan, on Tuesday, broken down a 10-year-old marriage between one Basirat Adeyoyin and spouse, Adeyoyin Niyi over supposed ritual and marathon sex.

Conveying judgment, the President of the court, Chief Ademola Odunade said that the court would not watch until there was insurgency prior to settling on the correct choice.

Odunade, consequently, disintegrated the relationship among Basirat and Niyi in light of a legitimate concern for harmony and peacefulness.

He granted guardianship of the two kids born to both of them to the offended party and requested the respondent to pay N10, 000 as the kids’ month to month taking care of recompense.

The court additionally requested Niyi to be answerable for their schooling and other government assistance. In her previous record, Basirat, an inhabitant of Olonsogo-Molete, told the court that she was throwing in the towel with her better half since “he was putting forth a urgent attempt to utilize her for money ritual”.

The woman added that she first notification this when her husband didn’t show any empathy after she lost her last pregnancy because of an excessive number of sexual intercourse with him.

Suddenly in 2018, Niyi came home one night and told me that he received a message that he must have seven-day marathon sex with me without a gap of any day. “I read no meaning to it and I allowed him until there was a problem. “I was already carrying a three-month-old pregnancy before that time and on the second day of the marathon sex, I lost the pregnancy.

“I took care of myself in the hospital only for Niyi to come home to start requesting for the continuation of the seven-day marathon sex even when I was still bleeding. “Then, I consulted my parents and relatives and from every indication, we discovered that he was trying to use me for money ritual,” Basirat said.

Consenting to the suit, the respondent didn’t prevent the claim from getting the marathon sex yet decided to raise new issues by and large.

Niyi presented that his wife was excessively inconvenient for him and was an imprudent housewife.

“Even if this court would dissolve my marriage, I pray to be given custody of the two children because Basirat cannot take care of them.

“One of the young boys in our neighbourhood raped our first child and she did not tell me about the incident. “My lord, it was because she often overstays in the market that such a thing could happen,” Niyi added.

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