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Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp user base top 3.3 billion, Q4 revenue of $28 billion



The world’s greatest web-based media organization, Facebook, as of late posted its final quarter income which were superior to what many securities exchange specialists had expected, against a setting of developing administrative and political difficulties.

Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp presently have a joined client base of 3.3 billion to get their messages out.

Facebook itself has about 2.8 billion month to month clients, beating the Wall Street market expectation of 2.76 billion, as people spend a greater amount of their exercises online on the premise that the COVID-19 pandemic has contrarily upset social portability.

Here are features of key measurements expected versus the practically identical year-prior quarter, as per a Bloomberg agreement conjecture of Wall Street experts:

Income: $28 billion versus $26.407 billion assessed; $21.082 billion in Q4 2019.

Profit per share (Adjusted): $3.88 versus $3.54 expected; $2.56 in Q4 2019.

Advertisement Revenue: $27.19 billion versus $26.07 billion expected; $20.74 billion in Q4 2019.

Day by day Active Users (DAU): 1.84 billion versus 1.828 billion appraisals; 1.66 billion in Q4 2019.

“We accept our business has profited by two expansive monetary patterns working out during the pandemic. The first is the progressing shift towards online business.

“The second is the move in purchaser interest towards items and away from administrations.” Facebook CFO, Dave Wehner, said.

Capital uses remembering head installments for account leases, were $4.82 billion and $15.72 billion for the final quarter and entire year of 2020, separately.

Money and money reciprocals and attractive protections were $61.95 billion as of December 31, 2020.

Notwithstanding, despite a great procuring came about posted by the world’s most significant online media organization, Facebook shares failed by over 3% on the thought that the organization printed a hazy viewpoint in the midst of developing administrative concerns and hardened rivalry.

“We likewise hope to confront more huge promotion focusing on headwinds in 2021. This incorporates the effect of stage changes, prominently iOS 14, just as the advancing administrative scene. While the circumstance of the iOS 14 changes stays unsure, we would hope to see an effect starting late in the main quarter,” Dave Wehner said.

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Funny tweets, memes and videos from Twitter NG for “Happy 420”



Today’s date, April 20, stylised as 4/20 is a day worldwide commemorated by stoners or smokers of weed to celebrate marijuana. In short, it is treated as a public holiday for weed/marijuana and termed—Happy 420.

Twitter NG i.e users of Twitter in Nigeria, as it is the yearly custom are trending “Happy 420” as the number one topic in the country. While many really used the medium to share their unwavering love for weed, others have taken it upon themselves to make funny tweets, memes, skits and share several videos in relation to weed smoking and “Happy 420” as an entity.

While some tweeps take jab at those who don’t smoke weed but indulge in the “woke” culture by wishing stoners a “Happy 420”, others in their own way intentionally misinterpret certain scriptural verses for comedic purpose in order to aid and bait their smoking habits, still others take it upon themselves to disperse various memes which for sure will bring a smile upon your face. That’s not all, though, for we have some tweeps who did brainstorm to form some of the best puns concerning weed and stoners jokes ever. Well we can say irrespective of the way they passed their message regarding “Happy 420”, they all ended on a high note. Enjoy!

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FG to extend fuel subsidy for 6 months




The Nigerian Government may have suspended plans to end its subsidy payments as reports indicate that the FG plans to spend N720 billion for the next 6 months on Premium Motor Spirit (PMS) subsidies.

This was disclosed in an exclusive report by The Guardian on Sunday, citing that President Muhammadu Buhari ordered that the subsidies remain in place for the next 6 months.

“Specifically, President Buhari has asked the Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) to suspend any idea on subsidy removal for five to six months so that a plan that does not harm ordinary Nigerians is evolved if the deregulation must go on,” a Government official said.

What you should know

NNPC GMD, Mele Kyari disclosed last month that the “NNPC may no longer be in a position to carry that burden because we cannot continue to carry it in our books,” after reports of fuel imports under-recovery revealed the FG was spending N120 billion a month on subsidy.
Kyari also hinted that they may soon start selling PMS at market prices saying: “NNPC importing PMS at market price and selling at N162/L. The actual market price should be between N211 and N234/L. Meaning is that consumers are not paying the market price.
“NNPC is currently the sole importer of PMS, and we’re trying to exit the underpriced sale of PMS. Eventual exit is inevitable, when it will happen I cannot say, but engagements are ongoing because the government is cognisant of the implications.”

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Google founders earn $42 billion in 100 days




Google originators Larry Page, 48 and Sergey Brin, 47 have brought in more cash on the whole than the absolute unfamiliar money save possessions of Africa’s greatest economy.

Larry Page, as of now worth $104 billion, has acquired $21.2 billion out of 100 days; while Sergey Brin, with an abundance valuation of $100 billion, procured $20.4 billion in a similar period. Altogether, the two men have procured $41.6 billion, overshadowing Nigeria’s unfamiliar money hold which as of now remains at a gross valuation of $35 billion.

Most of Larry page’s abundance comes from his stake in Alphabet, the parent organization of Google. The Standford prepared business person presently holds $12.6 billion in real money.

Sergey Brin’s abundance valuation is additionally gotten from his stake on the planet’s most well known web crawler and by and by, his money holding is esteemed at $12.7 billion.

Noteworthy development from the world’s most remarkable economy helped purchasing tension on Google offers and its organizers saw their abundance valuation flood. Worldwide financial backers are progressively hanging on the tech juggernaut’s offers as stunning monetary information from America’s administration ventures combined with a development in the tech area filled the climb in Google shares found lately.

Thus, financial backers are heaping critical measure of assets into Alphabet Inc., the parent organization of Google, with reports saying it won its latest high legal dispute against Oracle, a case that has waited for around 3 years.

Late value activity uncovers the stock is as of now exchanging at $2,285.88 approaching its 52-week high of $2,289.04 with a yearly profit from speculation as of now fixed at 89%.

Stock savants are astonished by such record gains in Google shares notwithstanding a quick move seen recently by some institutional financial backers into utility, energy-based stocks and of late U.S Treasury securities.

The organization as of now has a market estimation of about $1.54 trillion.

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