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“ Exposing Lai Mohammed’s Lies On Electricity Tariff Hike” – Reno Omokri



My attention has been drawn to comments by General Muhammadu Buhari’s aptly named Minister of Information, Lai Mohammed, to the effect that the recent 300% increase in power tariffs is the fault of the Jonathan administration.

Mr Mohammed’s exact words were as follows:

“Before we came in, the power sector had been privatised by the previous administration, but the people they sold to them are incompetent. When we assumed power, we met the mess. Apart from the fact that the Distribution Companies (Discos), could not meter the people, they also could not pay for the electricity generated by the Generation Companies (Gencos), from the Nigerian Bulk Electricity Trading Companies.”

Not only are these statements false, they also expose Lai Mohammed’s, and the Buhari administration’s, shallow understanding of the challenges faced by the power sector.

To prove that Lai Mohammed is a liar, I will now quote from an interview Mr Tunde Fashola, the Minister of Power, gave to Channels Television on Sunday, December 23, 2018. In that interview, Mr Fashola said:

“We are producing more power than what we met; we are transmitting more power than what we met, and we are distributing more power than what we met.”

Mr Fashola further said:

“I met 4,000MW; we have added 3,000MW more – 1,000MW per year. Our raw rate 1000MW every year.

Now, Nigerians would note that the Buhari administration has not built even one power station. The last power station ever initiated, started and completed, is the. 750 MW Olorunsogo II Power Station in Ifo Local Government Area of Ogun State, built by the Jonathan administration, and commissioned by then President Goodluck Jonathan on Friday, February 20, 2015.

The reason Mr Fashola was able to boast about increased power GENERATION and DISTRIBUTION in 2018, is because the privatised Generating Companies have increased their capacity. If these were “incompetent” people, as Lai Mohammed claims, this would not be possible.

As you can see from the above, Lai Mohammed’s words clearly contradict Tunde Fashola’s words. Both statements cannot be right. One of them must be lying. And the liar is Lai Mohammed.

The truth of the matter is that the weak link in the power sector is not the privatised power generating and distributing company, but the Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN), which has not been privatised, as it should have been, and which is still managed by the Buhari government.

No matter how much the generating and distribution companies increase their output, it will not make much difference if transmission is weak, and as long as transmission is weak, the unit cost of power will be expensive.

That is one aspect of the challenge. The other aspect has to do with the collapse of the Naira. Nigerians will recall that as at the time the power sector (less the transmission sub sector) was privatised between 2011–2013, the value of the Naira was stable at ₦119 to $1 (₦150 to $1 parallel market).

However, after 5 years of extreme mismanagement of the economy by the Buhari administration, the Naira has been devalued and was officially declared the fourth worst performing currency in the world.

Today, the Naira trades officially at ₦380 to $1 (₦465 to $1 parallel market).

Flowing from the above, the distribution and generation companies have occasioned huge losses, because they took huge dollar denominated loans to buy their assets and expand their generation capacity.

It is almost satanic for Lai Mohammed to now blame them. It is like a father beating a child and blaming him for crying. None of these private investors could have guessed that a nation which was the third fastest growing economy in the world by 2015, would become a basket case in so short a time. It is unprecedented in recent modern history.

Another challenge faced by the sector is that under the roadmap to power sector reforms, the government was meant to complete the privatisation of the power sector by selling off the transmission sub sector. However, the Buhari administration has failed to do so.

They have also failed to implement other aspects of the roadmap to power sector reforms, of which include the Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), the Gas Supply Agreement (GSA), the Gas Transportation Agreement (GTA) and the Grid connection agreement.

Rather than invest money in developing gas to power infrastructure, the Buhari administration showed extreme profligacy by budgeting $500 million to ‘digitalise’ the Nigerian Television Authority, a network that does not even have a market value of $50 million, proving that no matter how much money you give a man, it will never he enough if he does not know how to use money.

If the Buhari administration had fulfilled government’s obligations, the private sector would have invested in a new power grid, which would have made it easier to transmit power from the point of generation, to the point of use, with nothing more than a smart meter, which would have brought down the unit cost of power.

Finally, let me remind Nigerians that the Jonathan administration handed over power to the Buhari administration on May 29, 2015, and that if after five years, all that they have to offer is blames, blames and more blames, then perhaps they may want to admit to themselves that they lack capacity to govern.

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Court dismisses marriage due to supposed ritual



Court breaks up 10-year old marriage over marathon sex, affirmed money ritual .

A Mapo Customary Court in Ibadan, on Tuesday, broken down a 10-year-old marriage between one Basirat Adeyoyin and spouse, Adeyoyin Niyi over supposed ritual and marathon sex.

Conveying judgment, the President of the court, Chief Ademola Odunade said that the court would not watch until there was insurgency prior to settling on the correct choice.

Odunade, consequently, disintegrated the relationship among Basirat and Niyi in light of a legitimate concern for harmony and peacefulness.

He granted guardianship of the two kids born to both of them to the offended party and requested the respondent to pay N10, 000 as the kids’ month to month taking care of recompense.

The court additionally requested Niyi to be answerable for their schooling and other government assistance. In her previous record, Basirat, an inhabitant of Olonsogo-Molete, told the court that she was throwing in the towel with her better half since “he was putting forth a urgent attempt to utilize her for money ritual”.

The woman added that she first notification this when her husband didn’t show any empathy after she lost her last pregnancy because of an excessive number of sexual intercourse with him.

Suddenly in 2018, Niyi came home one night and told me that he received a message that he must have seven-day marathon sex with me without a gap of any day. “I read no meaning to it and I allowed him until there was a problem. “I was already carrying a three-month-old pregnancy before that time and on the second day of the marathon sex, I lost the pregnancy.

“I took care of myself in the hospital only for Niyi to come home to start requesting for the continuation of the seven-day marathon sex even when I was still bleeding. “Then, I consulted my parents and relatives and from every indication, we discovered that he was trying to use me for money ritual,” Basirat said.

Consenting to the suit, the respondent didn’t prevent the claim from getting the marathon sex yet decided to raise new issues by and large.

Niyi presented that his wife was excessively inconvenient for him and was an imprudent housewife.

“Even if this court would dissolve my marriage, I pray to be given custody of the two children because Basirat cannot take care of them.

“One of the young boys in our neighbourhood raped our first child and she did not tell me about the incident. “My lord, it was because she often overstays in the market that such a thing could happen,” Niyi added.

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Army admits to firing live rounds at the Lekki toll gate incident



The Nigerian armed force has conceded that soldiers took live bullets to the Lekki toll gate.

As indicated by The PUNCH, the Commander of 81 Military Intelligence Brigade, Victoria Island, Lagos, Brigadier General Ahmed Taiwo, has clarified that Phase Four of military inner security activity, which was conveyed at the Lekki toll gate on the night October 20, included the utilization of both live and clear ammo.

He said the troopers took live projectiles to the scene with the end goal of self defence .

Taiwo said a segment of the soldiers that worked at the toll gate on that night were to be sure equipped with live shots. He, nonetheless, kept up that lone officers with clear bullets discharged shots into the air. The overall expressed this on Saturday at the continued procedures of the Lagos State Judicial Panel of Inquiry examining the supposed killing of #EndSARS dissidents at the Lekki toll gate evening of October 20 by soldiers.

Taiwo, who had prior made an introduction before the board with regards to the Nigerian Army on November 14, returned on Saturday for questioning by two guidance for #EndSARS dissenters, Messrs Adeyinka Olumide-Fusika (SAN) and Mr Adesina Ogunlana.

When Olumide-Fusika asked Taiwo if soldiers who went to the tollgate carried guns, Taiwo said, “When you are talking of guns, you are talking about high-calibre guns. They were carrying rifles; not guns.”

On further pressing by Olumide-Fusika, Taiwo added, “Definitely, a portion of the Force will carry live bullets, in case they are attacked.

But the soldiers that formed the firing team, who fired, used blank bullets. And that is why you watched the video and saw exactly what happened.” Also, under cross-examination by Ogunlana, Taiwo explained that in Phase Four military internal security operation “soldiers would be given both live and blank bullets.” He said, “In this particular case, we saw that the peaceful protest had been infiltrated by hoodlums.

They were peaceful protesters, no doubt, but there were also hoodlums who sought to take advantage, that was why they were armed with blank bullets in addition with live bullets.”

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APC considering Jonathan as Buhari’s predecessor



A report claims legislators in the APC are now attempting to find an appropriate official competitor for the 2023 political race.

It was announced that an ongoing visit by APC to ex-president, Goodluck Jonathan was partially political.

The visit by the APC lead representatives has again started with rumors about a Jonathan administration in 2023.

An arising report has asserted that the All Progressives Congress (APC) is attempting to persuade a previous president, Goodluck Jonathan, to run for president on its foundation in 2023.

The report which was conveyed by This Day asserted that a few heads of the gathering have been constraining the previous president to think about the offer.

The paper expressed that a source who talked secretly said lead representatives on the foundation of the APC who visited Jonathan to congratulate with him on his 63 birthday commemoration, utilized the event to inconspicuously speak to their official proposition to him.

As indicated by the cases, Buhari’s partners accept that Jonathan would be innocuous to their gathering interest and as such the perfect individual to dominate if control somehow happened to move toward the South.

A source in Buhari’s camp who would not like to be recognized was cited to have stated:

“He handed over power peacefully and nursed no bitterness against anyone and therefore will not be a threat to the interest of the north. In any case, Jonathan has in the past denied any interest in challenging for the administration.

The previous president clarified that he was centered around his foundation.

Then, following the tumults by some geo-political zones to create the following leader of Nigeria, the legislative head of Kogi state, Yahaya Bello, has uncovered the characteristics of who might become President Buhari’s replacement.

Bello when speaking Channels TV on Thursday, November 20, said the PDP’s ambition to take back power is a “lofty dream” and ”castles in the air.”

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