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The modus operandi in our higher institutions has gone worse than the global COVID-19 pandemic, most especially, when it comes to research-based science courses. Many graduates, cannot make sense of the research gap his/her undergraduate project work was trying to bridge. Biological science students will spend 4 or 5 years in school without ever operating a spectrophotometer, a physical touch, just once, feels like the greatest achievement.



Is education in Nigeria still worth the hype we dole out to it?

Needless to write about the lackadaisical attitudes of our leaders toward the educational sector, nor the incessant strikes of the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) which is fast becoming an educational endemic. This is to mention a few, knowing there are many other indicators to this appalling situation.

It is generally conceived among the Nigerian youths that education in the country is overemphasized and as such shouldn’t be treated with such a  measure of priority. The rate of unemployment among the youths in the country is directly proportional to the belief that education is a scam. You know what that means right? This belief has birthed lots of humorous popular sayings among the youths such as; ‘las las, education na scam’, ‘education is the key but them don change the padlock’, …

This brooding school of thought is no longer a joke and has metamorphosed into a cankerworm eating deep into a supposed belief, embraced at the start of life by taking knowledge in the philosophies of some of the school of thoughts;

“Education is the key to unlocking the world, a passport to freedom.”Opray Winfrey.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”, said Nelson Mandela.

The modus operandi in our higher institutions has gone worse than the global COVID-19 pandemic, most especially, when it comes to research-based science courses. Many graduates, cannot make sense of the research gap his/her undergraduate project work was trying to bridge. Biological science students will spend 4 or 5 years in school without ever operating a spectrophotometer, a physical touch,  just once, feels like the greatest achievement.

I witnessed the use of the laboratory equipment (such as spec, centrifuge) by the technicians in my fourth year. Imagine, this was in my fourth year.

In years preceding this, if you as much as peep through the ‘instrument room’, you’d be chased like a dog, and need I tell you that, it is more honorable if you’re chased like a dog.

Many of us graduated without ever operating any biological research equipment throughout our course of study.

How pathetic, right?

I had always thought and would have kept on thinking, the electrophoretic gel is one big thing until I had the privilege of seeing it and I couldn’t but pity myself when I saw it. You’d have doubted my good grades.  It’s one thing to watch YouTube videos, it is another thing to carry out a practical.

A research project, meant to equip students has fast become a sham. Some lecturers are only after the funds provided by these students to pursue their selfish ambitions as academia, nothing more. They don’t just care!

It is discouraging to see lecturers who should serve the students see themselves become demigods who’d demand unnecessary sacrifices to be approached.

However, blame some students for not being serious with their academics, we need not call a spade a spoon. Some students’ commitment to their academics will make you question their reasons for being in school.  The focus is not on them today, some other time of course.

The focus here is; what about the diligent students, the system now teaches that ‘EDUCATION NA SCAM’?

The Best graduating student could be rewarded with a tuber of yam and a fowl. Even if he studied ‘native doctor’ or the least of all courses, it shouldn’t be so. First-class students are given a ridiculous sum of money as rewards. As if that is not enough, some organizations reward first-class students with this ridiculous amount and still present a ‘mount-kilimanjaro-size’ placard for it, with pictures to give an awful memory. Really?

It is agreeable to the ears that everything can’t be taught in school, yet there are numerous skills the institutions have failed to equip the students with. Graduates, who should be adeptly polished only come out of school to receive a shock in their field of study, due to the least skills we should have acquired but did not. We didn’t fail at skill acquisition but the system failed to equip us. When reality dawned on us, we realized we needed to take up another education.

This education is better, different, skill-driven, and enlightening. Here’s an education filling the gap in our previously acquired half-baked education.Some blames could be on us (the students) but the school’s educational system and management should greedily amass the largest share of the blames.

Are these indicators not enough reasons to think education is a scam? Although there are more.

This statement, education na scam’, and its indicators, such as the ones mentioned above, have demoralized a lot of intellectuals with brilliant minds and as such, they mentally succumb to the notion that there is nothing to be in life with education. Some will opt for unscrupulous activities to make ends meet, and this has indeed become a trend among the youths. Students with the potentials to graduate with a first-class will struggle to make a second class upper, thanks to a mental assertion that ‘las las, education na scam’.

However, the breaking news is …

“EDUCATION NO BE SCAM!” Yes, I said it, education is not a scam!


When the preferred isn’t available, the available becomes the preferred”, you don’t want this anymore, you want your preferred to be available as well. Am I saying your mind?

Everyone who studied a biological science course couldn’t possibly have a passion for it, that’s fine but for those with the passion, this is for you.

 The fact that the system is crappy doesn’t mean it is a scam. There are a whole lot of career opportunities for biological students like you. If Nigeria won’t give you the opportunity, other countries will and you could start by treading your path from here. People are getting fully-funded or partially-funded scholarships, you could too. You need to explore the opportunities.

Mandela assertions about education are still valid. He said; “education is the great engine of personal development. It is through education that the daughter of a peasant can become a doctor, that the son of a mineworker can become the head of the mine, that a child of farm workers can become the president of a nation. It is what we make out of what we have, not what we are given, that separates one person from another”.

There is a side of the #ENDSARS protest that I believe was mediated by a level of education. #ENDSARS was just the umbrella but the youths wanted a complete overhaul of the whole governmental and leadership system across all sectors. Some of these youths have traveled, witnessed, and gotten quality education out there. Hence, they know how a good system of government should be run across all sectors but here we are battling with the opposite.

Do not be demoralized by this system, give your best in your education, and graduate with a good grade. That is very important.

What’s in it for you?

Position yourself and explore the career opportunities for biological scientists like you, only then you’d realize education is still the key and it’s no scam.


  • Get a relevant SIWES/IT placement if you haven’t passed that level. I know it’s hard but you have to try. It’s your priority, right? Although such resources are limited, you can try some companies such as 54gene, FIIRO, …
  • Get a relevant Place of Primary Assignment for youth service. Shhhhhh! I know how it goes, I served in a secondary school, my friend was given primary school. This process is network dependent. If you network very well, you can get one.
  • Build a network of value-adding people in your career path around yourself. You could do this online and offline. I will recommend LINKEDIN for online networking.
  • Get a relevant internship/graduate traineeship that suits your tolerance (paid, unpaid, or volunteer).
  • Start exploring scholarship opportunities (locally or internationally) to study further and learn more, or,
  • Apply for your career job.
  • Do not forget to help others that you were once in their shoes, especially in Nigeria. Create opportunities and contribute to better this field.


Do you read this through to the end?

Thanks for your time!

Education is the engine of personal development – N. Mandela.

Yours in science,

Alade, Adebowale A.

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Twitter NG react to the “Charlie Charlie” game overtaking the internet

“Charlie Charlie are you there?”



A new game (or sort of) is trending and the internet is put in a confused and frenzy state regarding the authenticity of its origin. The game is called — Charlie Charlie.

Charlie Charlie is played by balancing two pencils in a cross form as if forming the plus (+) symbol on a plane sheet of white with ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ written on both ends of it, then the word “Charlie Charlie” is called with the player requesting whatever he desires and the pencils swing toward ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ depending on Charlie Charlie.

Set-up for the Charlie Charlie game.
Charlie Charlie swings the pencil to the ‘Yes’ side in response to the payer’s questions.

The Charlie Charlie game is said to be a modern incarnation of the Spanish and Hispanic American originated game called — Juego de la Lapicera (Pencil Game).

While many believe it is a fabricated story created to cause unrest among many Nigerians, others have gone on to try playing the game in order to confirm if it is a myth or not. The results are blaring with video evidences showing the reality of the Charlie Charlie game, leading to many concluding it as demonic rooted and advising players to be careful what they wish for.

Definitely trust Nigerians (at least, those using Twitter) to make light of situations like this and create memes, videos and assumptions for the sole purpose of entertainment. Nigerian Twitter — Twitter NG — is the exact spot and they have not failed yet, so check out some reactions to the Charlie Charlie game:

It is also a believe that the player has to say out loud the words — “Good bye” — when the game stops, so the spirit behind Charlie Charlie will not disturb the player when he stops asking  Charlie Charlie questions. On that note good bye for now.

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Top 5 most controversial artistes moments in 2020



2020 in one word — Covid-19 — and that itself is controversial till this day. People still believe it is a hoax, others have their various respective conspiracy theories regarding it, some say it is a decoy set by the government to achieve a ‘greater (unknown) plan/evil’ in the future.

Many do not even wear their masks or follow preventive guidelines, spreading the false conviction that the virus is not real. If all these is not controversial to you, then I do not know what will be. Anyways what do I know? I am just here to write entertainment news and entertain you.

If there is a body, organisation, group or some other sort of collective that has caused a lot of controversy pre Covid-19 and still very much competed with it this year, then that would be the entertainment industry. No other sectors have caused controversy in the modern day history of mankind as far as I know. (The Nigerian government and political system deserve a honourary mention though).

Truth be told, when one is in the limelight, they cannot escape being talked about, good or bad, potato potato, to the tabloids they are all the same.

Music industry suffered a lot due to the ongoing pandemic this year but something that remained constant is the delivery of hits both musically and controversially; that will be the focus of this round-up article as we gather the top 5 moments that caused a lot controversy in the Nigerian music sector for the year 2020.

Please note that these moments or those on this list are personally handpicked, so I might have omitted some few juicy ones but like my British bruddas will say “allow it”. Put on your scuba gear, let us dive right into it.

5. 9ice — Cheating scandal:

Alexander Abolore Adegbola Akande, otherwise known as 9ice was on his bad boy behaviour once again this year, with news circulating of him cheating on latest and third wife, Olasunkanmi Akande with concrete video evidence to show for it; in the video which sprung his cheating scandal to the limelight, he (9ice) is seen caressing the bossom of a lady while softly kissing her and bodly calling her his wife.

Few days after this news was brought up, 9ice in an attempt to redeem his image, released a video on his Instagram page, pleading with the public to save his marriage and help beg his wife to forgive him and come back home.

4. D’banj — Rape accusations:

Nigeria’s foremost entertainer, D’banj (real name Oladapo Oyebanjo) was put in a very demeaning tight corner, resulting in a back and forth between him and his accuser — Miss Seyitan Babatayo.

Early days of June (June 3rd) came the news by the accuser, that the Nigerian Pop star, D’banj raped her back in 2018. She narrated this experience in a now deleted series of tweets, claiming she was invited to a party at Eko Atlantic by Franklin, D’banj’s manager at the time for an all-white event which she attended.

According to Seyi, when she got to the party, she met a lady named Oyin who was with a male accomplice. The male accomplice turned out to be D’banj. On leaving the party, Seyi said Oyin informed her of D’banj’s sexual interest in her and wanting to be with her for the night but she refused all offers, despite the cash advances attached.

Leaving the venue of the party to her hotel (Glee Hotel VI) Seyi and Oyin exchanged contact and Oyin asked her where she (Seyi) was headed and she made her location known to be Glee Hotel VI; luckily for her, Oyin was also lodged in the same hotel so she accepted to ride with Oyin to her location. Then she arrived and slept off.

Going further, she claimed D’banj apparently had also lodged all his staff in the same hotel and without her prior knowledge got the key from the hotel’s receptionist and gained access to her while she was sleeping (She revealed she is a naked sleeper) and started to finger her without consent. When she confronted him, she said D’banj told her to stop acting like a kid as she knows where the act was leading to; she threatened to shout but according to her was shushed by D’banj and forcefully raped by him. She claimed it took two years to tell her story.

D’banj for a while stayed silent on the matter but after a while, (one week of said accusations), he released a statement denying all sort of inhumane deeds while also charging the accuser to court and demanding a sum of ₦100M for character defamation and false accusations.

During this said period, that is of him (D’banj) taking up the matter legally, he was also reported to have been involved in unlawfully holding someone (Seyitan Babatayo) against their will; he was reported to have taken her, the complainant to a private location, coercing her to delete her tweets and retract her statements concerning the rape accusations which apparently worked because Seyitan deleted all tweets accusing D’banj while putting up a new tweet stating she was in safe hands and not taken against her will nor coerced to delete and retract the rape accusations by D’banj and his team. She labelled all the news surrounding her and D’banj as “false”.

3. Lil Frosh — Battering his (ex-) girlfriend

On Monday October 5, Michael, brother to model Gift Camille (known by her Instagram handle — @thecutegeminme — blasted Lil Frosh for his erratic behaviour turned routine of battering and assaulting his sister (Gift Camille) to a pulp and always coming back to beg. He said Lil Frosh has been found guilty of this act on several occasions but he could not take it any longer.

He revealed this incident on his Instagram (@mayoks_michael) in an all telling thorough breakdown of all that have conspired between Lil Frosh and Gift Camille (his sister), attaching photo evidence of the assault and chats screenshot of Lil Frosh begging him (Michael) not to tell anybody, even offering money to compensate for his behaviour.

November 27 came the time for Gift Camille to shed more light on the battering she was induced to by now ex-boyfriend Lil Frosh. She revealed not only will he repeatedly beat her to stupor, giving her all sorts of bruises and injuries resulting in the loss of jobs and gigs for her but he will do so by using his former boss’s name, Davido as alibi, claiming Davido will always come to his rescue and get him out of it while also recording her naked, threatening to release her nude footage if she went on to tell anybody about what is going on in her relationship.

Lil Frosh on the other hand had a very different story and accounting to what was said to tarnish his image; claiming he never for once laid his hands on Gift Camille during the course of their relationship. When asked on how she got brusied and incurred those injuries on her body, he claimed she was reacting to allergies that week and sent him those pictures of how bad her body was reacting to it. He even claimed he was not present with her that week of the said battering and assault, as he chose to let her seek medical attention and rest accordingly, therefore denying any accusations regarding himself and Gift Camille on the assault and battery issue.

This will not pass by silently though, as the label he just inked a deal with — DMW — relinquished him of his contract, ceasing to be involved with him and his musical career.

2. Burna Boy — Best since Fela statement; Beef; Cheating allegations:

Best Since Fela Statement: Born Damini Ebunoluwa Ogulu, Burna Boy is known for speaking his mind, notwithstanding the confrontation that comes with it. Leaving 2019 on a very high note, Grammy nomination icing the very delicious cake of a sweet year he had, Burna Boy started 2019 somewhat with a L, at least to him it was, he lost his much anticipated and coveted Grammy nod for ‘Best World Album’.

Two weeks after the awards, he made his reactions clear, in a very familiar egotistical African Giant manner, tweeting subs at his colleagues in the entertainment industry claiming they only show fake love to him but deep down their love  is “sugar coated” by jealousy and envy as they “hope and pray” for him “to fail”.

Burna did not stop at that, going further he tweeted the very much daring words: “FACT! I always knew I was and I am THE BEST. Everyone you think is the best KNOWS I’m BEST since Fela Kuti.” Well needless to say, we know what ensued.

Beef: Burna Boy reacted indirectly to Davido’s post of a Photoshop of Davido and WizKid in traditional outfits (quite looking like Ifa priests, just joking though) which the former posted with the caption:“The 2 greatest of all time! No [cap]” via his Snapchat with the sports analogy: “You cannot play football, everybody knows you cannot play football and you are an embarrassment to the team but your daddy bought the football team.”

Although not naming anyone in particular, fans quickly deduced he was referring to Davido’s wealthy background with those words. This did not go down well for Burna Boy, spewing hate to his side from fans of Davido, even his own fans condemned such attitude.

Cheating allegations: Earlier this month, Jo Pearl, an entrepreneur and model in a series of long videos posted on her Instagram page (@jopearl) said she and Burna Boy have been seeing eachother on the low pre Steff London but she was ghosted by him as he went on to date the UK rapper.

Something led to the other, they (Jo Pearl and Burna Boy) eventually came in contact with eachother and resumed their love affair, not minding the public relationship between the two artistes (Burna Boy and Steff London). She even revealed Burna Boy promised to  marry her; Jo Pearl made it known that they have been doing this for 3 years now, claiming anytime Burna Boy visits England, they spend quality time with eachother.

Although Burna Boy has neither accepted nor denied the allegations, Jo Pearl continued to subliminally reference Steff London on her IG story, saying Steff London keeps threatening her to keep her man (sorry their man *smiles*) from her mouth and life.

1. Davido — Peruzzi’s contract breach; Cheating scandal; “FEMdiss track + more:

Peruzzi’s contract breach: This will take a lot to breakdown and time so I will just summarize it. The year just started but for Davido, controversy had other plans for him. Label signee, Peruzzi was accused by Golden Boy Entertainment CEO — Patrick Anyaene — in a thread of tweet explained how he met Peruzzi at his lowest moment; how Peruzzi’s dad had medical issues and how he (Patrick) sponsored Peruzzi’s education but “be the bang bang” crooner focus on education was withering as his new focus was on music, so Patrick signed Peruzzi to Golden Boy Entertainment but got slyed as Davido snatched his talent and signed him to DMW.

He revealed how Peruzzi introduced him to Davido under a false alias, promising both of them will get signed to Davido but eventually got dished. Ever since then, Davido had always known he signed Peruzzi to an “audio contract” and promised to pay Patrick’s royalties duly but never did so. He (Patrick) eventually sued Davido and Peruzzi to court and yeah that is basically the details.

Cheating on Chioma scandal: June 2020 Larrisa London joined the chat. Rumours have it that Davido has a child with London-based make-up artist — Larrisa London. Larissa and Davido are speculated to have been together since 2017, they hooked up on several occasions but the child resulting copulation took place mid 2019 during his “A Good Time” U.S tour around June 2019.

Davido is reported to have blocked Larissa London on all his socials, denying her access to breed the rumours and denying the rumours of him having a child with her.

“FEM” diss track: After Burna Boy used the football analysis on Davido, he did not respond immediately but after a while announced to fans he was taking a break from social media for about 2-3 months which fans speculated was solely for him to focus on his “A Better Time” album.

After Davido’s self-imposed social media exile, he came back with a hit single in “FEM” a song perceived to be a diss track at Burna Boy.

Brawl with Burna Boy at Twist club at Ghana: Tell Odogwu say we like to party” are the exacts words of Nigerian Pop star, Davido on “FEM”. Rightfully so, Odogwu came to party this past Sunday at Twist club, Ghana where Davido was also present and he did try to allegedly “run up” on Burna Boy, with supposed video evidence of him (davido) causing a scene at the club as he was being escorted out by guards out of the club.

Notable mention:

Naira Marley — attending Funke Akindele and JJC Skillz party & performing before a crowd during lockdown.

Paul “Rudeboy” Okoye (of defunct group, P-Square) — ongoing fued with brother, Peter “Mr. P” Okoye; blasting Peter and his wife’s shady behaviours.

• Omah Lay and Tems arrest at Uganda for performing at a show in violation of Covid-19 protocols.

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Wike advises buhari to fulfill his promise to nigerians



Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Wike, has encouraged the President, Major General Muhammadu Buhari (retd.), to demonstrate to Nigerians that he is prepared to fulfill the masses needs.

The lead representative said the President will set the nation ‘ablaze’ by not actualizing a portion of the solicitations voiced out by pioneers during the ongoing conversations with the official designation drove by the Chief of Staff to the President, Ibrahim Gambari.

The PUNCH had revealed that Gambari drove lawmakers and government officials to gatherings with heads of the six international zones as a method of tending to concerns brought up in the outcome of the #EndSARS protests.

Gambari and the official appointment had met with lead representatives and heads of the South-South international zone in Port Harcourt, the Rivers State capital, on Tuesday. At the gathering, the South-South pioneers including the Rivers State governor requested the rebuilding of the nation in accordance with the guideline of genuine federalism, saying it will ensure harmony, security and soundness in the nation.

Giving a report on the gathering on Thursday morning, Wike said the President actually has the opportunity to execute the desire of individuals and engraving an inheritance for himself.

The governor talked today on Channels Television’s Sunrise Daily program.

He said, “I am not a pessimist. I don’t believe that because you didn’t do what you agreed to do yesterday, therefore, you will not do what you agree to do today.

Even if he (Buhari) has not done what he told Nigerians he would do, he can say, look, I promised Nigerians yesterday, I didn’t do that and that is affecting my integrity and so, for people who know me, I will implement what I have said.

“People have raised the issue that they don’t think anything will come out of the dialogues. I don’t agree with them. I believe that if the President does not do it, given the opportunity he has now, he will be putting Nigeria on fire.” Continuing, Wike said political will to implement what the people want is key in governance.

According to him, the President has to show leadership by listening to Nigerians and by adhering to their wishes and proposals. “He may not necessarily implement everything the people may want but let the people see the concrete evidence that under President Buhari, he has been able to implement one, two, three, four demands by the people.

“If he (Buhari) doesn’t take this opportunity now to implement some of these requests, I don’t think it will be very good for Nigerians and for his legacy,” the governor added.

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