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Court dismisses marriage due to supposed ritual



Court breaks up 10-year old marriage over marathon sex, affirmed money ritual .

A Mapo Customary Court in Ibadan, on Tuesday, broken down a 10-year-old marriage between one Basirat Adeyoyin and spouse, Adeyoyin Niyi over supposed ritual and marathon sex.

Conveying judgment, the President of the court, Chief Ademola Odunade said that the court would not watch until there was insurgency prior to settling on the correct choice.

Odunade, consequently, disintegrated the relationship among Basirat and Niyi in light of a legitimate concern for harmony and peacefulness.

He granted guardianship of the two kids born to both of them to the offended party and requested the respondent to pay N10, 000 as the kids’ month to month taking care of recompense.

The court additionally requested Niyi to be answerable for their schooling and other government assistance. In her previous record, Basirat, an inhabitant of Olonsogo-Molete, told the court that she was throwing in the towel with her better half since “he was putting forth a urgent attempt to utilize her for money ritual”.

The woman added that she first notification this when her husband didn’t show any empathy after she lost her last pregnancy because of an excessive number of sexual intercourse with him.

Suddenly in 2018, Niyi came home one night and told me that he received a message that he must have seven-day marathon sex with me without a gap of any day. “I read no meaning to it and I allowed him until there was a problem. “I was already carrying a three-month-old pregnancy before that time and on the second day of the marathon sex, I lost the pregnancy.

“I took care of myself in the hospital only for Niyi to come home to start requesting for the continuation of the seven-day marathon sex even when I was still bleeding. “Then, I consulted my parents and relatives and from every indication, we discovered that he was trying to use me for money ritual,” Basirat said.

Consenting to the suit, the respondent didn’t prevent the claim from getting the marathon sex yet decided to raise new issues by and large.

Niyi presented that his wife was excessively inconvenient for him and was an imprudent housewife.

“Even if this court would dissolve my marriage, I pray to be given custody of the two children because Basirat cannot take care of them.

“One of the young boys in our neighbourhood raped our first child and she did not tell me about the incident. “My lord, it was because she often overstays in the market that such a thing could happen,” Niyi added.

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Josh2Funny releases visuals for “Don’t Leave Me” remix featuring Falz, Magnito, Vector and AO



Inventor of the #DontLeaveMe challenge that made massive wave last year, Josh Alfred, better known by his comedian name – Josh2Funny – puts out the video for the remix to his rap song —“Don’t Leave Me” single featuring rappers Falz, Magnito, Vector and AO.

L-R: Vector, AO, Josh2Funny, Falz, Magnito (behind Falz) for Don’t Leave Me official music video.

The #DontLeaveMe has always been a thing for the popular online comedian, he started it by forming a hypothetical situation, then ending it with a funny bar, which makes sense but no sense at the same time for comedic purpose.

For instance, a lyric from his verse: “If I frame a picture of my mother, does that mean I’ve been framed for murder?”; Josh2Funny calls on rap enthusiast in Falz, Vector and Magnito to add their own quota of bars, making for a fun and enjoyable listen.

The majority of the music video was shot in a boxing ring where each rapper dish out their punchlines. Don’t Leave Me is produced by Caution LXE while the music video is directed by Bash ‘Em.

You can watch it here: Don’t Leave Me (official music video).

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Bitcoin breaks above $38,000, shows no sign of slowing down




Bitcoin is unquestionably on steroids, as it got through another record high a couple of mins prior.

What you should know

At the hour of composing this report, Bitcoin exchanged at $38,049.23 with an every day exchanging volume of $80.3 billion.

Bitcoin is up 8.95% for the afternoon.

The world’s most mainstream crypto now has a market cap of $707 billion.

The cost of the world’s lead crypto set another untouched high of $38,500, prior to settling down to $34,200, up 8.59% at the time this report was refreshed.

Just yesterday, bitcoin flooded from $36,000 and $37,000 unexpectedly and still gave no indications of easing back down.

Six days into 2021, the most mainstream crypto resource has picked up about 28.3%, or about $9,000 this year alone in the midst of solid purchasing pressure from the main monetary brands across the world.

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Nigeria, other African oil-producing countries will lose $1tn oil revenue in 20 years – PWC




PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PwC) has anticipated that Nigeria and other oil-creating African nations will lose an expected $1 trillion in oil send out incomes throughout the following 20 years, because of likely low costs.

This is contained in its Africa Oil and Gas Review 2020, themed invigorating another tomorrow.

The survey noticed that Covid-19 conveyed a worth obliteration of the oil market in Africa; adding that African nations, of which many are reliant on oil and gas incomes, have needed to redirect financial assets to supporting medical care and government assistance reactions to the pandemic, prompting more prominent monetary pain.

Key features from the survey

Oil creation in Africa saw a slight increment of 0.5% from 2019 adding up to 8.3 mmbbl/d. This records for 8.82% of worldwide creation.

In 2020, creation saw a decrease of 10% comparative with the earlier year driven by the Covid-19 interest log jam for sends out.

Oil holds: Africa’s demonstrated oil saves have stayed static at 125.7 Bbo from the finish of 2019 to 2020. 41% of these stores are found seaward while 59% are coastal.

Fares stayed static at 7.1 mmbbl/d somewhere in the range of 2018 and 2019. Nonetheless, because of Covid-19 of every 2020, trades saw a decrease of over 10%.

Utilization at 4 mmbbl/d stayed unaltered from 2018 to 2019. Utilization fell by under 10% in 2020. Africa’s homegrown market devours around half of its absolute oil creation. Africa has restricted treatment facility limit and imports around 48% of its completed item fuel interest.

Africa’s demonstrated gas holds have stayed at 527 tcf somewhere in the range of 2019 and 2020 — 34% of these stores are arranged seaward.

Gas creation saw a slight increment of 0.36% from 2018 to 238 bcm in 2019. Be that as it may, creation declined by 9% in 2020 because of COVID-19.

Gas utilization somewhat expanded by 0.4% from 2018 to 150 bcm in 2019 while it declined by over 10% in 2020 comparative with the earlier year.

Africa burns-through 63% of its all out gas creation, dominatingly for power age.

African gas sending out nations saw an all out decrease of over 6% in 2020 from 39.7 mtpa in 2019 to 37.3 mtpa in 2020.

The survey demonstrates that oil request worldwide shows a checked recuperation throughout the following not many years following the Covid-19 prompted request droop, with costs anticipated to arrive at a roof of around $54 per barrel, contrasted with a pre-Covid-19 gauge of long haul estimating going somewhere in the range of $60 and $70 per barrel.

As per the audit, “It is assessed that this lower value conjecture will cost Africa a potential $1 trillion in fare incomes from oil throughout the following 20 years.”

What they are exhorting

In the wake of this turn of events, PwC has exhorted in the audit that the appropriation of the energy change can give a ‘life saver’ considering declining oil interest.

The survey proposed that the energy progress does indeed make critical positive monetary effect and openings, and Africa can profit enormously from the innovation establishments and expectations to absorb information generally paid for by the created world.

By considering the African energy strategy climate one can derive with regards to whether nations are establishing a dynamic or static arrangement climate according to catching the advantages and monetary development that can be utilized from the energy progress.

The survey additionally pointed that as fare incomes and homegrown interest change, energy progress preparation will be a significant supportability factor for some nations that have depended on their oil and gas blessings.

What you should know

Energy progress alludes to the worldwide energy area’s work day from fossil-based frameworks of energy creation and utilization — including oil, flammable gas and coal — to sustainable power sources like breeze and sun oriented, just as lithium-particle batteries.

The expanding entrance of sustainable power into the energy supply blend, the beginning of zap and enhancements in energy stockpiling are largely key drivers of the energy change.

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