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Maax’s Conglomerate is an ecosystem comprising of subsidiaries which work together to achieve our common goal of making life easier and better through promoting businesses, building ideas for growth and development in various sectors.

Maax’s Conglomerate was founded over a year ago.We started as a web development company that designs and manages websites for brands in order to increase their online visibility. Today we’ve grown into becoming a greater enterprise diversifying and cultivating interests in areas such as :

• E-commerce : Maax’s stores (a subsidiary of Maax Conglomerate) is a 24/7 online store that helps business owners showcase and sell their products to various consumers Nationwide.

• Business development and management : Maax assists start-up brands reach their full potential, bringing their ideas to life through strategic planning and utilisation of available resources.

• Music production : Maax also provides the platform for the buying and selling of beats. Affording music producers the opportunity to put out their sounds and artistes to purchase the beats that resonates with their style of music.

• Tech Blog : Maax brings to You all the latest information and happenings in the tech space. In our blog, we feed you with Educative contents, Reviews and recommendations of tech gadgets, keeping you updated with the current trends globally.

Maax’s Conglomerate is a place where creativity and innovation converge under one umbrella. We aim to create a valid connection and impact in our society,Proffering solutions to problems faced by the common man.

With a coordinated team and an excellent customer service always there to serve and attend to all your problems whenever the need may arise.

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Fashion is dead in Nigeria? Bigsam Apparel is countering the statement!



The early years of Nigeria as a country saw rapid expansion and industrialization that even the civil war couldn’t really stop, the oil boom brought a lot of money into the country, which saw a collapse in the output of Nigeria agricultural sector, but textile industry in Kano where running fine, until early 1990s when the bubble busted, naira collapsed, Nigerians started opting for internationally made cloths “ready made” these ushered in big brands like Gucci, Dior, then sportswear’s like Nike, Umbro, Puma and Adidas.

lately the new found acceptable of Nigerian music music on a global stage has led to more Nigerians looking inward from tech to fashion, but there is still a problem a lot of fashion houses are either giving subpar product or too expensive, until BigSam Apparel found a balance, the CEO/ Founder Samuel Ugbagbor Osohiomon said during our session “big respect to everyone in the fashion industry, but there are a lot of errors, zero customer satisfaction, people don’t really trust brands so that’s why we are doing what we are doing, good pricing and top notch product”

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Checkout this one in all business app, The Owlette, your best bet as a SME



While in school, Olusehinde Elijah Kolawole already knew he never wanted to work in a typical 9-5 job. He took a job while at Osun State University, and the experience bored him out of his mind. It was a job that forced a routine, and he did not find it challenging. The thrill he was looking for lay in the social media space. He found the social media space and all the development around it quite fascinating. He began to learn how to help brands grow their social media pages. 

Figuring out content marketing and social media spaces was fun, and it engaged him, but he saw an opportunity. It was an opportunity to build a different type of marketplace.

“We have built a marketplace. No, you don’t get it. An actual marketplace. Online. You know how you can go to the market to get some stuff, and you look around and find it? That kind of market. Sometimes you check one stall, and when you don’t like what you see, you move to another stall. You might like some things but may not want to buy them. That kind of marketplace is what we recreated here. People can be hired to provide professional services too. You can find a photographer for your wedding, a web developer to design your business website, even if you are looking for a painter. You’ll find one,” the CEO says, impassioned by this new revolution.

Bringing the market online

The Owlette is an online marketplace where traders/professionals can display their goods and services for customers to make purchases and hire professionals. It is a digital market. An easy-to-navigate market. 

They quickly realized that they had to go out into the markets to meet with the traders to ask them to come online. They had to go into schools to tell students they could upload their side hustles and make money from them. Unitary teams of The Owlette went into the nooks and crannies, educating the traders on how to download the app from Playstore. They began to use it to earn more. The teams spoke to students/professionals and told them to come online!

The Owlette is easy to use

The simple design meets a system designed with ease of use at the top of the mind. You can download the app, sign up, and start selling if you are a trader. Upload your goods as an Instagram photo, and users can purchase them. When the idea for The Owlette was brewing, it was designed to cater to individuals with trading and professional side hustles. The Owlette set out to create a system that was easy to navigate, and it paid off. It is easy for customers to find the goods and services they are looking for.

It supports the physical market 

The Owlette cannot overrun physical markets (they will always be there). The Owlette overlays the physical markets. You can use The Owlette to make more sales while sitting at your physical store. Students can earn extra cash selling their goods and services on The Owlette. without leaving their home or hostel. The physical market can exist. The Owlette will only help you earn more with no stress. 

The Owlette is safe & reduces stress

The system naturally reduces the stress for the trader. They do not have to do much to set up shop. Professionals can simply signup and begin to receive work offers for their services. It makes things safer. 

Sign up & earn more

The Owlette’s proposition is simple enough. Sign up and you earn more. 

Savvy business owners/professionals grabbed the offer with both hands. They are getting on this online market, selling more and earning more. 

Elijah is very passionate about the youth. He believes that The Owlette can give the youth another avenue to earn from their trade and skills. The UX design of the app was created with the youth in mind. It had to be cool and fun to navigate. Students responded positively. “They are doing so much with it,” laughed a member of The Owlette’s team. They are promoting music and selling tickets to their parties. Some are selling clothes, shoes, watches, bags. There are artisans, painters, photographers, videographers, all offering their services. 

“Youth empowerment was one of our targets. We wanted to enable them to do more. Earn more,” Elijah says. People are doing more with The Owlette. They are selling more and earning more.

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FG to extend fuel subsidy for 6 months




The Nigerian Government may have suspended plans to end its subsidy payments as reports indicate that the FG plans to spend N720 billion for the next 6 months on Premium Motor Spirit (PMS) subsidies.

This was disclosed in an exclusive report by The Guardian on Sunday, citing that President Muhammadu Buhari ordered that the subsidies remain in place for the next 6 months.

“Specifically, President Buhari has asked the Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) to suspend any idea on subsidy removal for five to six months so that a plan that does not harm ordinary Nigerians is evolved if the deregulation must go on,” a Government official said.

What you should know

NNPC GMD, Mele Kyari disclosed last month that the “NNPC may no longer be in a position to carry that burden because we cannot continue to carry it in our books,” after reports of fuel imports under-recovery revealed the FG was spending N120 billion a month on subsidy.
Kyari also hinted that they may soon start selling PMS at market prices saying: “NNPC importing PMS at market price and selling at N162/L. The actual market price should be between N211 and N234/L. Meaning is that consumers are not paying the market price.
“NNPC is currently the sole importer of PMS, and we’re trying to exit the underpriced sale of PMS. Eventual exit is inevitable, when it will happen I cannot say, but engagements are ongoing because the government is cognisant of the implications.”

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