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Blow-by-blow account of how 2 Cameroonian ladies vamoosed with lover’s car, cash, other valuables after a night of marathon sex




The two Cameroonian ladies who were recently arrested by the police over drugging and stealing from their victims have insisted that they decided to rob their latest victim of his car because they felt he wanted to sleep with them for free.

The suspects identified as Yamba Kinloga Rassa and Vivian Ngo Dingom Yoland were picked in Abuja and Jos by operatives of Inspector General of Police, Intelligence Response Team, IRT, few hours before they boarded a bus to the border en route Cameroon.

According to the police, their modus operandi is to lure male admirers to a hotel room, drug and dispose them of their valuables including cars. They were said to have either sold the cars in Nigeria or transport them to Cotonu in the Republic of Benin where they will be sold.

They were declared wanted after their latest victim, one Macdonald Ntui ran to the police as soon as he realised that his Lexus car was missing and could have been stolen by his lover.

He told detectives that while he was travelling from Keffi in Nasarawa State to Abuja, he spotted two beautiful ladies by the roadside. He decided to give them a free ride to Abuja. They became friends and decided to move the relationship a step further. They told him that their names were Angela and Mercy and that they are from Kogi State.

He took them to a hotel in Apo area and bought drinks for them. He was able to convince Yamba to have sex with him. They checked in into one of the rooms and ordered a bottle of red wine.

He decided to enter the bathroom to freshen up and while he was there Yamba added sleeping pills to his drink. He took the drink and dozed off minutes later.

When he finally woke up hours later, he discovered that the ladies had gone and his car key and wallet were no longer in his pocket. He ran outside and discovered that his Lexus car was also missing.

The detectives through intelligence report generated were able to track the suspects who had disposed their handsets and were on the run. They confessed and took police to the buyer who paid N1.6 million for the Lexus.

 Free sex
 In an interview with Saturday Sun, Yamba said that she decided to steal the car when she realized the man had no sufficient money in his wallet. “I am a native of Mbongo Ndonga, in Cameroon and I studied Computer Science and Accounting at a Cotonu university. I am a widow with two children and normally come to Nigeria to visit friends and make small money and go back to my country. Sometime in July, I came with my children on vacation. It was here that I met my sister Yoland and we travelled to Nassarawa to visit a friend.

“It was while we were on our way back that we met Donald. He saw us standing by the roadside and decided to give us a free ride to Abuja. He dropped us off and we exchanged numbers, he kept calling me that he wants to date me and I refused. He kept disturbing me and I decided to give him a chance. We went to a hotel in Apo and I took my sister along so that he will not take advantage of me.

I decided to release my sister and spend the night with him with the hope that he will be generous since he is driving an expensive car.

“We ended up in the room and one thing led to the other and we had sex. In fact, that man is too active because he had his way three times before he became tired. He went inside the bathroom to clean up and I decided to check his wallet and know how rich he is. I thought he was rich and when I discovered that he has used me, I decided to add sleeping tablet in his drink. I find it difficult to sleep at night, so I am always with a sleeping tablet.

“I doubt if it was the sleeping tablet that made him sleep because in less than a minute, he dozed off. I am sure it was the marathon sex that knocked him off.

As soon as he slept off, I took the money in his wallet, which was about N5000, his wristwatch, key to his car. How can a man who has been begging me for sex, decided to come and sleep with me with nothing much in his wallet? I came down and called my sister. With the aid of Google map, we left for Kogi. We were connected to one car dealer in Auchi, Edo State where we sold it. He paid N1.6 million and transferred the money into my account.”

 Plea for leniency

 Begging for mercy, Yamba said that she has never done it before but as a graduate, it’s a common knowledge that police will call her number. “I decided to throw away our phones because police might trace us. We had relocated to Jos when police lured my friend back to Abuja where she was arrested.”

The second suspect, Yoland while begging for mercy said that she decided to play along with her friend with the hope the money generated will be enough for her to start a business. “Two months ago, I came to Abuja to see the father of my children. School had resumed and if I don’t come in person, he will pretend that he did not see my calls. We had three children and he asked me to marry him but because he is a womanizer, I refused. He works at the Cameroonian embassy in Abuja.

“I spent some days with him and he gave me N200, 000 to go back and take care of my children. Sometime in August, one Donald gave us a free lift from Keffi to Abuja, he was attracted to my sister and kept pestering that she should give him her number. We finally gave our numbers to him and from that day, he kept calling, seeking to meet her.

“Finally we agreed and met, he took us to a bar and I gave him a bottle of wine. I gave it to him as a way of saying thank you. At the bar, he gave me sign to go that he wants to spend time with my sister. I agreed. I was at home when she called me to pack my bag and come that we were about to travel. It was when I got there that I realized that she was with the car of the man that gave us a lift from Nasarawa to Abuja. She told me that the man slept off after sex and when she realized that there was no money in his account, she decided to go with his car.

“I pleaded with her to return the car; she insisted that this was an opportunity to change our destiny. The plan was to sell the car and travel back to our country.

We took the car to Edo where it was sold for N1.6 million. Surprisingly, it was very easy to sell. We were still planning to return to Cameroon when police arrested us.

I am sorry, I don’t know what entered my head. I have never done this kind of thing before in my life. It’s just that life as a single mother is not easy. I was convinced because I thought we would succeed. I thank God that they have recovered that car; we are ready to pay back the money that was taken from his wallet and the worth of his wristwatch. I am a single mother and only God knows what has become of my children.”

On how she was arrested, Yoland said that police used the father of her children to track and arrest her. “We agreed to switch off our phones after the theft, but I kept in touch with the father of my children because I was yet to collect the money that he promised me. He called me to come to the embassy and collect the money and when I got there, policemen were already waiting for me.”


Mr Eazi proposes to Temi Otedola!



For what seemed like a long while, celebrity power couple—Mr Eazi and Temi Otedola—are finally engaged as Oluwatosin Ajibade better known as Mr Eazi pops the heartwarming “Will you be my wife?” question to his girlfriend of 2 years Temiloluwa Otedola and she responded favourably in the affirmative “Yes” tone.

Fashion mogul and Icon Temi Otedola began dating artiste and music label CEO Mr Eazi in the year 2020 and have been living together ever since in their London apartment, sharing intimate moments, even meeting respective family members. This they’ve both shared in detail on their How Far? With Mr Eazi And Temi Otedola podcast.

Temi announced her engagement by posting the sea-side proposal of Mr Eazi on one knee asking the important question. The video goes by the simple caption of the infinity logo connoting they’re both locked in for life.

Congratulations to Temi Otedola and Mr Eazi!

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Nicki Minaj agrees “Essence” should be song of the year at the Grammys



American superstar rapper, Nicki Minaj, shares the same sentiments as myriads of Wizkid fans and well-wishers worldwide, in that she concurs to the argument the trendsetting crossover record-breaking single from Wizkid’s 2020 released “Made In Lagos” album, Essence should be in the conversation for the coveted “Record of the Year” plaque at this year’s Grammy Awards.

Although “Essence” did not receive the much desired nomination in the category for “Record of the Year” at the 2022 Grammy Awards, it did get a nod for Best Global Music Performance, the first of its kind.

Irrespective of the snub, Nicki whilie on Joe Budden TV (YouTube) as a guest on the special episode tagged A Conversation With Nicki Minaj & Joe Budden agreed with the host (Joe Budden) when he said “We need people on the Grammy board that know that “Essence” was song of the year” with an exclamatory “Right! Right!” response. She even proffered, “We should have our own Grammy Board“, in support of many and the popular believe that Black Americans or black artistes in general are always stereotyped to a particular category at the award show, if indeed they made it to the top categories, they barely win; Nicki Minaj does not have a Grammy Award herself and that is still a shock to many, especially when considering her refined catalogue of music.

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Pheelz & Buju (BNXN) live the carefree lifestyle on “Finesse”



After much teasing, the anticipated Finesse by Pheelz and Buju (now BNXN) hit DSPs across the globe and just like the teaser gave off, Finesse is a banger! It is produced by young producer under Pheelz’s wing known as Miichkel.

On Finesse, Pheelz and Buju live their life to the fullest, the carefree lifestyle is what they desire and they are determined to stay on that track for the time being. “I’ve been living the fast life but I see it in slow mo / And you see my lifestyle, I got Gs in the turbo / . . . / Bad girl sey she want Netflix & Chill / So I ja ticket give her warning / If you fall in love, girls it’s certain / You go chop breakfast, I’m not capping“, Pheelz explains on the first verse, even saying love and relationship cannot stop him from living the ‘ballers’ lifestyle; “I’d be dammed if there’s anybody that could be like me / I be like Mo’ Salah, coming up the right wing / I cut through your defender, you no need to tell me / I must finesse / And you know sey me I must net“, Buju braggingly adds on the second verse, saying he can score any chick that catches his eye and dish her the next minute.

listen to the popular joyous chorus “Ah finesse / If I broke na my business / Ama shana e go bright o / Folake for the nighr ohere or on Apple Music.:

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