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5 Things you must remember before using Craftmartng to sell your products



Using Craftmartng to sell your handmade products in Nigeria can be quite easy and rewarding if you are an internet savvy digital marketer. In business, nothing brings more joy than knowing the best tactics to use in marketing your products.

How would you feel, having thousands of orders every day? I’m sure you will always have that lively smile that lingers on the face of every happy man and woman.

Craftmartng can be very useful in selling your handcrafted products online if you know what you are doing. In this post, I have outlined 5 important things you must be aware of before using Craftmartng to sell your products.

Use REAL Quality images

A quality image promotes the originality of a product and makes it more appealing to buyers. But more importantly, it must be the exact image of the product you want to put up for sale.

Most times, people advertise their products on Craftmartng with blurred images. Chances are that nobody will even look at the product if it’s blurred, since any buyer would conclude that the product is not of good quality.

People usually judge from what they see with their eyes. A high quality product image will speak for itself.

Also always remember to write a caption beneath the image to influence the buying decisions of your customers and prospects.

 Product Promotion

To use Craftmartng to sell your handcrafted products is free. But if you want to get quick sales and turnover, you must actively promote your listing to make it more visible to potential customers.

In order to promote your product, after uploading your product with the right description to your Craftmartngaccount, it is necessary for you to share the product uploaded on different social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, instagram etc. where your followers can see your products.

Know who your target audience’s are and post in the best category

The truth is a product can be appealing to different kinds of people who may likely have different needs and goals.

In other words, every product has its target buyers. And you must know that these target audience visit specific categories on the Craftmartng website.

When you fail to list your product in the exact category where your potential customers visit, then your chances of satisfying their needs is zero because they won’t even see your product to start with.

So it is very important to research extensively about your target audience, know the category they are most likely to visit before you have your products running on Craftmartng.

Always be available

Do you know that one of the worst things you can do using Craftmartng to sell your products is to be unavailable when a potential customer needs your product or service.

A serious business person must always be accessible and available at all times.

Selling online has no closing time!

Your Craftmartng account must contain accurate and accessible contact information that will help  prospects and customers get in touch with you when your attention is needed.

That means you should have your mobile phone and email active at all times.

Product Description

Most artists and makers have failed in this part. It’s not enough to just place your product images on Craftmartng. It must come with detailed product description. 

A well described product sells itself because it provides potential customers with all the information they need concerning the product to make a decision.

If you describe your product well on Craftmartng, when potential customers call you, they do so to place an order because you would have answered all necessary questions before hand.

So when you want to use Craftmartng to sell you handcrafted products, make sure you include the unique features about your product. Describe in detail how your products beat that of the competitor.

Final thoughts

Marketing your products on Craftmartng doesn’t require any special digital marketing skills. But it does require you to remember to use well described high quality product images and to always be available to pick your calls when potential customers call.

If you remember the above things, you’ll have better chances of using Craftmartng to sell your products successfully.

Good Luck!!

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President Buhari speaks on building friendships with other african nations



PRESIDENT Muhammadu Buhari on Tuesday spoke on the importance of joining hands as with other african countries to consistently secure each other’s advantages, saying their common endurance relies upon each other.

President Buhari expressed this while playing host to President Patrice Talon of Republic of Benin, who was on an authority visit at the Presidential Villa, Abuja.

The President in an assertion gave by his Special Adviser on Media and Publicity, Chief Femi Adesina, stated, “good neighbourliness is very important in our lives.

The survival of your neighbour is also your own, and we will continue to work with our neighbours in the light of this understanding.”

He reviewed that on suspicion of office for initial term in 2015, one of the absolute initial steps he took was to visit adjoining nations of Chad, Niger, Cameroon and Benin – all towards manufacturing a typical comprehension on pivotal issues, including security, exchange and advancement.

According to him, “And those are issues we must continue to engage on, for the good of our countries and the people. Whatever irritations that come up must be removed.”

Talking prior, President Talon stated, he was in Nigeria to show appreciation to President Buhari for the vigorous authority he shows in Nigeria and Africa. Taking note of that the difficulties of 2020 were gigantic, he focused on that similar difficulties may stay in 2021, “and our relationship as neighbours must, therefore, remain cordial.”

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Kaduna State government postpones resumption date of schools



State government makes U-Turn, orders conclusion of schools until further notice.

The spread of the COVID-19 pandemic has influenced the resumption date for schools in Kaduna state.

The Kaduna state government has declared that all schools inside the state should stay shut until additional notification.

The state’s permanent secretary, ministry of education, Phoebe Sukai Yayi, uncovered that schools in the state won’t continue on Monday, January 18, as affirmed by the national government.

As per Daily Trust, Yayi in an assertion on Sunday, January 17, expressed that the request commanding the conclusion of schools in the state additionally stretches out to government organizations.

She said a date for the resumption of schools will be declared after the public authority’s appraisal of the COVID-19 circumstance in the state.

The worker said:

“We want to make it categorically clear that Kaduna State is yet to fix a date for resumption to schools.

“In as much as the federal government has declared 18th January 2021 as the date for resumption Kaduna state is yet to declare a date for resumption.

“According to Vanguard, Yayi also noted that approvals were given to the National Open University and Kaduna Polytechnic to conduct exams for their students following a written request by both institutions.

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Parler sues Amazon for taking down its site




Parler, a fair-minded free discourse network zeroed in on genuine client encounters and commitment was as of late suspended by Amazon web administrations (AWS), Google and Apple, sending the online media application disconnected.

This move came because of the lethal mob on US Capitol building, to a great extent on the grounds that the stage didn’t take measures to check vicious substance on its site from favorable to best allies which empowered and affected savagery.

The company  feels like it is being singled out since a ton of clients that were suspended from Twitter and different stages have moved to Parler, where their substance won’t be observed or surveilled – along these lines, it seems like the top organizations are attempting to take out the opposition, as per their Chief Policy Officer – Amy Peikoff.

Forbes announced that Parler has sued Amazon Web administrations after Amazon restricted the site from being facilitated on its workers. Parler asked the U.S. Region Court of the Western District of Washington to give a brief limiting request to prevent the webpage from going  disconnected, saying in their claim that Amazon’s choice will compel the site disconnected for “a monetarily crushing period” of time.

Parler asserted that Amazon abused antitrust laws and was “persuaded by political enmity” in its choice to suspend the organization over the activities of its clients.

The organization said in its claim that “without AWS, Parler is done as it has no real way to get web based,” asserting that deferring a controlling request “by even one day could likewise stable Parler’s passing ring as President Trump and others proceed onward to different stages.”

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