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2021 Top 10: Nigerian Songs

With new acts like Ayra Starr and Monalisa making waves for themselves with “Bloody Samaritan” and “Monalisa” respectively, staple figures in the industry in Olamide and Adekunle Gold did not back down either, coming in hot with dope singles in “Rock” and “High”; here is our Top 10 Nigerian Songs for 2021.



For the second installment of our 2021 Top 10, we have decided to go with top Nigerian songs that not only had tens of thousands of playtime on our individual playlists, positioned reputably on various charts, made a trend for themselves either through social media challenges or just by the aura the song gives off but also are certified bangers in real life, that is, the streets, clubs, parties etc.

It is no secret that there is no “official” chart yet in Nigeria where music fans, enthusiasts and listeners in general can go to source statistical data of individual songs but thanks to the Apple Music Hot 100, TurnTable Charts, Official UK Afrobeats Chart, Top Charts, we were able to put the chart positioning of the 10 songs that will appear on our Top 10 Nigerian songs for 2021 into reasonable perspectives.


• The song must be a 2021 released single.

• The song must have appeared on various charts Top 10, especially. . .

• . . .a Top 10 presence on Apple Music Hot 100 and TurnTable Charts. . .

• . . .and at least a reasonable positioning on iTunes, YouTube or the Official UK Afrobeats Chart.

Now let us get straight into the Top 10 with some few words on why each song made it on our list and why it is ranked in its respective position.

10. MonalisaLojay, Sarz

Like an unexpected loud bang in the middle of the night, Lojay burst into the Nigerian mainstream scene with Monalisa from the Sarz-produced “LV N ATTN” EP . Thanks to our mazophilic brethrens, anytime they hear “‘Cause this your miliki for front na for me” or those who tend to be pygophilic than the average dude, hearing “Ibadi e lo ta bi rodo orekelewa / . . . / Your water bum wey drown like tsunami orekelewa o ehe“, the ambience immediately takes up a mosh-pit life of its own.

Monalisa peaked at No. 3 on NG Apple Music (AM) Hot 100, No. 4 on NG iTunes, No. 4 across various radio stations and No. 7 on TurnTable Charts (TTC). Quite some impressive numbers for a first time charting song by an artiste in the ever volatile and competitive music world.

9. SoundgasmRema

Hold! Wait! You must be thinking how the heck is Soundgasm this low on the ranks, best belive, we thought likewise too but as the popular meme goes: “It is what it is”. Rema’s sensual hit single, Soundgasm, is a force to reckon with undoubtedly, especially the effort in transforming the R18 sexual innuendos filled bridge into an ASMR voiced commercial success without the NBC having a problem with it or even outrightly banning the song from being played on radios and TVs, a very commendable one, not too many artistes can pull off.

Rema’s Soundgasm enjoyed fruitful charting, achieving the pole spots on AM and YouTube while peaking at No. 2 on TTC and iTunes; the song is still currently enjoy massive airplays till date, so sweet to hear like the “Do-oh, do-oh, do-oh, do-oh, do-oh, do-oh, do-oh, do-oh, ah-ah” hook.

8. Sip (Alcohol) Joeboy

The intoxicating trendy smah-hit single by Joeboy debuted at No. 1 on different charts in the country, so much that people got figuratively drunk and started to show-off their weird sides (but lest I digress). In general, Alcohol (as it is colloquially known) is a feel good song which exuberates positive vibes unto the listeners.

TurnTable Charts, iTunes and Apple Music Hot 100 peak of No. 1; No. 3 peak on the Official UK Afrobeats Chart says a lot about the massive reception of the single by fans all over the world. I feel it would also be wise to note that Sip (Alcohol) only ranks this low on our list because it is the most recently released single amongst the songs we deliberated on; it was released about 2 months ago, September 24 to be precise.

7. Bounce Ruger

The Kukbeatz-produced big chune which mesmerises females with jiggly big bums, inevitably causing them to “Wiggle that booty and whine fi me” is no stranger to our earbuds at this point.

Like the title says, the song bounced its way to the top position on NG Apple Music and its affiliate iTunes NG while also maintaining an average 7th position across radio stations in the country and a peak of 4th on TTC. Ruger definitely made a ground statement with Bounce and no denying we all bopped to the tune.

6. Rock Olamide

Hmm! What else can I say? Olamide’s presence on every end-of-the-year song or album debate is always expected and that is FACTS. With Rock (and the subsequent “UY Scuti”) release, Olamide completed the beautiful transitioning into a pop artiste so blissfully, a newbie would have thought Baddo had always been a singer, an English-speaking one at that.

The midtempo Eskeez production perfectly matches Olamide’s gentle wooing vocals, gliding the song to peaking at No. 1 on AM, TTC and YouTube, with a No. 2 charting pinnacle on iTunes and an average of 8th spot across Nigerian radio airplays. I ask again: what else can I say? The song rocks!

5. UnderstandOmah Lay

The loveability of Understand was instantaneous. Immediately the kick starts sounding, we immediately begin to fictionalise Omah Lay’s first words, first line, first rhyme, in fact, the entire song but the irony lies in the fact that we enjoyed the tale of a heartbroken man, even forming dance moves to go with the Tempoe-made instrumentals.

However, what has Omah Lay been able to accomplish with Understand? A rightful top spot on the Apple Music Hot 100 and YouTube, not forgetting that of TurnTable Charts. I guess it is safe to say, heartbreak makes for the best R&B songs.

4. Bloody Samaritan Ayra Starr

When the 19-year-old Benin Republic born gifted singer, Ayra Starr, magnificently declared: “Everything I desire, I go receive“, she meant it unremorsefully. Releasing her eponymous debut EP was a moment for Ayra Starr, something very uncommon for a female artiste in the Nigerian music industry but Ayra Starr and her team pulled the right strings and it worked out marvellously in her favour.

Bloody Samaritan and its low effort dance move forced a TikTok frenzy amongst influencers and fans of Ayra Starr, shooting it up various charts, even till date, the song still ranks high among its contemporaries, that is, song that was released within the same time frame of early August. We have it peaking on the TTC and iTunes rank, a peak of No. 2 on NG Apple Music, No. 5 on Official UK Afrobeats Chart and an average of 7th position across varying radio charts in the country to show for it.

In case you need the Ayra Starr’s formula to stardom and commercial success, just know: “A wise man said, “Follow the stars”“.

3. High Adekunle Gold ft. Davido

AG Baby and Baddest brought their A-game when recording High. The Amapiano-infused instrumental made it easy for the vibrant track to enter the already infected Amapiano oversaturated Nigerian music soundscape.

The charts took the “Me I just want to be high / Be aight, be high” verbatim, placing it No. 1 on AM and iTunes, 2nd spot peak on YouTube and TTC, including an average No. 7 rank on various radio charts in the country. Well as Davido said “Watimagbo“, we indeed did hear High unrelentlessly.

2. PeruFireboy DML

Not to sound condescendingly oblivious but who would have thought Fireboy DML would be the artiste to break the Official UK Afrobeats Chart record? Going 4 straight week at No. 1? An incredible feat!

Fireboy could not be extinguished as Peru literally continued to burn fiery hot, tearing down charts, peaking at No. 1 on Apple Music Hot 100 and its sister chart, iTunes as fans bought the track, not paying mind to how much the single cost.

1. Feeling LadiPoe, Buju

Feeling being at the summit of our Top 10 Nigerian songs probably did not surprise you. Yes, we know that already. Apart from being our No. 1, LadiPoe’s and Buju’s well composed Feeling song enjoyed viewing other songs at No. 1 on Apple Music Hot 100, iTunes and TurnTable Charts.; an average 6th spot spin on varying radio stations in the country is not bad either.

Cliché but LadiPoe and Buju must really like the way they are feeling now.

Honourable Mentions:

• Outside – Buju
• Bling – Blaqbonez ft. Amaarae & Buju
• Naira Marley – Zinoleesky
• Lie – Kizz Daniel
• Big Thug Boys – AV


Simi puts out new single “Naked Wire”



Simi utilizes her soothing vocals, gliding smoothly on sombre new track Naked Wire, containing bass drums and acoustic guitar strings in its production made by P.Priime. Naked Wire is a dingy record on which Simi reflects on her lover, appreciative of how keeps rekindling their love or “spark my wire” more like a naked wire.

Simi is overwhelmed by the mannerism in which her one true lover showers her loving attention, even admitting to the incomprehensibility of it (“E dey burst my brain ooh See I cannot believe / . . . / Me no fit explain ooh”). The physical touch, kissing, gentle loving and overall romance are what makes Simi confident in knowing she is been pleasurably pleased by her man.

Lines like “I know you feel my desire” and “I’m drowning in the depths of my heart desire” are some of the beautiful expressions Simi uses to express her thankfulness to her man because “The language of my body / You speak it so fluently”.

The 2:42 minutes song will be the 4th track on “Tbh (To Be Honest)”, Simi’s third studio-album to be released in the near future.

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Lil Kesh and Joeboy ooze luxury on “Vanilla Bottega”



Lil Kesh is back again with another hit. He calls on Joeboy for this one titled Vanilla Bottega. Bottega is a high fashion brand notable for making big-budget high-top leather boots costing an arm and a leg to an average man but to Lil Kesh and Joeboy, money is not the issue as they brag about the affordability of this item and more that come with the lifestyle they are exposed to.

But When I step in my new school Vanilla Bottega boot / Make nobody con step on my shoes”, Lil Kesh sounds off as to the expensiveness of the Bottega shoes he has on, asking for it not to be stained for he hopes to retain the value for a long time. Incase you are wondering how he can afford a shoe worth over ₦500,000, Lil Kesh brags, “I’m keeping my coool, cos my pocket is full / Jejely, Jejely, I be catching my cruise / Anything I buy, I’m buying for two / For me and my boo”. He ends the verse with the sound warning as he did before: “Don’t step on my shoes”!

Apart from the being able to afford a Vanilla Bottega boot, they, that is, Lil Kesh and Joeboy, sing about the plethora of woman dying for their attention, the flashy jewelleries to compliment their “drip”, their indulgence in the fast-life such as drinking, partying and touring the world which comes with a first class treatment. In short, they sing to their accomplishments so far, hoping to continue enjoying such opulence.

Listen to Vanilla Bottega:

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M Huncho features BNXN on “Pray 2 The East”



UK Rapper who has built a repertoire on trap-type beats using a go-to auto-tune voice preset to rap about his pains, gang life and love for the good life calls on BNXN (fka Buju) as both acts exchange bars on new track, Pray 2 The East.

M Huncho rhymes on always keeping it business whenever dealing with men who are not his G’s and the luxury life that comes with it like “Poppin’ Xanax for the long hour flight / Land in LA made these packs take flight” but takes time out to shout-out his friends locked up in prison, asking them “to just wait on it” as he is very assured they would get released in due time.

BNXN’s verse on Pray 2 The East is strictly money talk with bars referring to him living the comfortable lifestyle and doing whatever he wants on his own will, flexing playing video games like UFC at 3AM in the morning while eating sushi but he doesn’t let the glamour and luxury deter him from his goal of being grounded on the money chase as he sends special praise to his brother and personal DJ, DJ Tillz for always rocking with him on his journey to money and fame.

The song is produced by JAE5 and is the 8th track on “Chasing Euphoria”, M Huncho’s new album to be released on May 20 (tomorrow).

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