Joeboy reveals something his ‘Baby’ song did to him

Nigerian singer and songwriter, Joeboy has revealed that he was moved to tears at the success of his 2019 song ‘Baby’.

While speaking in an interview with The Punch, the 23-year-old singer expressed shock on how his song was widely received in the Nigerian music industry.

“It was one of the best feelings ever. As a young boy from Akoka, Bariga in Lagos State, having the number one song in a country was a beautiful feeling. I almost cried at the success of the song and I’ll forever be thankful to everyone that supports me and my music,” he said.
When asked how he feels about being outshined by other rising musicians, he said: “I am not scared of being outshined, being where I am is not by my power but by God’s grace and blessings. I’ll always put out amazing music and I’ll be relevant for a very long time. The sky is big enough for everyone to fly.”

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