Exclusive: Yung Richie and Baron Jay speak life on incoming bop “Flexing”

One of the things 2020 brought along its infamous Pandemic and air of stiffness is change, from the educational sector to agricultural sector, changes has been really evident this year, and the music business is not left out! From virtual shows on Instagram live feed to virtual concerts to major

Yung Richie

award shows holding on social media platforms, this has also lead to the break out of new bubbling sound, defying the regular industry formula of traditional ingredient or composition of a hit track, next gen artist are doing new sounds from reduced Adlibs to shorter verses with song duration seeing massive reduction Yung Richie isn’t left out! With his Way to Stardom few numbers shy of hitting 100k streams on all platforms, the young budding artist returns with Flexing, a mid-tempo straight up banger featuring Baron Jay. In our discussion with the artist we asked him “what sound should we expect?” He said “expect Richie!” Holding a bottle of Hennessy, quite confused I queried, what is Richie? “Everyone want to do music, the market is saturated yea, but it only means, there are consumers…people who wanna listen, but you gotta to be smart, that’s why I have decided to do me, it worked on way to stardom” he replied, Baron Jay at the other side of the room giving his approval to Richie’s word, then he commented “hmm…word of wisdom” then Richie complemented with “don’t leave me, don’t leave me”

This is the first time the duo laughed, since the day before, because the both of them are been lost in the ocean of creativity, trying hard to hit it, with the two having an unimaginable work routine recording all day, and all night. “omo Wavy bars upon bars oh” Baron Jay said commenting on the session which last the whole night, evidently showing on there swollen faces, facing me before I decided to join in the fun “Shey you be Kirikiri ni” The replied orchestrated another round of laughter, with tears falling off Richie’s eyes, minutes later the duo played me “Flexing” my remark was “omo this one enter” Flexing will be out on all platforms by the 25th preorder here

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