Tarian announces his presence with Classic Afroclassic EP

In times when digitalization of music is finding its foothold in Nigeria, with the emergence of young energetic creatives feeling in gaps left by fading veterans who are fast losing influence, the regular soul, trippy music is now the order of the day, Alte getting sidelined with its inability to produce an A-list act with few breaking into the market altering there style of music we have Tarian who sticks to doing what he does best, making classics out normal vibes, a risky yet rewarding approach to music. Though young Tarian’s music is not what you rush, you have to let it sink in before you get to enjoy it. With budding expectations on his young shoulders Tarian released his debut extend playlist on the first of June, with much expectations, after releasing the lead track of the project Pala Pala two months before the main release fans don’t really know what to expect. According to a close source the young artiste said “music is not just about some few verses, or yeah yeah jokingly imitating Nigerian legend Wizkid, it goes beyond that, it’s a water of life and a mirror which reflects our state of mind, so I want my fans to have a taste  of what I feel, and what I see” these exact were stamped boldly on the seven track project. 


The project tagged Afroclassic showed Tarian in two light, the carefree optimist who won’t tolerate nonsense on Pala Pala and a desperate lover on Feelings and Gimme love, before ushering in the bigger version of himself who takes things slow equipped with experience of old age, grey hair a symbol of wisdom is testament on Jeje, then giving us a classic love ode with who said, before speaking out his mind out loud telling bad energy to stay faraway in the guise of dancing and vibing on Ijo before  closing all accounts with Follow you.

Though no protect is 10/10 because flaws are inevitable we rate the body of work 7.5/10


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