Yul Edochie celebrates Nonso Diobi for housing him as an upcoming actor in Lagos

Nollywood actor Yul Edocie will forever remain grateful to fellow actor Nonso Diobi for his kind gestures towards him.

A Twitter user @TWEETORACLE had taken to the micro-blogging platform, to share some facts about the top 20 Nollywood actors of all time.
Listing Nonso Diobi as the number 17, @TWEETORACLE said he was the younger version of Ramsey Nouah. According to him, the actor always looked fresh, handsome, and bursting with so much energy.
He noted that the actor was appearing everywhere in those days.
As expected, followers of @TWEETORACLE reacted to his tweets about the actor. They reminisced on his roles in movies and how they miss him.
Quoting the tweet, actor Yul Edochie also had something beautiful to say about his colleague.
Describing him as a great soul, Edochie said that Nonso Diobi housed many upcoming actors in Lagos, including himself. Edochie noted that Diobi never complained.
According to the film star, his colleague was always ready to assist and encourage them. Edochie noted that he will never stop celebrating him because it is hard to find good people.

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