You are evil and manipulative! You owe me 40million Naira | Cynthia Morgan’s former manager and label owner fires

Joy Tongo, the alleged former manager of Cynthia Morgan who doubles as her label boss as stated in her new post after countless trolls that she will spill the entire truth pertaining to the Cynthia Morgan grace to grass saga shortly. She said “ Cynthia Morgan this is 2020, we haven’t forgotten all your dirt ! Internet does not lie , emails does not lie and much more . I am coming for you ! All the dirt you did to I and Jude and others you must pay this time around . Is over 4 years and you are still talking trash!” minutes later she tweeted “ Cynthia Morgan you are advised to let people know the truth , else we would tell them the truth

PS: Your  former  management”
We patiently await more update

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