Review: Best Of Vibes A Job Well Perfected By Lyrical

I was on call last night with an executive in Sunshine Ray Record, I was made to believe that Best Of Vibes will be out on all platforms by 12am today, “we will be live by 12am” were his word to be specific, fast forward to 7am this morning no show! I once again messaged my contact in the label asking why the much anticipated extended project was not yet available for streams, then he pointed out that it was a late decision taken by the Label president who stated that it will be better for people to wake up to the project, to remove any syndrome of staleness, a move I quite agree with, Nigeria a country of night workers “Chache” arguably that time of the day is the most busy time for an average Nigerian. On listening to the EP on Apple Music at first I rated the project 6/10 a judgement I must confess that I passed rashly because like the average Nigerian I was just waking up and I haven’t gotten myself properly blame on last night crusade.

Then I connected my laptop to my Bose speaker replayed the project, my first point of attraction was Lyrical catchy phrase “omo to ba shipa loun gbe” a Yoruba adage which means you can only help who is ready to be helped. The statement alone was the mitochondrion of the EP “the energy currency of Lyrical” an indirect way of announcing himself asserting the fact that he is around and it’s time to change whosoever is in the helm of affairs, then Lyrical reduced the seriousness of his introductory 3 minutes 11 seconds song with Koshi a mid tempo Afro tune a song about just vibing and living life with no stress featuring close associate Tarian and new blow boy Bella Shmurda, before voicing out his emotional statement of mind regarding his love life on lowokan, a fierce Lyrical playing it cool forgetting the bro code to beg for just a chance and his accomplice of the escapade was Tarian and Picazzzo! The short break into Lyrical’s love interest was cut short by Shower your blessing, taking the style of Bella Shmurda’s famous punky break out single  Vision 2020, Lyrical showcased his optimistism, high hope and expections praying vigorously for a breakthrough drawing inference from what he as seen and wants to see no more…been broke! In the spirited of motivation the young rapper poured out his mind on Boripe with guest artist Zinoleesky bringing his A game, before leaving the island of worries on Aiye Lo ferry alongside Bella Shmurda, then ending the whole play with a neat and appropriate effort Ajibole.

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