Fan reveals shocking details of how Paid influencers have been trying to destroy Wizkid’s Career | Reveals there sponsor

A fan of Wizkid on twitter @MiZta_MD1 as pointed out in a lengthy tweet on how Influencers have been trying to destroy Wizkid’s career from 2015, while also explaining the genesis of Wizkid FC. See the tweet below


We are not ready to face this truth but we also can’t shy away from it forever. The fact is that Davido,in collaboration with you all Twitter amplifiers (that turn to peacemakers overnight) birthed Wizkid FC, in fact he was the brain behind it. You’re wondering why?
Ever since 2016,u all av never hide ur hatred for Wizkid,bashing him at the slightest opportunity. I could remember the day he released “Daddy Yo”,u bashed him endlessly that day & even went as far as comparing him to Yemi Alade (whom you’ve successfully shut up forever on t).
Fast forward to 2017,that was went you guys alongside your team leader, Davido unleashed the hatred in you in full fledge. If Wizkid breathed, you bashed him,if he coughed you dragged him with all of turning on him from all front.
He released Come Closer ( the song that paved the way for all your faves),instead of congratulating him on that big achievement, you’d rather push the ” Drake didn’t Come Closer” narrative and that with your team leader cheering you on.
In the month of July, SFTOS was released. Davido’s brother and his crew were mocking Wizkid’s effort on Instagram live, labelling the album all sorts of bad tags.
As if that wasn’t enough,you influencers on Twitter too called the album “too foreign”
Wait first, while doing all these what were you guys expecting? That you can silenced Wizkid like you did to other Artist? Or didn’t you think there were some people that do feel sad with the way you all were dragging someone they love and adore?
Do you think these people can’t seize any opportunity they get to console their fav artiste u all were bashing left & right?

Well,it was the coming together of those aggrieved people that gave birth to the Wizkid FC you are seeing today.
Soco was released in the later part of 2018,you remembered how you all bashed it?.. It went on to become the biggest label song out of Africa,go and check the numbers.

You all swr it doesn’t have Lyrics. The moment the sing became big, you all started lying that ceeza wrote it
U can remember Joro x100,right? Since it release,it has been the biggest Afrobeats song over the last 8 months. u can check the numbers.The point is ur hate can’t stop Wiz,he is a product of grace.But unlike Wiz,there are some pple that can’t withstand ur hatred for the boy
And then he released SOUNDMANEP. Absolutely non of u could say anything to bash that EP because you know your colleagues will label you and ur evil agenda as haters

And when the lyrics stuff popup and a wiz fc drop soundmanEp for u,it either u hide his reply or block him,WHY?😁
Davido couldn’t stop his people and families, his paid slaves call Influencer when they were bashing Wizkid in 2017 so he should enjoy the heat now too.

And to Davido fans,I can only blame some FC engaging you guys. You are not even our target
While u guys attack Wizkid just to get a reaction from Wiz FC,pple Dav to get a reaction from Davido himself. For him to feel the same treatment he & his family did to wiz

And to u all Twitter amplifiers, u can’t be forming peacemaker now when you’re the one that started it all
To you all paid slaves twitter amplifiers we know you all, we sabi wuna handle, but we won’t even tag u guys coz ur concience is judging you already

u all try to kill wizkid career at any slightest opportunity, because u av sold ur soul for giveaway

But God pass wuna all“

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