5 reasons why women hate condom

Even though men are generally known to hate wearing these rubbers, Women actually hate them too and it seems women even hate them more than men, just that they are not very vocal about it. Below are the reasons women hate it when you put on the rubber.
1. It Actually Smells Bad
Even though you are actually not putting your nose in it, you will still smell that unmistakable and strong latex smell when you unwrap a new pack. And it’s obviously not a very stimulating smell (could even be a mood kill),  it smells like a dispensary, pharmacy or hospital. And what makes it worse is that women are even more sensitive to smell than men.
2. It’s Not Spontaneous
“Hey, babe! hang on a second, let me just put it on.”
But we all know it’s never just one second, it actually takes more than second. Sometimes you have to take it off and roll it back in again like a wristlers. It’s more like one minute or even more. There is fire in spontaneity and latex kills that fire. Women hate that.
3. It’s Not Very Intimate
When there’s a (rubber) barrier between you and your partner, of course, the game will feel less intimate. Rubbers don’t feel natural. The skin-to-skin contact is just one that nothing else can beat.
4. BJs Are Not Cool With Latex
No Lady wants to give a BJ to a rubber-covered sugar cane. Fresh and raw sugar canes are the best when it comes to BJ.
5. They Make Your Vagina Feel Like A Desert
Even if you’re already lubricated naturally, or you’re using lube (water-based, with latex), even if the latex itself is lubricated with some oil, there’s just something so drying about latex. This is extremely bad, because the drier the contact between the latex and a woman’s vagina, the more friction there will be, and the more likely it is that the latex could break.Thanks 

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