Toke Makinwa exposes Yomi Black over criticism on lifestyle

In barely two seconds, famous On Air Personalty Toke Makinwa has taken to Instagram to heavily blast Yomi Black over criticism on lifestyle saga
The beautiful young lady wasted no time in exposing the film maker who has been found wanting in various things but was quick to throw a shade at Toke over a personal issue.
Sharing a screenshot of the film maker in her DM two years ago, stating that she is an inspitration, Toke wasted no time in calling out Yomi Black for behaving like a leech, always receiving from people but falling sshort of expectations in making payments for services rendered.
In a rather long post, Toke wrote;
Excuse me while I drop my crown for 5 minutes.
Inside life…… this life is a pot of beans. Now this is a public service announcement, if I have ever supported you with my time, platform, money, and more pls don’t ever come for me. You look stupid when you try. Some of you will be all up in the DM looking for favors yet want to sound Intelligent in these SM streets. Should we really tell Nigerians how you went from licking my ass to dragging me online? This world we live in is strange, I have messages from you like this one, I would usually look away cos you are not the first but Yomi, you ungrateful fool, I have worked with you on projects with only a promise of “i”ll pay you back when we find sponsors”, which you never did, and I let it go, I have stuck my neck out for you when stylists, designers and the likes wanted your head on a platter cos you made them work without pay, when all you had was a dream, I was willing to support you with my platform, I have fed cast and crew on your shameless sham of a set and you have the nerve to come for me???? I have receipts of how much of a loser you are but I’ll leave this one here, you asked for free TM bags for a product placement on your production which I turned down cos I’m sorry your platform does nothing for me, and I am running a business, I asked you to pay for it and you got mad, you’ve always taken but never given to anyone, who have you helped??? Who have you supported? it’s always been the other way round, you couldn’t get a freebie and now i am your enemy? Tell me, if I’m everything you say I am, why do you want to associate yourself with me? I was such an inspiration to you in private huh???? See my people hustle oooo so you don’t go from “you’re such an inspiration” to this #MCM #yourmcmisreaching
It all started during the weekend, when Toke Makinwa pinpointed the double standards in Nigerians who praised Cardi B for the exact things they troll Nigerian celebrities for.
She tweeted:
You guys drag your own but praise everything foreign, if there was a picture of your local personality in a strip club you guys will say they promote immorality but once it’s a foreigner, you say our culture is different. Just admit it, you are a bloody hypocrite”
Yomi Black who would have none of the tweet came after Toke Makinwa, daring to come out with how she has been able to fund her lifestyle which is way above what’s obtainable with an OAP.
He wrote:
“You see why people love someone like Cardi B? She owns her shit, just like the Kardashians. You get what you expect. She hasn’t denied being a stripper or enjoying showing her body. She doesn’t go around forming motivational speaker and quoting Bible passages on social media like some Saint. Dear Toke, I dare you to openly show how you can afford your lifestyle. And don’t come with shit like you’re and actress or OAP because we all know how much both earn. Also don’t spew shit about endorsement deals because we are in marketing communications and know how much these deals are worth. This has got to be the most hypocritical post of 2019.”

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