Shocking! Dr Dolor Finally Reveals His Source Of Income!

Label executive Dr Dolor who is known for his luxurious lifestyle as finally revealed how he made his money in a lengthy post on Instagram.
See post below

 “It’s the 12th month and we have many reasons to be Thankful to God. Many of you out here don’t know me; Entertainment brought me out and many gullible ones wonder where i came from and how I am always dabbed in Gucci and many designer outfit. A lot of conjecture has been made about my source of income including speculations that I am into some illegal ‘shit’ (that is the norm in Nigeria today) but let me update you guys a little especially the ones that are too lazy to research people. I worked almost 10years of my life in Telecommunications first from consulting to Etisalat and then to becoming a Product manager in Globacom. In between those years I setup my telecom business.while some are busy thinking what I am into, I am busy multiplying the beans. I resigned my mouth watering salary Job to be independent and in same year 2016 I setup my Record Label which was born out of passion to see young independent artists become super stars. This is my vision for the Entertainment industry, were a nobody becomes somebody and go Global. Now in all of these,remember there’s a process before you can begin to see positive results, so dear reader be motivated and don’t be in a hurry to make it the wrong way! If you like take my word if you like don’t 🤷🏽‍♂. The first show I and Teni got; the promoter paid us 150k N150,000.00 it was December of 2017 I can never forget! He paid 75k first and that was our first income, I went on my knees straight in my office, I was excited, I cried to God and I thanked him and said business has started. Meanwhile that money was absolutely nothing to me but I was excited that for the first time the artiste I signed was booked for a show and we got paid 🤸🏿‍♂🙏🏽 it was a big deal for me because it helped fire up my passion.Some folks don’t share their stories but I am sharing mine to motivate you that is reading or wondering “who be this guy”. This guy Dr Dolor is just a believer like you, he’s a Giver, he sees money as a slave that needs to be used and enslaved hence he doesn’t see it as something difficult to make (its a mindset).If you reading this you’re blessed and you will become a blessing to others 💚🙏🏽”

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