I considered suicide after my sex tape leaked- pastor says

I considered suicide after my sex tape leaked- pastor saysI considered suicide after my sex tape leaked- pastor says
A Nigerian pastor whose sex tape was leaked in 2018 has revealed in an interview that he contemplated suicide.
Apostle Chris Omatsola of ZionWealth Assembly, Lekki, revealed that it was a bad period for him as a lot of things were destroyed in his life following the release of the sex tape. Omatsola revealed that at some point he considered suicide as his only option out but God saved him.
According to him, “It had a negative effect on my life. I felt like my world had ended and there was nothing to live for. I looked around me and I never saw the future for me. I lost businesses due to the scandal and it made me indebted to a lot of people. I was depressed and getting to read false allegations on the internet really broke me. I didn’t blame anyone for anything
“I accepted the blame for everything as it was my fault. My only joy was the work of the ministry as that is all I have and the scandal affected me as I lost many church members. I struggled with the fact that I may not be able to preach again. I became very suicidal. I hated myself until I learned to forgive myself. On November 11, 2018, I almost took my life. I had the substance with me and I was crying as I couldn’t accept the fact that it was my new reality. I held the substance and I pleaded with God for mercy and all of a sudden I fell asleep and had an encounter with God who told me it wasn’t the end of the world for me.”
When asked where he stood on people making sex tapes, he had this to say: “It’s stupidity. It’s a wrong spirit. T
here’s everything wrong with making a sex tape. Even if you’re married, it’s better to avoid making one in order to avoid any security breach.”

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