Careless! Kill Me To Stop Me; Burna Boy Tells South African Fan

Burna Boy has told a South African fan that he or any other person may have to kill him to stop him from coming to South Africa.
Burna is getting prepped to perform in South Africa but a fan is send and early warning message asking him not to show up.
“Listen here wena Burnya ntoni ntoni Julius is misleading, he will NOT do fokkol about any treatment you’re gonna get whilst you here. Please Do NOT come here to embarrass yourself Do NOT khhaaammoooo, I beg naaawww,” the fan wrote.
Burna showed no fear as he replied the fan saying he was coming regardless the consequences.
“Lol. I’m coming and you and anyone against it are gunna have to kill me to stop me,” Burna wrote.
He went ahead to address the Xenophobic attacks in South Africa. Burna said there should never be a Nigeria vs South Africa war or any other African country.
See tweets below;
please my people, there should never be a South Africa vs Nigeria war or any African country vs African country war Ever. we must unite by any means for the future of our children n their children. I want a united African passport that will be as powerful as the 🇺🇸 passport.

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saying I mislead people? And I made up the Xenophobic attacks and I should apologise. Really? Lol. In 2015 Even I was a victim of the misguided hate so I know. Go and demand apologies from your REAL Enemies. I am not your Enemy. I will not be called “foreigner” I am AFRICAN.

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