Is Neymar really going back to Barca or is this another way to extort poor PSG

Neymar jr

Brazilian Winger Neymar JR. Famed for his quickness and trickery on the ball forced a move from Barcelona to Paris Saint Germain
In a deal worth 222million after three successful years at the spanish side. The arrival of Neymar at Paris Saint Germain came with mixed feeling from the media, but so far Neymar’s career in PSG as suffered a major setback from injury woes to a woeful performance at the world cup.

 According to recent report, it was said that Neymar messaged the Barca WhatsApp group where he informed his former team mates that he is coming and according to report gathered by Wavyvibrations, it was reported that Neymar is ready to accept all Barcelona terms including a cut in his salary from 36 million euros to 22 million euros, but another source said Barcelona is only focused on signing Antoinne Greizmann, in a deal expected to be about 120 million euros, sighting Neymars controversial exit from the club, his legal rift from his Santos deal with the club and his recent injury problems.
According news from Paris its been rumoured that the player wants a pay rise.


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