5 Shocking and Inspiring Facts About “Mama G” Patience Ozokwor

for her cunning, devious and evil roles in Nollywood movies, Patience
Ozokwor a.k.a Mama G, has been one of the driving forces behind the
industry’s present success.

Even though many people have transferred the aggression and dislike
from watching her commit all sorts of evil acts onscreen to real life,
believe me when I say there are things about Mama G that are not only
inspiring and wonderful but will also change the perception of how you
see the veteran actress.

She is a very caring mother and has an adopted child

After the death of her husband, Mama Gee adopted a child to add to
her already existing three biological children. Her children never fail
to point out just how caring she is to all four of them and how
influential she has been to their lives and successes.

She’s a Musician and a Benefactor

may interest you to know that Patience Ozokwor is both a born again and
a very devout Christian. And asides from her using her voice to chant
incantations in movies, Patience Ozokwor is actually a very good singer
and a Gospel artiste. She has released 2 albums already and is even one
of the behind-the-scenes benefactor of Rhema Entertainment Ministry
Dance Crew.

She is a qualified teacher, fashion designer and artist

taking a crack at Nollywood, Mama G was a teacher… and a qualified one
at that. Having completed her training at Afikpo Teachers Training
College. She also enrolled in IMT Enugu where she learned Fine and
Applied Arts, and was also a Fashion Designer during her stay there.

Mama Gee was a star before Nollywood

her training in Afikpo Teachers Training College, Mama G enrolled in a
drama class and was acting Shakespeare’s Hamlet on stage. Other schools
and students usually paid to watch the drama and this made Mama G
popular among students in Afikpo.

She was initially shy to act movies on screen

Ozokwor did a commercial with Pete Eneh that interested a number of
Nollywood directors. They approached her to enter the movie industry but
she turned them down repeatedly because she believed that movies will
give her superfluous exposure and she was extremely shy. Eventually, she
was persuaded to act in her first movie in 1998, and that was the
beginning of her long illustrious and multi-award winning career.

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