If you lock yourself out of a place, such as your house, you cannot get in because the door is locked.

Poem Title: LOCKED OUT!.
Written by: Akande Mathew Olusegun

Go away! I’m locked out!
Till further notice; total lock down.
So bad it turned out,
When I let my guard down.

No broom can sweep away the dust
Of his departure; tug of war.
His lies took away the light;
My heart can now only read in the dark.

Closed for the moment
Flying away from the torment
This heart has been burnt
It’s wasn’t what I bargained; yet what I got.

I am prisoner of my fears
My eyes soaked with streams of tears.
I wasn’t broken; I got shattered!
Loads of pain; head with migraine.

Go away! Your type made me worst.
Go away! I’m locked out completely.

The end!

©Akande M.O. 2019
Image: @Pencilledcelebrities

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