Things You Shouldn’t Reject A Guy Over

Things You Shouldn’t Reject A Guy Over

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I firmly believe that a woman
should not feel obligated to date every guy sent her way just because
she might feel negative about her single status or “anxious” to get into
a relationship. She may have also learned how to deal with rejection in
a healthy way, as the dating pool is often full of this.

it comes to finding that ideal significant other, we follow dating
advice that has us list our desired traits along with the drop-dead deal
breakers we refuse to compromise on. Going out on too many bad dates
will drain you of your positive energy, which is so vital to finding
Some women go a bit overboard in the rejection department
and write off potential matches for reasons that Iare short-sighted and
irrelevant to a happy relationship. Remember, your goal is to be in a
committed, happy relationship that will lead to marriage.
Don’t let your fear of rejection or your incredibly high expectations ruin your chances of landing a good guy. With that, here are five things you should never reject a guy over.

1. His clothing

On two separate occasions, I tried to set up women with men I suggested
because they didn’t like the way they dressed. They felt the men weren’t
“sharp” or cool enough for them. Admittedly, they were clueless in the
clothing department, but I told these women that I thought they were
making a big mistake by rejecting these men who were both highly
intelligent, successful professionals and really nice guys — only based
on their style (or lack thereof).
I guess living in big cities filled with metrosexual, GQ-reading
men on the cutting edge of fashion trends can distort the reality that
lots of great men are ignorant when it comes to style. They either don’t
know or don’t care, so they continue to dress like college frat boys or
Revenge of the Nerds extras. I can totally see how this can be a turn off to women who put so much effort into looking their best.
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But here’s the reason why it shouldn’t matter: Most men will gladly
upgrade their wardrobe for the right woman. Most men would love for a
woman to take them shopping and help them pick out clothes. In fact,
they probably wouldn’t mind if you went shopping on your own and just
brought them back stuff to wear. It’s that simple.
In most areas
you need to assume that a person will not change, and you must accept
them as they are. Clothing style for men is not one of them. Once you’re
in a relationship, you can style your man. So don’t reject a guy just
because he can’t figure out what to wear.

2. His home furnishings

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Similar to tastes in clothing, most guys do not have the sense of style
necessary to furnish an apartment or home that doesn’t look like a
college dorm room or Austin Powers’ bachelor pad. That’s where you come
in, if you end up living in the same house.
Keep that in mind and look past the design disaster to see the real man.

3. His profession

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Making a living and supporting a family is important. Being able to
maintain a certain realistic standard of living is too. How a man
accomplishes that feat is not.
Don’t judge a man by how he makes
his money. Your goal should be to find a man who will be a loving and
caring husband and father. The letters after his name should be
irrelevant to your decision.

4. His social “coolness”

Some men aren’t the greatest when it comes to socializing. I’m not
referring to a man who is socially awkward in an uncomfortable or creepy
way, I’m just talking about a guy who isn’t the social butterfly you
think you need.
Well, if you marry him, you’ll have to be the
social director and he will follow. Is that too big of a sacrifice for
you in exchange for a good man who loves you?

5. His lack of verbal affection

There was a great article in The Wall Street Journal that talks about how some men show their love and affection through actions instead of words.
know you want your man to serenade you with verbal expressions of his
undying affection, but would you settle for a guy who washes the dishes,
takes out the garbage and buys you flowers on a regular basis? How
about a guy who wakes up early on weekends to take care of the kids so
you can sleep in?
Actions speak louder than words. Go for the doer over the talker every time.

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