Gorillas pose for selfie with anti-poaching officers in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

The two mountain gorillas were photographed at Congo's Virunga National Park.

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The two mountain gorillas were photographed at Congo’s Virunga National Park.

An anti-poaching ranger in the Democratic Republic of the Congo has
described his striking selfie with a pair of endangered mountain
gorillas as “just another day in the office”.

National Park anti-poaching ranger Mathieu Shamavu posted his selfie
with the two gorillas on Facebook as part of his units’ efforts to raise
awareness and funds for the species at the UNESCO World Heritage site.
image, featuring the two gorillas standing upright and looking at the
camera, has grabbed international attention on social media, bringing
the plight of the species into the spotlight.
According to the
Virunga National Park website, one third of the world’s population of
critically endangered mountain gorillas live in the region.
park is protected by a team of more than 600 rangers, and is situated in
a region of the country which has been impacted by war for more than 20
“These local men and women go through intensive training,
risking their lives on a daily basis to safeguard the park’s exceptional
wildlife, including the last of the world’s critically endangered
mountain gorillas,” the website says.
Facebook users thanked the
rangers for their work protecting the species, with many donating money.
“Wow that is an awesome office you’ve got there,” said one commenter of
Mr Shamavu’s workplace.

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