9ice Explain The Reasons Why Musicians Smoke & Take Drugs Before Singing

Indigenous singer, 9ice has revealed that he doesn’t do drugs or smoke like people have believed or still continue to believe.

As against the popular belief that he has a cracked voice all because smokes too much, 9ice
has come out to reveal he neither takes drugs nor smokes. The singer in
a Yoruba interview with BBC revealed he doesn’t smoke nor take drugs
unlike what people have conceived in their hearts towards him.
In the same interview, the singer also shed light on the popular
belief that musicians smoke or take to drugs in order to get inspired so
they could do well in their crafts. 9ice said all those beliefs are very wrong, saying any musician who smokes or do drugs does it because he/she wishes to.
He said drugs or smoking does not bring any inspiration, it just puts
you in a certain mood where you just accept the myth that everything is
fine. he said no inspiration comes along with it whatsoever.
“I don’t take drugs nor smoke, i do not need to prove that to anyone.
I am beyond that. Whoever drinks has a reason why he drinks, it doesn’t
mean if he doesn’t drink, he cannot sing. Sometimes i will be paid to
perform at a gig and i wouldn’t be in a mood to perform at all but they
have paid and maybe i have not paid my children’s school fees, i have to
“That was why i was telling you that it’s not because artistes want
to sing they drink or smoke; the reason they drink is simply because
they wish to. Marijuana does not give any inspiration, it will only put
you in a mood that will make you believe that all things are fine. You
know things are difficult for us as Nigerians, Marijuana will just make
you accept fate and twitch your belief towards the direction that
everything is fine.
“People drink because they are down emotionally, they drink as a
result of being depressed. drinking is not attributed to only musicians
in particular. So if anyone takes to drug abuse, it is because they want
to do it. I neither smoke marijuana nor take cigarettes but i sing.”

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