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10 year old strangles herself while doing tiktok challenge



10-Year-Old Girl Strangles Herself To Death While ‘Partaking In Shocking TikTok Challenge’ .

A young lady who was matured only ten has suffocated herself to death in Italy.

The young lady stifled herself to death while partaking in a startling TikTok challenge, as per reports in Italy. Antonella Sicomero was discovered dormant on the bathroom floor by her four-year-old sister in Palermo, Sicily. She disclosed to her family she was going for a shower – yet specialists are said to accept she was truly shooting herself for the online challenge. Antonella’s grief stricken father Angelo said another of Antonella’s sisters revealed to him she had been participating in a TikTok challenge, La Repubblica reports.

He told the paper: “Antonella was playing the game of asphyxiation.

“My daughter, little Antonella, who dies because of an extreme game on TikTok, how can I accept it?”

Police in Sicily have held onto Antonella’s telephone and are researching potential connects to online media locales, as indicated by reports.

Like the risky Blue Whale challenge, the furor Antonella is dreaded to have joined is a debilitated game that has been well known on TikTok over the previous year.

Specialists have cautioned of the dangers related with these difficulties, including blacking out, seizures, mind harm, and even demise.

Public examiners in Palermo have opened two examinations for “instigation to suicide”.

Antonella’s mobile phone has been seized by specialists, who are investigating in the event that she was communicating live, on the off chance that she had been welcome to play the game by another person or on the off chance that she was making the film for a companion.

Examiners additionally need to confirm on the off chance that she was duplicating recordings of other TikTok clients partaking in the test. ANSA media organization report she showed up at clinic in heart failure yesterday.

Specialists battled to save her life yet she was later announced brain dead and in an irreversible coma. Her organs were given to save three different youngsters before her life support was turned off.

Dad Angelo said: “In this way, Antonella will save many children.”

TikTok said they would be fully cooperating with authorities.

A spokesman said: “Our deepest sympathies are with the girl’s family and friends.

“We do not allow content that encourages, promotes, or glorifies dangerous behaviour that might lead to injury, and our teams work diligently to identify and remove content that violates our policies.

“While we have not currently found evidence of content on our platform that might have encouraged such an incident off-platform, we will continue to monitor closely as part of our continuous commitment to keep our community safe.

“We will also assist the relevant authorities with their investigation as appropriate.”

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Tattooing Bob Risky on the body might just be the latest way to make money – Twitter NG reacts to Bob Risky gifting three fans money for tattooing her on their bodies



Infamous Nigerian LGBTQ endorser, Bob Risky is trending yet again for welcoming three fans – a male and two females – to his house for taking fanatics to another level— tattooing her name on their bodies.

In the viral video, Bob Risky is seen showing off her fans for the acts done towards him and gifting them large sum of money while promising them dinner later in the week, slated for Saturday; one fan, a young guy had Bob Risky’s face drawn on his arm, close to his palm while the ladies had Bob Risky’s name inscribed on their laps.

Reactions from the viral video have been mixed with the majority of it alluding to a new money making scheme – having Bob Risky’s tattoos on one’s body and we have Twitter NG to thank for it. Let’s see of the hilarious and best reactions by means of text and memes to the recent Bob Risky’s tattoo trend:

Others, however, do not take pleasure in catching cruise and outrightly condemn acts such having tattoos of a popular figure like Bob Risky with the sole aim of cashing out through it.

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“Schooling is on hold right now” – Terri says about his education



Contrary to popular misconception and false perceptions that Terri, 21 years old, dropped out of school to pursue a career in music full-time, he clears the air regarding his educational career and goals in an interview granted Punch NG.

Asked about how he got into music, Terri revealed he had always loved and admired music, citing Wizkid and Ice Prince as motivation and inspiration behind him wanting to find a career in music. He stated it was him and a friend (who also had an interest in music) that gathered money to record for their first studio session.

In time, he made a cover to a Wizkid song, the song went far, even meeting wizkid and his crew favourably to the extent he got a DM from one of Wizkid’s associate to link up, although he did not even know that link up would eventually end up being at Wizkid’s house, he honoured the invite and was wowed when he found out the location turned out to be Wizkid’s house.

They (Terri and Wizkid) would go on to build an organic relationship with eachother, leading to Terri being signed to the label, StarBoy Entertainment after recording the hit record – ‘Soco’ – with Wizkid but one thing would have to take a step back and be put on hold for the time being, that thing turned out to be Terri’s tertiary education.

Terri revealed to Punch NG that before the deal came in, he was pursuing admission into the University of Lagos (Unilag) to study Marine Insurance which he duly got accepted to study but put on hold for the sake of music. He says he did not drop out though.

Terri explains: “ I got admission into the University of Lagos to study Marine Insurance two years ago. But, schooling is on hold right now.” Explaining further, Terri adds: “I did not actually drop out of school. I only deferred my studies for a while and I would return to complete it. ”

Terri also revealed his parents are supportive of his choice and goal to put music first right now; Terri says he had to latch on the opportunity presented to him by one of the biggest artistes in Nigeria when it showed.

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Why I wore the gigantic shoes at The Headies – Laycon



The Headies 2020 successfully held last week Sunday (21st February) where Nigerian rapper and reality TV star Laycon was one of the guest performers at the event but the major takeaway from his overall outing, turned out to be the gigantic pair of shoes he rocked while performing which made for a trend on microblogging platform, Twitter. A week later, Laycon has come out to tell the world why he chose to perform in those shoes.

Laycon who performed with DJ Neptune to the tunes of their hit single—‘Nobody’— wore a black round-neck vest to go with a matching glittering jacket and pant, topping the clothing with an all-white sneakers, a gigantic one at that, drawing comparison to the massive footwears Nephilims like Goliath wore back in the Biblical times.

An angle showing Laycon’s gigantic shoes worn at The Headies 2020.

Another angle showing Laycon’s gigantic shoes worn at The Headies 2020.

On what looked to be an Open-Mic performance, Laycon addressed the audience on why he wore such “oversized” pair of shoes to an event as grand as The Headies. Laycon said: “I told my stylist ‘I have different shoes but I want this one, it’s very big, it makes a statement.’ Every step I take is a big step towards wherever it is I’m going to and I need a big shoe for that.” He adds: “And it is also create a path for other people to follow, to know that the moves this guy has made, the can make those moves and also be successful.”

This however did not go down well with fans as they have tagged this as flimsy excuses and weak PR attempt at redeeming something inconsequential. Others just reacted with laughing emojis, treating the words of Laycon on the video as joke.

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