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10 year old strangles herself while doing tiktok challenge



10-Year-Old Girl Strangles Herself To Death While ‘Partaking In Shocking TikTok Challenge’ .

A young lady who was matured only ten has suffocated herself to death in Italy.

The young lady stifled herself to death while partaking in a startling TikTok challenge, as per reports in Italy. Antonella Sicomero was discovered dormant on the bathroom floor by her four-year-old sister in Palermo, Sicily. She disclosed to her family she was going for a shower – yet specialists are said to accept she was truly shooting herself for the online challenge. Antonella’s grief stricken father Angelo said another of Antonella’s sisters revealed to him she had been participating in a TikTok challenge, La Repubblica reports.

He told the paper: “Antonella was playing the game of asphyxiation.

“My daughter, little Antonella, who dies because of an extreme game on TikTok, how can I accept it?”

Police in Sicily have held onto Antonella’s telephone and are researching potential connects to online media locales, as indicated by reports.

Like the risky Blue Whale challenge, the furor Antonella is dreaded to have joined is a debilitated game that has been well known on TikTok over the previous year.

Specialists have cautioned of the dangers related with these difficulties, including blacking out, seizures, mind harm, and even demise.

Public examiners in Palermo have opened two examinations for “instigation to suicide”.

Antonella’s mobile phone has been seized by specialists, who are investigating in the event that she was communicating live, on the off chance that she had been welcome to play the game by another person or on the off chance that she was making the film for a companion.

Examiners additionally need to confirm on the off chance that she was duplicating recordings of other TikTok clients partaking in the test. ANSA media organization report she showed up at clinic in heart failure yesterday.

Specialists battled to save her life yet she was later announced brain dead and in an irreversible coma. Her organs were given to save three different youngsters before her life support was turned off.

Dad Angelo said: “In this way, Antonella will save many children.”

TikTok said they would be fully cooperating with authorities.

A spokesman said: “Our deepest sympathies are with the girl’s family and friends.

“We do not allow content that encourages, promotes, or glorifies dangerous behaviour that might lead to injury, and our teams work diligently to identify and remove content that violates our policies.

“While we have not currently found evidence of content on our platform that might have encouraged such an incident off-platform, we will continue to monitor closely as part of our continuous commitment to keep our community safe.

“We will also assist the relevant authorities with their investigation as appropriate.”

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I don’t have to wear Ankara to show that I’m African – Wizkid on his fashion style



Ayodeji Balogun, Wizkid as he is popularly known, is famous mostly for his music which has crossed boarders and certified him a global music star, not just ‘a Nigerian/an African’ artiste. One thing Wizkid is easily recognised by is his ever glowing fashion style, looking dapper in every shot. Speaking with Complex, he says he defines his fashion on what makes him feel comfortable and fly, not based on the perceived notion that as an artiste from Africa, he has to represent by publicly wearing the Ankara clothing whenever he wants to make a fashion statement.

The interviewer asked “I feel like for you to be an Afrobeat artite but then you are also global. . .it’s not like you’re wearing Ankara prints, you’re not loudly African but your accent is African. Is that intentional?” Wizkid explains his view on fashion choice and clothing thereafter, he replies “Yeah of course man, I’m African in my heart, so I’m African enough. I don’t have to put together an ‘Afro’ Ankara or whatever to show you that I’m African. It’s in my blood. That’s intentional.”

Wizkid also revealed that his presence and participation at the 2018 Milan Fashion Week was not his initial choice as he was “forced” to do it by fashion icon and model, Naomi Campbell; Wizkid would eventually agree to do it, walking down the Dolce & Gabbana Runway with “big sis” Naomi Campbell. He further explains that fashion shows are not his thing, even though he likes to look fly.

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Nigerian jollof vs Ghanaian jollof: Ed Sheeran chooses his favourite



England-born music maestro, Ed Sheeran, was one of the nobles at The Earth Shot Prize award show which held at London over the weekend but one thing seems to be catching Nigerians interest. That is a video posted by Yemi Alade on her Instagram page wherein the “Shape of You” singer said which he preferred in the unending debate between Nigerian jollof and Ghanian jollof rice.

Both meals although are made from the same source product—rice—contain varying ingredients which gives it its distinctive aroma, taste and flavour, resulting in years of unending debate (both online and offline) on which is the superior one. Of course, you would expect the Nigerians to favour theirs and vice-versa. On this topic, Ed Sheeran looked captivated when chatting with the self-acclaimed Mama Africa, Yemi Alade. He spoke of when he visited Ghana and had to taste their very much prestige jollof, also on how much he noticed people arguing over which geographical zone jollof rice was better.

“So when we were in Ghana . . . we were living with a bunch of Nigerian as well . . . I saw a lot of arguments on which jollof was better” Ed Sheeran says, intriguing Yemi Alade’s interest in the discussion. “I think I prefer Ghanaian jollof”, he coninues much to the displeasure of Yemi as shown by her stomping her foot on the ground, sighingly she utters the word “No” in a stressed manner. Ed Sheeran in a bid to cool the tension eventually revealed his preference is that way only because he has not visited Nigeria before.

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Play to earn crypto game, Supa Surf to launch its first series this October



Terkion studio has linked up with Wavylab to release a new mobile game line Supa Surf. Supa Surf is a first person surfing mobile game set in a futuristic world, where you surf like it’s real life, scaling obstacles, maintaining balance competing with co-players and avoiding passing out. According to the CEO of Terkion Studios he said “we are trying to build a culture with Supa Surf not just a game, a community, therefore we will be seeing continuous update and improvement to give users the best possible feeling!”

With an initial release date slated for October 10, for the Wavy Lab published game, according to report, Supa Surf is the first of duo game that runs simultaneously with the second version being the Supa Surf pro, which will see the top player on the game’s inbuilt leaderboard earn crypto every month, when we reached out to Awoniyi Segun the CEO of Wavyvibrations, the parent company of WavyLabs he stated “With Supa Surf we are trying to make earning crypto easier, earn while you have fun and there are possibilities of decentralized market creation in the game using Wavycoin Protocol in the nearest future, we never can tell”.
Supa surf will enable players switch music while playing, competing and earning.

Developer: Terkion Studios
Series: Supa Surf
Publishers: Wavy Lab
Genres: Arcade
Platform: Android IOS

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